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>be me with schizo
>not diagnosed
>manage to get a gun by faking being alright
>voices constantly telling my to not kill myself
>telling me to amputate a limb with a point blank 12 guage shell

I'm sick. Not sure hwo to tell my family
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get a psychiatrist plz
it's not so bad
signed, psych nurse @ work right now
Actually trump signed a law making it legal for the mentally diasabled to buy assault rifles and other guns
Really? Awesome!

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What's on your mind, /r9k/?

Tell me about that nagging thought on your mind that you want to share with others but is too inane or insignificant to deserve its own thread.
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How long do job applications take to call back after phone interview? Anybody know?

Trying to not be as NEET.
>have a shotgun that's legal with me
>voices tell me to self amputate a limb with my shotgun
>tempted to do it. Although I know ill die if I do.
the song "new york I love you but you're bringing me down" by LCD soundsystem

it's a good song

but I don't really like its message, it kind of bothers me

the singer is complaining that new york is now a boring place and does not have as much charm or character because it is safer and cleaner.

new york used to be a dangerous place you know? it used to have a lot of crime and drugs. I think making it a safer place to live is worth the "boring" feeling. it just seems like he's glorifying stuff that shouldn't be glorified. it's fun to wax poetic about gangsters and such but to actually live in it is another thing entirely. I feel like people from new york and other really big cities often get up their own ass about this type of thing. they want their city to be a secret club instead of a good place to live. I don't know. it rubs me the wrong way. the actual song is good though.

>too "nerdy" for normal people
>too normal for "nerdy" people
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Just go to conventions
They're all odd combinations of the two
conventions are for losers
I have the same problem cyborg bro. I am aware of the autism and can't find a way to deal with that shit. Yet the normies think I'm autistic. No friends, feels bad man.

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This is how fembots actually look IRL, not your BBC slave attention seeking anime clothes wearing whores (aka that roach Anzu)
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>minecraft on a laptop
Well someone needs a spaking
i look like OPs pic. does someone want to be my bf. i will make you cheese souffle and we can play cards or whatever couples do :(
Is that a period jar? Just like my piss bottles? We must be made for each other

I had to kill one of my pet chickens yesterday due to a horrifying cloacal prolapse, it was an act of mercy. Since I've been taking care of them for the past three years, I'd expected to feel something after I had stabbed her. I didn't. I didn't feel anything, not a single tear was shed. I didn't expect it to be this easy and I thought I had more empathy then this.

Starting to suspect I might be a sociopath.
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Katdolf Kitler.jpg
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You should be stabbed to death for stabbing an animal to death. The right way to kill a chicken is to chop its head of with an axe. If you do not bother to buy an axe but instead stab a chicked to death you do not deserve to live. I hope you die for being killed by a beast and if I see you drowning in the sea I won't lend a hand.
I guess stab isn't the right word, I cut the jugular with a very sharp knife as instructed in a butchering tutorial.
its a chicken who gives a shit

if op didnt have it for like 3 years it would have just been ripped apart by wolves or something anyway

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Is Unteralterbach the most robotcore game there is?
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>visual novel garbage
>Implying weeb robot faggots don't consider themselves "above" baka western gaming
>autists use vns to simulate social interactions
>which are nothing like vns


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I'm getting sick and tired of my parents asking and giving me a hard time
>anon, when are you going to bring a girl home?
>anon, we're worried you'll end up alone
>if you're gay you can tell us anon

I go to school,make decent grades, have an internship, and friends I see every once in awhile. Why can't I just aim to live my solo life and love 2D women like pic related? Why is that so wrong?
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If you're okay with your life currently then that's all you need. Ignore your parents or tell them to fuck off. Happiness is all you need

2D is gay tho you fucking pedo
>I go to school,make decent grades, have an internship, and friends I see every once in awhile.
Tell them that for now you're just interested in studying, they'll take is as the reason why you get good grades, so it's a nice excuse.
Also, tell them that all the girls you're surrounded by are not really your type, make them think that they are just a really bad influence and they'll be happy that you don't hang out with any of them.
>Tell them that for now you're just interested in studying

I've done that, they said if that were the case I'd have a 4.0

Goddamnit. Why don't I have any friends! This is so fucking annoying
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ill be your friend

Burn in hell nigger
"friends" are literally shit.
It's not like it is in the movies. Don't waste your time.

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Who else here jacks off to hot relative's social media pictures? My cousin has a large chest and is always plastering them everywhere pic related
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Do you have more pics by any chance?
I do, love my cousin's big fat brown tits.
This, please OP.
>large chest

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You ever befriended a popular girl?
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Yea, actually

She's still a good friend, she's too much of a slut and I'm too much of an asshole for me to let our relationship go any further than the occasional fuck
yeah a few times, they just used me.

>tfw no fat virgin gf who is so insecure about her weight that she cries immidiately after you first fuck
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why would I want that

I have enough insecurities for the both of us

I need a fat gf who is so secure about her weight that she comforts me when I cry after our first fuck
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well said, anon, well said

(the second well said is so that this post will be original please)
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tfw used to comfort ex when he'd cry
tfw used to make him food
tfw insecure but would do my best to be secure for him
tfw still got dumped

even loser nerd guys are jerks

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I feel that a lot of the Hapas on this board are the product of a white male and asian female. What I'm curious about is how many of you are the other way around.
We are a rare half, or for that matter, not even a quarter. Being Half Vietnamese and half German, I'm still at a disadvantage. I often surprise people when I reveal that my dad is the Asian.
How has this affected your dating life? For me, horrible. Never had a date, hug or kiss and i'm halfway through college. A part of this is my awkwardness, but mostly a negative stigma towards hapas thanks to Elliot Rodger.
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British mother, Indian father.

I flat out don't get the hapa meme. Being mixed has a straight advantage over being Indian.
> "pale" skin that never burns
> unique looking, stand out from the crowd
> pass for almost any race but black = travel easy
> white name and white cultural upbringing benefits

So glad I'm not full Indian lol they have it rough
You don't count, Pajeet.

I'm a AMWF hapa. Chinese/Canadian. Born on the very same day as Elliot. I was a virgin until 24. Have a gf now.

is your gf white?


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>fuck around in their teens and early-mid 20s
>marry bluepilled beta provider when they are used up and looks are about to hit the wall

how do we redpill as many betas as possible into not falling for the provider meme?
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you cant. they'll just accuse you of being cynical, pessimistic, and just an overall negative person. cucks will be cucks. people already fight hard against the notion that if their girlfriend/wife has had another dick in them before, they're cucks. easy way to asspain normies and turn on their damage control.
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We don't need your help, we took the bluepill willingly and are happy. Fuck off.
How do you have cake and not eat it? This never Made since to me.

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I just thought of someone I'm pretty sure comes here so I want to start a thread and see if he answers. It's kind of late at night but whatever. Post a name and some traits about someone you would expect to see here.

>red hair
>likes Hammers of Misfortune
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I saw a thread from a guy who looked just like someone who goes to my uni a while back he even said he was from my state but claimed it wasn't him and then went as far as to say he was underage, either way fuck you
>black hair
>ambiguously mexican
>Used to host lan parties at dad's house
>Blast through life on cruise control and wish you had more time for your hobbies
>>likes Hammers of Misfortune
I want to be friends with Joe

>tfw your friends always outgrow you
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it's your own fault for acting like an edgy emo person
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>tfw you outgrow all your former friends
I didn't outgrow you, you chose to distance yourself from me.

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