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Why are all of you so fucking casual with incest? That shit is fucking weird and even more degenerate that homosexuality.
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Oh boy I would love to make out with my sis
Well obviously if I was a nigger I wouldn't want to fuck my sister either, black girls are disgusting
They're also really hot for their mothers too, I've noticed. That is some twilight zone shit but it seems to be widespread among White males. They all want to fuck their mothers, sisters and nieces. Also aunts.

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Anyone have experience catfishing?

>be disabled (as fuck) fembot with a decent face
>meet a guy on Runescape
>talk on clan discord with him every day
>he eventually falls for me
>and of course I'm in love with him because male attention
>begs to see what I look like
>Skype video-chat with him, only show face
>tells me I'm beautiful, etc.
>now he wants to see my body

He seems pretty into "me," but I'm too in love with him to let him know the truth.
I guess the jig is up. Might have to quit Runescape.
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Please catfisfh me fembot
I'll forgive you for your lies and accept you and love you forever
So what, you're in a wheelchair? He won't care.
>Anyone have experience catfishing?
This isn't even catfishing.

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How do you feel now that Eggman has cracked and went full MGTOW
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>The egg finally cracked
He whole life has been scrambled with pain thanks to his physical features. Now, the eggman has finally beaten life and embraced the hard truth to the world.
Who would've thought the fake positivity wouldn't last.
Anybody else think that Eggman is so bizarre-looking that he could probably have a career in Hollywood if he had a couple of good connections? He could be the next Danny DeVito. Normalfaggots love freaks. Look at those eyes and that facial hair. That's an iconic look.

Anyone here who watched Welcome to the NHK? Did this scene really resonate with you? I felt exactly like Sato at that point.

>Old high school friend visits you
>Think you have a chance to rebuild your life
>Go with her to a private beach
>Turns out she was just depressed because she wasn't getting enough attention from Chad
>Everyone elses problem was some stupid bullshit they realize they can get over
>Sato is the only one there whose life is irreparably fucked
>Chad yelling at Sato "Don't jump, just be yourself man, it'll get better :^)"
>Normies stop Sato jumping because they think their bullshit problems compare to his

Damn man. This scene really affected me. It was like a show actually realized how robots are different than normies and how normies can never truly understand us.

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never seen this but yeah bleeding heart fags suck. its my life and if i dont hurt anyone but myself why stop me? what gives you the right? if they save you, you are permanently marked and sent to asylum and medicated still you are 'fixed' if people want to go let em go
I liked that scene better in the manga. I'd recommend reading it if you haven't already.
It was more that Sato was on an island with other depressives who were about to kill themselves only to find out even there he is truly alone. In the episode after all the other people have family to come and reaffirm how much they're loved and they all regret trying to commit suicide over trivial things. Except Sato. It's really stark.

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>tfw your fetish is literally a meme
>tfw no one takes it seriously
>tfw no one will indulge you
Why couldn't I like normal stuff?
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literally sniff sulfur if you like the smell of braps
>Why couldn't I like normal stuff?

Maybe something happened in your life that influenced you to be a BRAAAP bro.
Force yourself to stop being a faggot. That's literally the solution.

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is it normal to into the woods to listen to music and read alone, I wanna try it but in too autistic to know if doing this sort of thing is normal, pls help me robots
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>worrying about what others think when you go to the woods alone

No witness, no worries
Just do whatever the fuck you want as long as it doesn't effect others, if you're alone in the woods who gives two shits what you do there?

You can hump trees, piss outdoors, bang drums and howl at the midnight moon for all anyone cares if there is no one there to see
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>tfw go into the woods/play various kinds of flute and ponder about life/sleep under trees
>into the woods to listen to music and read alone
I do that too, its fun. just plz do not be the normalfaggot who uses speakers instead of headphones, talks on phone with his bro while there and throws his trash around.

We went out on a partying date a couple of days ago. We had a great time, I blacked out on dat lorazepam and booze, I think we made out. It seems like she's not like the other girls tho.
I feel like she's showing excessive interest for me. She's hot, funny and intelligent, and is going pretty straight forward. She even paid for some of my drinks and shit. I don't even find myself that worthy desu. This is the part of it that worries me the most.
She has a history of getting her hair dyed. Now she rocks her natural color, but she has weared green, light blonde, red and orange, as far as I know. She occasionally does coke.
She will leave the country in September tho, so that's one less chance on getting perniciously hooked.
What should I expect? What should I do?
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>partying date
>lorazepam and booze
>made out
By all means, please continue cucking yourself, dumb normalcattle.
>She's hot, funny and intelligent, and is going pretty straight forward. She even paid for some of my drinks and shit.

You sure thats no trap? She sounds too good to be true
She sounds like a fucking good time. There's nothing wrong with having your feels hurt a bit, don't worry. Even if it happens, that's not so bad, is it? Living is for feeling things. Just enjoy yourself.

I have an exam tomorrow
I need to 60%+ on it or I will fail the course

I have not studied at all the whole semester

Can I do it?
Pls say yes
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i think you can anon :)
You can't, Anon. You better start praying right now.
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better get workin' anon

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Are you a product of your environment or a product of your genetics?
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Not a fair comparison, one led to the other
Idk but I'm proud of my dick
Both, obviousIy.

The environment of your ancestors shaped your genetic makeup.

Your genetic makeup changes in response to environmental factors.

Your genetic makeup also compels you to change your environment in various ways.

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Does your mom love you, robots?
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nah i'm pretty sure she fucking hates me
Idk. She has bpd. It's difficult to tell.
She tries but it's not hard to tell she's disappointed in me

This is what the word normie has come to. There truly is nothing sacred
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at least pepe is now considered a hate symbol.
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>that guy you're """friends""" with on FB who shares and likes multiple dozens of """dank memes""" every day
I'm THIS close to deactivating my FB account.
just get rid of the memelords, whats the point of having 200+ ''''friends'''' if you hate everything they post

Turkey referendum edition
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Why is it such big news? How is it going to affect us?
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I was expecting "no" to win desu

It doesn't effect my life anyway

I am also planning to get the fuck out of this shithole ignorant country

Turkey is officially a joke man, end it
depends on the country, mostly wont

Anon, where do you want to be in 10 years?
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Anywhere but here, man
I don't think I will be alive. I've been drinking very heavily, usually 30-40 standard drinks a day for a few years.

I recently stopped drinking due to the impact it was taking on my health, but I think I left it too late. I'm showing lymphoma symptoms but I'm too antisocial to go to the hospital. I don't really wanna find out I have cancer anyway.
I don't have idea.

Go to the hospital, Anon.

>tfw I'm twink top and love bottom muscle fags
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Too bad I only like girls with strap-ons
Don't you love shemales?
This thread needs a boomp

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I have a natural death stare and I've been told by normies that I scare people and to smile more or something.
>was taking piss in urinal
>*Door slams open*
>It's the bathroom drug dealer setting up shop.
>I hear "Ayo who the fuck in here? Hurry up and get the fuck out of here nigga"
>I zip up.
>I turn around and stare at him like pic related.
>"Umm heheh oh I thought you were someone else!" He leaves.
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You know what's the best cure?

Being around "real" men. You know thugs, crims, soldiers. They cure your "deathstare" right quick.

That shit only works on your average pampered middle class drones, but people who knew real struggles? Shiiiet man, they won't put up with it.

Pretty soon you learn how to look "neutral" at all times.
Yes. Staring at someone without interrupting eye contact when you are ugly will scare the fuck out of anyone.

original oreo

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