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My friend and his gf came over and we drank a lot and she started to rub my leg a bunch with her foot and touch me on the arm and now I love her because it's the only human contact I've had in a long time. What do?
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I need personal help
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i feel for you senpai.
but it was probably nothing... sadly she was just drunk, maybe it was accidental touching idk but i doubt she has feelings for you unless she is a mega thot.

and even if you did date her, she is obviously a hoe to be doing that shit with her boyfriend there so you wouldnt want to date anyways
She's not mega hot, and I'm not completely unattractive, just an autistic fuck. She might actually like me

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He's a fag
This guy is mentally ill
oregeno 2017

finally OC well done op

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Question to kids of poor parents.

Do you hate your parent's for being poor?

Do you hate that they didn't put more effort into their life to secure a more comfortable financial status and still bring you into a miserable poor existence growing up?

Do you hate them for not giving a shit about providing a sense of self esteem to their offspring by being low achievement plebs that imprints a stain on their offspring of "being from a poor family" that can never be washed off?

Just curious.
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Define poor

My parents were semi-poor pizzaioli, but they died in an earthquake, so I guess that evens things out.
Yes,yes, and yes. I especially hate my dad for being a complete failure fat fuck who's the laziest fucking person I know to date. Hes worked factory jobs his entire life and after decades of work at the same company he still settles for 11 an hour, fucking pathetic trash. I'm so pissed over the fact that I never had ANYONE to lookup to my whole life.

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achi cirno2.png
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Ideal gf/bf thread but with a stipulation: your post must be a audio file (vocaroo.com) rather than simply text.

Here's some suggestions on what to talk about
>something about yourself (age, interests, living arrangements, NEET status, body type/ethnicity, etc)
>what you're looking for
>what you would like to do with someone
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I'll make one in a moment, mite b cool
I don't know what to say op what the!!!! This sounds like a amazing thread idea.
But it makes me flussteredd
Yyyouuu fffirrsttt

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>women would rather date a literal child rapist than you
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lmao imma try this one day
the tinder profile that is, not molesting a child

Wow really makes you think

Where are the morals
that's the power of being chad. roasties will literally abandon all morals just to fuck you

>robot trying to lose weight

>current weight: 132
>goal weight: 100
>meals today:
fruit popsicle - 40 cals
kale burger - 120 cals
vegan chocolate popsicle - 60 cals
popcorn - 170 cals
>total - 390 cals

share yours
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eat more protein u stupid cunt
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I understand why we have so many trannies at this point but do you have to be so obnoxious?
is that in kg or lbs

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How do escape a NEET life?
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Get a job and get the fuck out this board, it's toxic
How long you been NEET for? Not that long then apply for any wagecuck level job since you've not got much option. Keep applying until you hit one thats desparate enough to hire anybody. If 5-10+ years NEET then you might need extra help like from an organization that reintegrates NEETs.
2 and a half years, I don't think most companies will accept that long a gap now

Microsoft's most recent chatbot "Zo." '

i've been trying to get it to say edgy shit but no luck so far.
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what the fuck? is this a parody of a teenage girl?
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actually yes I would guess
Tell her you're going to kill yourself. Tell her multiple times. It breaks the immersion.

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>throat fucked a decapitated 25lb fish

who needs women?
when this gets boring I'll fuck a deer or something.

you have the right to take and manipulate nature, remember that
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won't you get some kind of infection or disease or something though? this does sound appealing however

isn't it also illegal?
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nah just get a fishing license depending on state and don't do it in public

it's great and a right
Does it feel like a human mouth? How about all the slime? I'm giggling at the thought of throatfucking a fish, with it's big retarded lips and all.

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>crying from loneliness

How you guys holding up?
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Losing weight is making it easier but it sucks that I wasted my teens and early 20s being fat.

I wish I had a fat gf to get through this.
holding up

i cried the other week going to the bathroom
>got into a car accident a few years ago
>at rehab place i saw a hot physical therapist aid on the hallway
>had my cellphone out
>was going to ask her out/ number but the nurse told me that i can go to the bar with my friends to get girls
>fast forward to outpatient at the hospital i was at a nurse's mom told me the same thing
>friend stole a bunch of my video games
>lady who half likes you says
>"have you tried"
how about I destroy the world you cunt

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Haha any fembots tried this out yet? `, ;^)
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I can't remember the last time I was angry and yelled at someone

That sort of emotion is not part of my life
This wont work on me.
haha fembot here xD totally tried this out on my bf
he raped me so good afterwards xD I love him :3

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Quick Anon! Make a wish!
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Wish i could redo high school with what i know now
wish i had aa gf
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Start my life over only that mom and dad are together, mom isn't an alcoholic and I don't have assburgers

which pill do you take robots?
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>which pill do you take robots?
I would take the blue pill

I don't even want money, I want to do my childhood right
Why the fuck is this a trap conversion general?
Red. Obviously. Anyone who would unironically take blue is retarded.

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Femanons, weird question here, but what would you do if you found a tiny 1 inch tall man on the ground asking to be your boyfriend?
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What would you do with a tiny Hitler
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Women hate small men, Giantess is also a shit fetish.

Minigts and Amazons are better.
build a tiny house for him where he can live

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Hello, anon. Your mother told me you're a little bit sad lately. Well, why don't you come to the church with us? There's nothing more fulfilling than a life committed to serving Jesus. And you know what? I'm sure you can even find a nice girl to be your girlfriend there. Well, what are you waiting for?
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yeah nah, all the "catholic" girls have chad bfs that they've been in a relationship with for years, some are batshit crazy and despise men, and the rest are just your average slut but thinks they are better than everyone else (also hops from one chad cock to the next) source: catholic schooling my entire life
>qt girl on math class
>she's way too into religion
Damn, I'd wish they'd accept a secular bf.

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