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>university summer session starts on Monday
>taking Humanities and Public Speaking
>goining to be surrounded by normies
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Frankly, just be yourself.

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>a qt girl is nice with me
>she wanna take a coffee with me
>tfw i dont know if she is serious or she wanna make fun of me with her normie friends
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Steel yourself for the worst but go hoping for the best. Don't miss the possibility of it being real, rejection and mocking are an okay risk if it means that you could just be wrong and its real. You can do it Anon
Go for it anon. I had a similar problem before, but I gave her the benefit of the doubt and we went. Long story short it went on after that night but didn't work out in the end. I'm sure you'll do great

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everything was fine and dandy at work, me, the other 2 programmers and the designer just doing good work, fixing everyone else's shit and bad mouthing everyone

if you guys get a job one day, remember, it's not about efficiency, it's all about politics

office politicians ruined our squad, our buddy was fired yesterday for being mean

i don't wanna interact anymore

conclusion: don't bad mouth people, beware of backstabbers

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You people sicken me because you have no honor.
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good thread my property

What do you do to help deal with anxiety attacks? It's really annoying when you have stuff you planned to do for the day, and then all of the sudden you get an anxiety attack over nothing and then you can't convince yourself to leave your bed.
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This happened recently in highschool (I'm 18)
Note that even though I'm in grade 12 I had to take a 9/10 split foods class (haven't taken any applied skills and need at least one to grad, I only had one block open and this was the only class in that block)


>be in foods 9/10
>already kind of a weird autistiv loner
>put in class with kids 2-3 years younger
>talk to no one
>the boys seem to respect me because I lift and look somewhat big, but I rarely talk to any of them
>don't talk to girls either, I stare at the cute ones a lot but never a word
>one turbo stacy in gr9, let's say her name is V
>V is pretty attractive and usually wears low cut shirts
>can't help but to look, but it's cool because I'm pretty subtle
>today in class, taking a peek
>her friend alerts her in a rather loud manner "he's staring at you"
>V replies even louder without ever lifting her gaze from her phone (I know, he does it all the time)
>best friend looks at me
>activate autism.exe
>stare at her blankly until she looks away
>wait a minute and walk out of class

What the fuck? How do they know?
More importantly, how can I tell if they know?
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I can't stand how women are always looking at people who look at them.
women will think I'm checking them out if I even glance at them, but now that I ignore them I can see them looking at me sometimes and they know I'm deliberately ignoring them
do they want me to look or not to look?
I'm not even attracted to women and they still make it fucking awkward
breh just stare at them until they're legitimately uncomfortable
I'll have to try that

Can a trap be a Stacy?
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It can be a Steve

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Why haven't you tried cannibalism?
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because i'm sane
Is this a white person thing? Or just leafposters being fags again?
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>tfw no cannibal gf
>tfw never experiencing fear during a blow job
Yeah... I'm not sure I can get into this one

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Are women finally opening to autism? great news for robots
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as an excuse for their cunty selfish behaviour just like how the use other mental illnesses to do so

>i'm SOOOO depressed ;_:
>i have SOCIAL ANXIETY - brb my facewhatsappchat alert went off, tfw only 55 likes ;_:
>omg sometimes, im like happy, and then, i'm not happy anymore - i have bipolar, that's why i'm an irrational cunt!

Soon to be mixed in with

>god i'm not being a rude cunt i'm AUTISTIC, I JUST DONT UNDERSTAND. GOD!
which one of them is autistic?
Satan's correct, this is to excuse their own cunt behavior, it's not like social anxiety awareness made them more eager for whiny bitch bois now did it.

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Isn't murder part of human nature? Doesn't it tell you something about the creatures we are that we have to outlaw our natural impulses? Why do we submit to authorities who never gave us any real happiness or safety? Fuck the entire world.
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>why don't we just allow murder
>the authorities don't make us safer
really makes you think
It's also human nature to vehemently value your own life and the lives of those you care about


>Work out for two years

>Cultivate the physique of a renaissance statue (male ofc)

>Acne clears up through improved diet

>Hair even looks better


>Dick still looks like some kind of Lovecraftian horror
>Pic related
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Is it routinely as hard as Ludwig is?

Just asking desu
It's is equivalent in size, stamina and hardness to midir.

It can also only be beaten after plunging into a long moist hole

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Have you met your daily fap quota?
How far do you have to go?
How many sperms do you have left?
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i'll never fap agaiin thanks to having to see chris chans rotting homemade"vagina" again. thanks for that, OP
>not sea men
>not recycling with fanta

you didnt fool anyone op.
I have stopped cumming when I fap, it is actually fucking sad how much I masturbate right now

>tfw no belly gf to eat and snuggle with
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Her puking vids gross me out a little bit
nice trips, but that sounds disgusting desu
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In theory it sounds kind of hot, like she's stuffing herself past her limit, but in reality, it's just gross

Favourite public shooters?
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>tfw no voivode bf
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>tfw no woiwode gf

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