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>wake up
>you are from spain
just kill me lads, i dont wanna live in this normie country anymore
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well i mean
if it makes you feel better, there are people shorter than 5'5"
I hate this shitty country too, pessimism is death here name a single philosopher of it from our shitty country you can't
Cayetano! I cried when you died in El Internado. :(

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>2 years pass, no longer obese NEET
>All available women are jaded single mothers who "don't want to play games"

You just cannot catch up once you fall behind in life
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>26 year old fatass living with my mom
>got a cute pure 20/yo gf with a nice body who loves me
Fix your attitude buddy, it goes a long way
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I hate this. I cannot have a decent fuckbuddy. I don't want a gf yet.

28 years old I am
>>26 year old fatass
Stats. I find it hard to believe that you have gf.

What's the point of social media if you don't even talk to more than 7 people max?
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there isn't, not even with over 200. that's why I deleted it as soon as I quit my old band as it was my only reason.

I can count the people I have contact with on one hand, and e-friends on the other and it feels better that way. all the drama and bullshit sharing is a waste of time even blow wanking and watching anime imo
you use it to talk to those 7 people

my normiebooks is purely to arrange events
Well I think Facebook is mainly for keeping in touch with family members. That's why I use it for.

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>going into tens of thousands of dollars in debt for a useless piece of paper
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It qualifies me to get a 50k annual starting salary.

Op are you from Mexico or India? Degrees actually mean something in first world countries
I'm going to trade school.
I dread the future
>modern indentured servitude
Yes, I'll give you this degree if you'll work and give me 30% of your pay with interest for the next 144 months.

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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download (3).jpg
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Y'know anon good job. But why are you doing this?
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reminder that kira yoshikage did nothing wrong

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Hi /r9k/

I am a vidya dev and to keep myself from killing myself today I've decided to distract myself with a new project

We will crowdsource ideas to make a game and I'll see what I can do implementing them as fast as I can

I have a lot of assets for almost any type of game and the ability to make it

How should I start?
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God simulator with micro management
Here's my video game idea:
An ancient evil has awoken and you are the hero whomst must defeat it BUT you have to do it............................. WITHOUT killing any enemyies. You have to make the emeniyes your friends, that will be the main gameplay element.
Also make lots of polygons in the game and add hairworks so I can test out my GTX1080ti SLI my mom got me for my bday.
MUD with terrain changing features and DF-level "graphics" and survival mechanics, temperature, etc. Maybe a way to do player-generated quests.
Think a cross between a MUD, DF, and UnrealWorld. A place for robots to hang out and do stuff together, essentially. No normies allowed.

It's what I planned on doing before another major bout of depression fucked my shit up.

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Since the regular femdom tag is shit, i think we should use r9kfemdom from now.

Imo i think people should state their age and sex at the beginning of the convo, the majority of people will be on it to talk to the opposite sex and will disconnect anyways when they find out you arent, saves on the time wasted trying to find out the gender of the person you're talking to. Just an idea here, feel free to give your opinion on it
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what's wrong with normal /r9k/ omegle ? femdom is for pussies.

Nothing, this isnt supposed to replace the regular r9k tag, its supposed to replace the femdom tag
Why is there never anyone on omegle? I've tried this several times and it keeps connecting me with random strangers.

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>he's 25 years old and he never had a girlfriend
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does it count if I had a girlfriend for 1 week in middle school? We held hands and kissed, but no tongue :--)
yes it counts, you are a total normie
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And im glad I am still you know how much money i save by not having girlfriends. I have a better life than most of my peers because of that.

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I was so horny last week I went to a brothel and fucked a hooker that looked pic related and now I'm shitscared I have HIV.

What do guys?
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every damn time
Let's say this ain't bs
Should of used a condom.
go to a clinic, get yourself checked
Pretty sure brothels check their hookers regulary.

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>Since you can't get a girlfriend, I'm going to teach you how to suck dick

What do?
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>this is what you fantasize about
You know, I don't think you ever liked girls to begin with.
>tfw you instinctively open your mouth at the end of the clip
sauce pls
Bitch I was sucking dick long before you touched your first peepee. I am versatile man. Now get on the floor, ass up hands down.

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>Dated 2 girls way out of my league in the past week
>Turbo virgin
>Panic disorder
>The end

Will seriously take anyone as a gf. Picture not me.
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>Dated 2 girls way out of my league in the past week
>Turbo virgin
What? You probably meant that you were in two dates.
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>Turbo virgin
>Dated 2 girls way out of my league in the past week

>Dated 2 girls way out of my league in the past week
>Panic disorder
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your probably one of those 'im depressed havent been partying with my friends for a week' faggots

leave and never return

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oneitis liked my normiebook post

cya guys
i have ascended
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>ex liked my normiebook selfie
Do you think he wants to get married?
r you a gay man?
Nah, I'm a straight girl (female).

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submit songs for >>>/r9k/ radio

YouTube links preferred

I'll start; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8xxd0OjfLc
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I'm on mobile but I want "cop killer" and "hey moon" by John maus and beta uprising by cyber nazi
well contributed friend
is that OC?
if so.. thanks opie

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Do you want an imageboard experience with no normies and roasties?

If yes, then head to:

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feels weirdly zoomed in
risky idea advertising here, hope it works out.
I felt that it would be easier to read that way.

Ask an anon waiting on his dealer for an ounce of pot anything
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How'd you got to know your guy?
Through my best friend that I always toke with.

I also know another guy in case this one doesn't have an ounce so I should be gud.
Why do you post on r9k when you clearly belong on twitter?

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