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Why is everything so shit scary and stressfull /r9k/?

I'm not talking about stuff like: "i'm afraid of spiders, muggers, snakes"
I'm talking about society. From meeting new people, to having the littlest responsibilities. Everything is so Horribly stressfull and scary, How can normalfags deal with that?

>Breath shortens.
>Vision blurres.
>The walls get closer.
>Brain voice start to bug you with insecurity.
>Legs Quivering.
>Your heart starts pounding.

What's Spooking you lately /r9k/?

>I'm going to get kicked out of home if I don't re-join an university and the paperwork is a memento of how disappointing I was to everybody and everyone around, I feel like throwing up.
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Sounds like a severe case of anxiety, I have the exact same feeling, it eats from the inside out, you're gonna have to resist, can help you but yourself, I know this sounds like a normie advice but trust me it's literally the only way.
I don't know. I always feel anxious.
Either about what's going to happen later in the day or generally in future.
Anxious about how am i going to find a job.
Anxious about how i look, even though i don't go outside at all.
I can never just sit down, relax and compose myself.

I'm expecting a phone call today and i'm so fucking scared, im trembling.

Normalfags handle it because they have friends to support them.
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These natural disasters recently have been scaring me.
Makes me feel like the end of the world is upon us.
I wonder if my kids would ever have a future (if I ever even get to have kids)

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I have to get over her eventually, right? It's been over two years since we've separated. But, every single day, I think about her right as I wake up and right before I fall asleep. What do I need to do?
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you have to, originally, find someone else
Kill your soul in a more definitive manner.
remove everything that reminds you of her from your life, that's what I do. I made a little fire in the back with all the little things she ever gave me and I blocked her on all platforms. You can't let it get too into your head

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>go to gay area
>bunch of trendy straight people
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>go to lesbian area
>remember there isn't one and everything here is for gay men
I hate this, reee. Trendy straight people are the worst too. Why do they even go to lgbt anything and have to take up our space, they don't belong.
Its the current year, gay people don't need safe spaces anymore, you can kiss and hold hands in public and no one gives a fuck except a few old people
Same reason you degenerate fucks take up space in conventionally straight areas where you dont belong.


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Honestly guys I just need some money. I'm coming here to grovel. If you want to here my story of how I fucked my life I will tell it
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Guess I'll just tell it any way.
To get to the point.
>I trusted a con artist who isn't your regular con
>this man is master in what he does
>he has faked everything he's talked about
>using different sim cards he pretends to be different people
>these people he pretends to be are supposed to be people that will help me with the pile of debt he created
>He tricked me into opening credit cards and telling me he would pay me back
>he pretended to get me a job that doesn't exist and I quit my job
> he fucked everything
I just need someone to say something to me. Even of its just to call me an idiot. I just want help
So how far are you into debt? Why did you trust a golden hen idea and why cant you beg for your job back?

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you're not a real robot if you wouldn't
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not only would I tap that, I'd become that and get tapped by other robots man...
cutest nutsack
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Guess im a chad now

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>Never get laid
>Have to listen to tall mates talk about their sexual exploits
>'dude it was so easy I just went up to her and asked for sex and she said yes'
>When you go out with the boys no girl wants to talk to you
>Always end up sitting alone at the table whole everyone cuddles a chick
>On rare occasion you do get a chick shes the landwhale of the group.
>Female bartenders pay you off
>People run into you and dont apologise
>Always good chance of getting into a brawl and being blamed for it
>Women naturally despise you
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It's a sex thing little guy, don't take it personal
Judging people on traits they cannot control is bigotry.
Pro's of being a manlet
> Blame everything on your height

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>have to wake up at 6:30 am
>its 3:20 am now

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I know that feel brah. I spent the whole day feeling depressed and watching random YouTube videos. Then I started shitposting on here and couldn't stop. Didn't get anything done the whole day and probably won't get anything done tomorrow cause of a lack of sleep. AND I will probably die young cause of chronic sleep deprivation or some shit. JUST
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I can't stop coming to this place. Every time I try to schedule my day so that I get to sleep by 11 I get distracted by some stupid shit on /pol/ or /r9k/ and waste hours doing nothing productive. God fucking damn it I'm so retarded
Same, famicom. I'm debating whether I should just pull off an all nighter or sleep the few hours I have left.

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>yet another day being lonely, shut-in, and without purpose
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Yet another day being shutin with purpose and ignoring men and other human beings. Why don't you learn to enjoy loneliness? There's nothing better. Everyone seems like such a failed normie.
>Why don't you learn to enjoy loneliness?

Because it's not fun. If I cannot have companionship, no one else should be able to either. FEMBOT UPRISING.
There's nothing like a bit of company to remind you why spending time with others is fucking awful.

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/Dumb Sissy White Boy/ general

where my dumb sissy's at
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I just really want to fucking kill myself.

There's no point in even living. l doubt she will ever date a white guy, stupid fucking whore.

You're such a whore courtney, I hope you and your spic boyfriend have an aborted ugly child. Fucking stupid dumb whore. And to the ugly spic >>39655345 # who is trying to fuck her, good luck you ugly white knight faggot. You will never be anything more than an ugly spic. Everyone here kill yourselves.
ummm you appear to be in the wrong thread friend

this thread is for DUMB sissy white bois
>making the thread before the other one hit bump limit or fell off the catalog


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>"take off your shirt and come swim with me anon! why are you just standing there? water is warm :)"
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let's go. I was just taking in the view. And your glorious ass.
"N-no, I c-can't."
that waist doesn't look natural

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