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>Can't stand to be lonely
>Can't stand to be around other people

Explain this.
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>durr bro ya just need to go the gym and get some rad muscles dude.
>Then go to the club and tap all those asses duude.

We are destined to suffer for eternity
No worries bro you will get over your traumas and fear : it's even worse then 2 years ago
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>can't stand

origin story

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>orbit a girl for 6 moths
>decide to say something
>she rejects me
>now all I think about is her having sex with chads and brads

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Same here man. Its a saturday night and shes probably fucking right now. Feels like shit.
>orbiting a girl
>getting hurt
You have no one but yourself to blame. There's absolutely no reason to orbit a girl - being around her for an extended period of time won't make her sexually attracted to you.
Here's a sure way to get that girl.
>study hard
>graduate uni
>get a high salary job
>keep climbing that ladder
>get lots of raises
>buy a house
>find a used up roasty who's ready to settle down

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That's you taking the picture
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the kid is white so the black man got cucked
When did the word cuck evolve to include literally everything? It used to just mean letting your partner get fucked by someone else. Now you could pickup a dropped wallet for another man and be a cuck
Raising another man's kid is the literal definition of a cuckold, though.

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I work at a nuclear power plant. I had an accident. What do?
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cause thats what it looks like
Hello, Hello?

Cheeki Breeki!

Hey you, come in! I said come in, don't stand there, come in!

you know what to do anon
Not sunburn. This is serious

>be me
>be 16
>qt friend at school who is shy and likes vidja
>don't know much about her at first but towards the end of school we really started to click
>both total robots, chat to her all the time and play multiplayer PC games
>we start dating
>as time goes on, we learn a lot about each other and the trust between us gets stronger
>start talking more about personal stuff/sexual desires
>she trusts me enough for us to start doing mouth and hand stuff
>start seeing her every weekend for pizza, sex and vidja
>took her virginity, best night of my life.
>be current day
>super kinky catgirl sex all the time
>is loyal and loving and actually wants to move in with me

Man, Dating a trap is awesome.
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Yaaaaas :3
Nyaaaaaaaa I love being trap :3
> see OP's pic of a conventionally feminine anime girl
> knowing /r9k/'s demographics these days, OP is probably a homosexual
> be proven right

How did we reach the point that posting anime girls is probably an indication of homosexuality? If someone had posted the Saale picture in 2009 I would have assumed OP was simply another basement dwelling neckbeard who liked anime girls.

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Ballbusting Couple is back! What's up r9k?

We met each other at thirteen and fifteen over a blind (revenge) date. Since then have been together through high school, college, and our lives out of college. ballbusting pretty much every single day throughout! It' our only kink and we practice it within a safe guideline.
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how did the fetish first come up??

"hey babe I get aroused if you treat my like shit and kick my balls"
Every relationship ever just cutting the crap and getting the real deal done.
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I dont get off on female domination so she is never treating me like shit or taking some kind of superior role. I've always wanted to tell a girl that i liked being hit in the balls but had no idea how. The girlfriend before her was into it for her own reasons, but that led to her treating my balls with little regard to my feelings and thoughts. and we got into her becoming very dominating so i dumped her (she later kicked me so hard at school that i fainted on impact) but anyway... I just told my sweet new girlfriend that I had a thing for being hit in the balls. She didnt really understand and thought i was playing a joke on her, so i got them out and had her flick and slap them. then led her to laying beside me and kneeing them. From there i trained her on what i enjoyed and how i wanted it

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Military thread, let's see what kind of military grade robots and cyborgs we have.

Navy ET2 in Japan here. My life is a cyclone of sadness
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>b-b-butt muh J a p a n
isn't that everyone's dream on this section to be in J a p a n living the J a p a n dream??
>how can anyone be sadd when they literally have an army of J a p a n e s e Pikachus patrols patrolling the streets
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Air Force cadet here. Fucking dying and I'm not even really in yet.
Buy me used roastie panties.

I hate the fact that I'll probably never be in the same room as her.
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>I hate the fact that I'll probably never be in the same room as her.

This bitch look like a demon
Literally who?

I am not original

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Why the fuck does everything related to uni have to include drinking? Why is there nothing fun to do with other people that is not drinking and sex?

I hate alcohol and don't touch the stuff, so there is nothing for me to do.

I just want to not be alone.
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Try beer
Pretend, that's what I do. Get a bottle, hold on to it, when you get the chance go the bathroom and dump half of it out. Tada, you now fit in.
Pretend to be someone else and it makes it easier

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You all need to join the army. It will help you. It will literally make America great again by getting rid of the betaness in society. And at least to get you away from your computer. It's gonna make you better anons. you need a reason to live and to die.
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>translation: go kill yourself for a government that hates you
No, we don't. The army has relatively strict standards these days. The average robot is overweight and mentally ill, the army does not need those people holding everyone else back. Put it to you this way, percentage-wise, the army has more people with high school degrees and college degrees than the general population. It's not some dumping down for the dregs of society.

The casualty rate is insanely low, unless you're signing up for front line infantry or the marines the only way you're going to die is if you fall down a ladder or something.
>It will literally make America great again by getting rid of the betaness
...literally, when you get your legs blown off and bleed out in some shithole third-would country.

No thanks.

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I want to marry Emma Watson. It's my number one (pipe) dream.

Why is she so damn alluring?
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She's not. You're just a basic bro.
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because she has a vagina, you ape
Yes she is, senpai

I can't stop dreaming. I wonder what she's doing right now.

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What's the most legal act you've ever done?
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Filed my income tax and signed for it myself.
signaling when I pull into parking spaces
That is a dumb question. You mean illegal?

god fucking dammit. one isn't enough, no, that'd be too easy. you need three. fuck just fuck
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>Too sexually conservative
No such thing. Anything past one (your wife/husband) and you're a fucking whore
My number lines up with the expectations of people in my country. Cool. Would have liked to have more but I am getting married so there's no longer a chance for that.
>7 and less sex partners means you're too conservative
Fucking bogans

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Let's have ourselves a good ol' screen thread.
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Why did you like that one specific quadratic so much that you bookmarked putting it into wolfram ????
that was when i discovered wolfram
so i put in a quadratic to test it out
saved the site
too lazy to change it
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bottles on the shore
dont know what you'll find

Who else /doesn'twantagf/ here
I'm sick and tired of roasties
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>I'm sick and tired of roasties

How can you be sick and tired of something you never had.

I've had a roastie before anon, it's not something you want
I'm 100% sure that wont be a problem.

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