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How do I make sure this is effective? I don't want to fuck it up. Do I aim it at an upwards angle inside my mouth, or do the same thing but hold it upside down?
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oooooooooooh man am i orig brosive
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Don't do it please share your depression with us you're not alone
just keep trying until it works out

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>tfw you can only cum to "that" anymore
I guess it's time to embrace it.
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Tell me more about "that", senpai
op here, mostly underage pedophile stuff
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tfw normies try to derail my thread
get a life buddy

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r9k, is child abuse wrong? I love the feeling of punishing children.
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not at all. i own a car. is it not my right to be able to beat it up with a bat and destroy it if i like? if you own a child and they rely on you they are basically yours. i don't recommend it but i don't think it's "wrong"
If you want to why not, as long as you can get away with it. Might is right and they probably deserve it anyway.
well if you can get away with it then that's fine. i only said i don't recommend it unless you want to end up in prison. punishing a child is doing them a favour later in life. one day they will understand and appreciate the fact you even cared that much.

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sage & hide your thread
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where are their girlfriends?
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i don't like the ocean, let's swim somewhere else :^)
I don't care if someone's gay but I refuse to associate with "men" who wear makeup and anime hair.

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Has anyone else here fell in love with a girl from their dreams? I had a dream where I had a qt gf and when I woke up I couldn't stop thinking about her.
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Sounds like you should make a tulpa my friend.
I was thinking about that but I dont want to fuck my brain up even more than ot already is
I actually have ample experience with that.
>be me, senior in high school
>have a dream about a cute girl moving into the neighborhood
>green hair (but not neon green), cute face, smoking hot
>forced by mom to show her around
>she grows a crush on me and I on her, we start dating
>remember vividly all the dreams with us going on dates
>one dream ask her to marry me
>she says yes, and that she loves me with all her heart
>wake up and cry because I'll never know a love like her
>never dream about her again, eventually forget her like most dreams
Your post just put me back 10 years mentally, OP. I'm fucking tearing up right now remembering this.

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Anyone else looking forward to Islamist refugees taking over the USA?
Look forward to Sharia law?
>Women are property
>Get arranged married with a roastie at a young age
>You can fuck her whenever you want
>Your wife can't cheat on you with Chad or else she'll die (stoned, beheaded, etc)
>You can fuck any woman you want (if she reports you, she'll die)
>You can claim false allegations to get rid of her and get a new wife if you get bored of her
Is Islam the ultimate robot religion?
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anyone who doesn't like Islam is a cuck to be honest
With sharia law my trap waifu will be thrown off a roof
Bacha bazi's worth the trade desu

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what the hell is up with all the normies here all of a sudden?

If you have had more than 1 girl you are a normie.
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It's the season anon...

summer always bring them out
If you had more than 0 girl you are a normie
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i'm not a virgin, i'll post here everyday until i die, i'll complain about normalfags, i'll post shitty normalfag memes, and there's nothing you can do about it

How do we stop the online radicalization of white men?
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> stop radicalisation

What did he man by this?
Stop popularizing the idea that white men are the epitome of evil and stop attempting to destroy white nations by forcibly importing millions of non-whites.

No. Now what? Stay cucked white boy. If you defend yourself, the government will punish you. We won this shit.

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Quick, what are your 3 most recent google searches?
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>Having history turned on
>How to get over your oneitis
>shlomit malka
>bdsm predicament porn
>how to mosh
>how to learn music theory

Do girls like gloomy guys?
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Is there any personality past just edge and gloominess?
no one likes gloomy guys

t. gloomy guy
Only if they're high testosterone and have a high social status. Do you have those things?

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There's multiple theories that come to mind for death.
Any religion could be right but my theories go beyond what humans truly believe.
One theory is that there are realms that the human eye can not see.
Example would be sleep paralysis.
People who experience sleep paralysis typically draw what they saw and a lot of people see the exact same creature.
A two handed, two legged dark creature.
They call it "god" but I don't know if it truly is a god.
I sort of believe hallucinations are things that your human eye is seeing into another realm.
There's infinite amount of realms so it's very weird to really explain.
I could go on about dreams, hallucinations, ect but we're talking about theories of life and death.
So when we die we could possibly be put into those realms
Or we could be sent to another universe and start our life a-new.
Not human but could also still be human, like I said infinite possibilities
Then there's the theory of everything could be a simulation.
We forget our immortal beings and its like an arcade game.
Rick and morty enlighten it a ltitle bit and so does alice in borderland
We forget our past and are put into a type of game.
I guess I could be put under escapist
No I don't browse /x/ nor have I browsed it in the past
I'll answer questions to the best of my ability.
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All I know is energy can not be created nor destroyed, just transfered. Some anon was saying after the heat death of tbe universe (in the future in time we cant' fathom in scale [almost eternity]), when the last of matter/photon/proton/whateverthafuck enters the blackhole (which anon thinks stores all of it somewhere we can't imagine [compressed in a other dimension]), it will recycle it all and rip space/time like a ballon just to recreate the bigbang again.
Assuming your theories are true, what does it mean if someone doesn't dream
You planning on dying soon?

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Sometimes I still wake up and pretend she's in bed next to me. Sometimes I'll be talking to myself while I'm making dinner or looking for something and pretend she's listening. I can still hear her voice in my head on a daily basis.

It's been over two years. Why can she get over it so much easier than me?
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>It's been over two years
Eight here.
>get lost for days in memories of times we shared
>it's been so long and I've replayed those memories so much, I can't even be sure if any of the details (past the general location/scenery) are still accurate
>hardly any photos, neither of us were big photographers and her family wasn't either
>every day, romanticize the memory a little more, so that she's just a little better every day
>regular, real-life women seem boring and pointless now, in comparison to my idealized memory
I celebrate her birthday, most years. I drive out somewhere remote, in the wilderness, that she'd like, and sit there watching the sun set and thinking about what we'd do together there.
I hppe she's dead otherwise that's weird.
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>otherwise that's weird
That's far from the weirdest shit that people talk about doing on this shitty board but she is, you're right.
>tfw so autistic I laughed off her talking about us getting married because I thought it was a joke that someone would actually want to marry me

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Being in a relationship with a cis woman is not worth the hassle of having to put up with being in a relationship with a cis woman.
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a man dressed as a woman. fag.
anon you're 100% right, but I'm just not attracted to trannies
fuck off you nasty tranny. i hope you detransition and realize you fucked up your body forever over a meme

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How do you get a girlfriend if posting on 4chan is your only real hobby?
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r9k is 50% men who have given up on being men and will become your trap gf, really just ask them and you'll probably find one

In the long run, probably cheaper too.
You don't get a gf even if you have other hobbies
A loser is always a loser
The butterfly effect doesn't apply on us

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/r9k/, come to me and tell me your story. Your troubles, your struggles, your tribulations, your anguish and your regrets. I wish to listen, and to help. This is a board of kindred spirits and wayward souls, and I wish to be the hand that reaches out to you, if only in the way this board has provided. I have been told by many that I am full of good advice and wisdom, and I only wish to share my observations with you, for the betterment of yourself and your life. So sit down, and relinquish your vexations. I am here to help.
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Posted this earlier
>Social Anxiety
>Severely low self-esteem
>Don't know how to drive
>Never finished high school
>Never had a job
>Still live with my parents

My femdom fantasies exist as a sort of magic pipe-dream solution to all of my problems. That there is some girl out there, who would like me despite my numerous problems.She would save me from myself. Helping me overcome my issues by guiding and leading me, so that I might live a happier life.
Of course I know the chances of that are incredibly minuscule. More than likely as the days go by I'm going to get worse and worse. until eventually, unable to carry the weight of my failures, I'm just going to kill myself.
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Hm. I see.
Fellow anon, I can assure you I am no stranger to pipe-dreams- I highly doubt anyone who finds themselves in this place is. They are comfortable and they are pleasant, as they allow us to indulge in our desires free of what many here fear most- being hurt.
That being said, despite all the things you listed as problems you find in yourself, what stuck out most to me was your desire to be accepted, and to be saved, by the girl of your dreams. This attitude, friend, is what you must overcome.
There is no woman, no man, no human, on this earth that will be able to fix you. And it should be no other way, because to find the repairs you seek, you need look no further than yourself.
Will you ever be perfect, in the eyes of yourself, or in any way? Of course not, but that is because we as humans are broken creatures, which is what makes us beautiful. What is broken can be healed, and what has been healed can be improved.
The weight of your failures is both a burden that is self-imposed and self-remedied. If you wish to improve your education, there's always online courses and highschool-equivalency. Driving will most likely require the help of your parents, but once you begin to learn, it's as second-nature as breathing. A job is merely a matter of doing the legwork, applications online for all manner of places are at your fingertips. It doesn't need to be glamorous, you need experience of all sorts. If socializing is a roadblock for you, warehouse jobs pay incredibly well for very little human contact.
Most importantly though, brother, is that you must learn to accept yourself. I apologize for how cliche that must sound, but its tackiness rings true. You are who you are, and only you can change you, and I believe you have the capacity for change, as we all do. What you see yourself as, a sad, broken thing, is in every way only a positive- you can only go up, my friend.I believe in you, anon. You can still make it.
No matter what I do, I just cannot concentrate on studying. When I was a child (I'm 20 rn), I was always pumped up for studying. And i was always at the top of my class. Among the top 3 highest scorers. But I don't know what happened, I couldn't get myself to sit down for even 30 minutes for studying. I wasn't good at sports so academics was the only thing that I was good at but that too has been taken away from me(or I gave it up i don't really know). I feel like a total loser now because I am not even an average scorer now, I'm below average. This sudden downfall is scary. I have lost all the respect that my family had for me.

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