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Why are men so weird when it comes to the 'friendzone?'

A friend recently told me his feelings, but I didn't feel the same, so I said I only saw him platonically. He then mentioned the friendzone, and became visibly depressed. And we kept talking about it, before he grew more upset, and began crying.

I tried to calm him down, but he just pushed me away and ranted about how he couldn't take 'being friendzoned' by me, how I apparently didn't know what it's like being friendzoned, how since I'm a woman I could never understand, how invalidating it is to people; and a whole sleugh of other things that were mostly incoherent.

That's when he pulled a folding knife from his pocket and started stabbing his neck. There was just so much blood pouring from him; I didn't think that rush of blood was possible. As well as his screaming -- oh god his screaming -- which turned into weak squeals before he finally fell to the ground and became unresponsive.

I had a hard time describing this to the police, because I couldn't believe what happened. And I still can't process it. What the fuck?
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Because being friends with women is basically being her man. When we get friend zoned women are shirking their part of the social contract of providing sexy time.
so did he get the sweet release of death? or is he back in the friendzone
Kill yourself you fucking roastie whore.

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So I've been doing nofap for like 6 weeks now, And I'm just going to share my experience

>I get angry easily but exercising is easier
>Penis is super fucking sensitive and every touch gives me a boner
>penis looks healthier
>I'm literally leaking cum

The last one isn't a joke, I went to the bathroom and when I pulled my pants down there was a puddle of cum in my underwear and I didn't even have an orgasm. I think I'm just going to fap once a week to keep the benefits but not be extremely angry/horny all the time
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Does it count as nofap if you jerk off all the time but never cum? I get a lot of the benefits of nofap, but also have disturbing sexual dreams every night. I also feel like I waste a lot of time.
I don't know honestly, you should probably stop doing it. Or like I am going to do fap 1 once a week, which should give you the benefits but none of the negatives
I wish robots would livestream their faps

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Is it gay to lick a girls braaper?
Would you do it for pusy?
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Only if she has already promised me anal sex. Otherwise no, sir.
Good decission

No. And once a girl licks your asshole your entire opinion on this will change.

A boy I know at school keeps staring at me from across the room for several days now without saying anything, and once he left his computer unattended I went to look at what he was doing and he had this board up

So I was wondering if one of you self proclaimed "robots" could explain to me what his deal is? What does he want with me?? Could he be dangerous? I heard this was the same 4chan website where the Oregon shooter came from? Is he going to shoot up the school?
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Wanna see my cock?
>A boy I know at school keeps staring at me from across the room for several days now without saying anything
Get the fuck out you teenage bitch.
Woah, are you guys misogynists or something?

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What do you guys think about contacting someone who's ghosted you twice already?
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that you're an idiot and deserve the misery they put you through
you clearly ain't learned your lesson
waste of time, bud, move on
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Don't do it. This other person obviously doesn't respect you, so have some self-respect and move on.

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>All alone
>woke up in a filthy pig sty of a room
>No gf
>Not much money so I can't do anything fun
>Probably mentally retarded at this point
>Learning disabilities that I ignored and now have destroyed my life

Please notice me; It's my birthday. I'm too afraid to go outside today because historically speaking I have always had something terrible happen to me on my Birthday and on days surrounding it or in relation to it by fixed increments.

Thanks for reading .
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happy birthday anon
hope you at least have enough money to get yourself drunk
Happy birthday. If you are at a dead end in life try going into the military. You get physically fit, a job, opportunity for college level of education, and great benefits and it's nearly impossible to fuck up.
Thanks man. It means a lot to me. I'll go buy some hard liquor today and get smashed. Hopefully I can forget the pain for a while and feel like a normal person.

Update us on what's going on in your lives, anons.
This is your personal blogpost thread.
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in about a month me and my family will be going on a two week trip to Italy.
Only downside is I'm going to lose tons of practice in osu. I've been stuck at the early 5 star beatmaps being the best I can do so far
My mom keeps threatening me with homelessness. She knows I can't get a job and I don't have any friends I can rely on, so if I do go homeless, I'm truly fucked. And she uses this to her advantage.

She's a dictator and really manipulative and uses all my vulnerabilities against me and I hate it.
Waiting for my license to come through in the mail, after finally going to take the damn test at 25.
Have X-rays tomorrow for my broken hand after smashing it because some dumb girl had to be a hoe.
Going to try and become a wagie, then my mom said I can have her car if I pay for my own insurance.

Honestly, life is a stupid, friendless, loveless joke for me. Might turn into a spree killer.

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look at him, he is beautiful with that long hair!
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Fuck I miss him so fucking much. Wherever you are, baby, I'm thinking of you... always...
Nigga looks like rodrick

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I am a Middle Eastern immigrant who grew up in Western Europe. I feel like I need to leave. I do not belong here and never will. I cannot go back to my parents country cause it is run by Muslims, I hate Islam. And I do not know the language nor do I like the culture.

The USA is like Western Europe. Blacks and native Americans have been there from the start, but still seen as "others." South Africa is for Blacks... I am thinking of South America. It is nice Christian and Western culture. And I speak a little Spanish cause from my European schooling. They also have a history of Middle Eastern settlers, Shakira and Hugo Slim for instance.

Where should I go? Any Advice?
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SA just got a majority of Africans in their Parliament and they are working on taking land away from all whites. Once they achieve this they will probably pull the same shit on you.

Massive number of rapes and murders of dutch as well so watch out. When they cant blaim them for their failings they will blaim you.
Canada? Trudeau is super pro Muslim.

Canada is like a Western European country.

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>your crush when she's alone with chad
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what's that stance called?
joke's on you OP
I don't get out enough to develop crushes
the stump


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>tfw no one wants to fuse with me ever
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>tfw no one wants to reply to me
fucking state of u fucking transracial trap
Filthy dumb homeworld scum

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Why are modern men attracted to this?
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you ever get a really nice erection and stare at how nice it is

it's kind of like that but not yours

in that grey area the man must fight or submit
I'm not
I've said from the very beginning that traps are fucking gay!
Fuck, my mouth literally started watering when I saw that cock sway.

I-I swear I'm not gay.

>tfw receeding hairline at only 20 years old
Is this some sick joke the universe is playing on me ?
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I got at 17 bro
but it kinda stopped on my 20, im 25 now with the same hairline i had on 20
its pretty bad
>tfw full head of hair
>still a loser

feels so nice to waste my life when autistic balding cucks are crying for a nice head of hair

this life is wonderful
just embrace it and shave your head bald

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>You spend your night studying the Hegelian dialectic
>She drinks so much of Chad's cum she becomes diabetic
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That doesn't make any sense, you damn moron.
I think cum is near 100% protein.
I don't think you can get diabetes from over eating protein.
>you cry yourself into a self pity induced stupor
>chad thundercock sticks it up her pooper

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>be female
>not fembot
>have baby face
>pedophiles hit on me when i walk around my neighborhood
>constantly called underage
>accused of being a trap and looking like a young boy
Who else here has this problem? Please tell me I'm not alone on this board.
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You're that tranny trying to grab orbiters for discord aren't you?
I know the baby face feel, I'm also flat and short so that doesn't help
I just want people to talk to, anon. This is the only place I can do that. I don't want money, I'm fine with myself.

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