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What if im just lying to myself without knowing it?

I am an intellectually superior INTJ and because of a few things that I said to my only friend a few months back, I do not have any friends. I undoubtedly have the social skills to befriend any one I want, yet sometimes I just feel a burning hole in my heart for the things I said to him. The truth is hes a cold hearted motherfucker and he is willing to act coldely when provoked (much like me) and this provoking started months before we started having problems, and by provoking I mean trust issues. Although at the time he believes that I am very different to him and that I am useless to him (which is what I believe most of the time) I miss him. I dont want anyone else but him, regardless of the things he said about me. I dont care about anything that happened, I just want my friend back. I am in tears as im writing this which begs the question: am I really an intj or just an autistic faggot who lost his only friend due to trust issues
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why did I read this
you're a faggot
You think thats bad op?
I can't use my dad's yacht until next weekend. Life is so unfair. You're not the only one with problems pal.
name? this sounds oddly like my story

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>You can choose to be happy


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Because they are literal memes
lol jus b happy

Because it makes them feel better, same as the 'looks don't matter, girls only care about personality' and 'just b urself' horse shit they like to spout.

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>tfw the size of your dick will never increase
feels bad
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Nofap can make your dick bigger I swear. It's the only way
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do dick up's i have gotten half a inch thick and a 1/3 longer
dick up?

kegels or what

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>Let's burn down your parents' house, junk your car and buy a one-way greyhound ticket to Seattle with me, anon!

What would you do?
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>What would you do?

Tell her to fuck off.

Family>>>>>>>>used up whore
id ask if she has a shovel i can borrow
>You want me to get a razor too?

Leave this website and never come back. This place is a horrible horrible place that will drive anyone insane where literally evil and mental ill people come to pick on each other.
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If you want a girlfriend find one outside. They're better than whatever sick freak you will find here.
You say this like it's easy, you sound awfully like one of them normalfags

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>absolutely disgusted by sex and the thought of being sexualised
>cold, unaffectionate; can't express feelings
I'm really gonna be alone forever, bros. No one wants an unaffectionate autist who doesn't even want to have sex. You either have to be able to give one or the other and I'm not capable of either.

and no, I was never diddled as a kid
or so I believe
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>No one wants an unaffectionate autist who doesn't even want to have sex.
I do
Just be a beard for a dyke or tranny.
So you don't want to give or receive sexual pleasure. You don't want to give affection, but only receive it? That's not really a relationship. Just get a dog.

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>ITT: Tips to start becoming a NORP

I'll start:
>Get a haircut
Your hair is extremly important in shaping the look of your face and lack of effort here can make the difference between sweet pussy and fapping to traps. If you are unsure what looks good/are autistic, just find out what is popular with people your age group in your area.
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what the dick is a NORP?
>fall for all these memes
if youre a beta you cant change that otherwise you werent a beta in the first place

maybe there is a way in your lala land but in the real world we are all scum
A normal, ordinary, real person

Most people are betas. You might want to be like Chad because you are an insecure faggot living in a power fantasy, but those of us still living in the real world might be more content to take a shot at becoming a succesful beta instead.

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Anyone else get their drivers license after 20?
>Be me 24
>At license plate agency trying to get plate for car
>Girl at the desk looks 18 super qt
>She asks for identification with a smile
>I show her my learner's permit from 2 years ago that's expired
>I could pin point the exact moment she noticed my situation from her face
>I could sense the questions rushing in her head
>Why does he have an expired learners permit instead of a license?
>Wait, he's 24?
>What's he been doing with his life?
Just kill me
Keep in mind I live in america where everyone is expected to drive at 16
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You might get through life easier if you don't immediately try and assume what other people think from one look.

Why's it matter? Good job, you got it. Enjoy yourself instead of worrying about what other people think.
My dad "taught" me to drive and it's basically traumatized me from ever wanting to drive ever again.
I'll be 40 be I ever get a license
got my learners at 18 and got my g2 at 20. gonna get my full license (g) at 21

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fuck off with these retarded threads, no one likes you op
"It's everyday bro" already taken?
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This guy probably got his ass fucked by Dan Schneider

Robots, I need to get rid of a yellow jackets nest.

They are all in this crevice/holl outside. What do?
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Do you not have access to wasp spray or something?
Homemade flamethrower
cover yourself in syrup and squirt them with a water pistol home slice

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Basically, leave this site if you don't wanna be a sad, depressed, bitter, lonely neckbeard.
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Caring what reddit thinks go back there.

>people who really, really, hate themselves

le redditor acting like he's any better LMAO


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Post this on R9K.png
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Is this what being a robot feels like? Is this what is going on with you anons? Jesus Lord Almighty this makes me more depressed than fuck, Lord in Heaven, is this what we are all going to become?
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this is more and more obviously seeming like some psyops shit the more its posted, this seems like a video that was made to appeal to disenfranchised youth directly. My guess is that it was made so that people could deride him in the comments, and when neets scrolled through them they found the "inspiration" to change their lives.
So you don't believe it's real?
I think so, this forum and people making videos like this are proof that there are enough of us that this isn't normal. More and more people are being forced to drop out of society and it's not going to get better.

In 10 years I wouldn't be surprised if 20% of people graduating were this guy.

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What if we're all dead and this is hell?
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what movie is this from?

This is worse than hell. At least in hell sinners burn. We're in Sodom and Gomorrah and sin is the law.
Then what happens to people who die In this hell
: Thinking:

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>you could have
>but you didn't
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how do i speed up time i want to go to sleep but if i sleep now ill be up all night and i just got my sleep schedule on to normal times by staying up for 3 days so i dont want to fall back into that
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>you tried
>but you never had a chance to begin with
>You could have
>You did
>Didn't work

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How do I cultivate the "strong and silent" type persona?

So far I know I need to stop awkwardly smiling when interacting with people
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Only talk when it's necessary, and don't be a faggot
I tried doing that but I ended up giving off "creepy quiet guy" vibes instead
Step 1: be Chad.
Step 2: just, like, shut the fuck up.

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