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Is it better to stay virgin or lose it to an ugly girl?

What's the catch robots ?
My standards have stuped so low that when I think about fucking a ugly chick it doesn't bother me much

Only thing stopping me is my pride
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Male virginity is a bad meme.
Are u watching me anon?
I just got done playing angry birds on my phone b4 posting this

Cool pic maybe ur watching me

Triggering my paranoia
You just have to live with yourself. A girl coworker found out I was a virgin and I told her straight up I wasn't losing it to girl I didn't find attractive because I didn't want to end up in a relationship or have a kid with a girl I couldn't completely fall in love with. A ugly girlfriend means you are always looking to cheat. I know plenty of guys who do.

And weirdly enough the girls seem to agree with this. That it's better to hold out for a girl you're really into.

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>mommy will drag me away from my tiny comfy communist block room to the good friday sermon
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Friendly bump. What should I do while surrounded by so many people? The orthodox churches get filled and crowded with elders and normals usually
God I wish that were or1g1nally me

Id kill to sleep on a girl's lap while she strokes my head
Unfortunately we are not 2d.

I even thought that cars would drive on the right when I went last evening at the sermon with mommy

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How much do you masturbate
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2-3 times a day, always to porn
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Once a day usually. Sometimes twice, but that's very rare.
About 3 times a day. Sometimes 5 on a day where I've got nothing to do.

I usually blow all my load in the morning and I'm just shooting blanks for the rest of the day. I've trained myself to cum between about 4-8 minutes and I can only only ever cum laying down while there's something between my legs like a pillow or and old shirt.

Am I broken?

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muh height.jpg
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>Researchers found the greater the height difference, the happier the wife is
>Study based on 7,850 women collected from a long-term population survey
>Women who opt for tall men are also more fertile, scientists suggest

But remember manlets: just bee urself :)

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>>Women who opt for tall men are also more fertile, scientists suggest

This statement doesn't make any sense because ALL women opt for tall men.
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>Researchers found the greater the height difference, the happier the wife is
this is good news for when I find my 6'3 amazon waifu then
>Man's looks more important than personality



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Do you have glasses?

Lose them. Get contacts.

Holy shit you have no idea how different people treat you if you don't have glasses.
Even the people who have known you for years.

You can thank me later.
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i have droopy lizard eyes, i can't fit contacts in there. i want to get lasik but only in one eye
I wear contacts and I'm still a kissless Virgin
I refuse to have things go anywhere near my eyes like that

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This is what being a support main (in any game) does to you.

this tranny has entered her suicidal mode
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>too beta to go DPS
a true robot down to the marrow
bugger off, I've been support (medic/recon) in most shooters and I'm still male(male)
Good riddance.
t. career Healer (male)

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bitch fagg.jpg
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>walk in your room
>see this
>'s-sorry anon but I think I menstruated on your bed sheets'

What do?
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>ITT things that never happened

Neck yourself OP, you should seriously consider suicide as an exit option.
based angle

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When did you realize your pecking order in society at large is determined by your height and facial aesthetics and there is nothing you can do about it? Your respect = your looks.
Your attractiveness to women = your looks.
How people perceive your worth as an individual= your looks.
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>and there is nothing you can do about it

Says you. I'm 3 days post-op from an open septorhinoplasty. Cast and stitches come off/out on Monday.
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Tell him that faggot
One in a billion.

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can we have a rare woojak thread?

he is so much better than pepe, and I need to expand my collection
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I'll dump some woojaks to keep the thread alive
File: man is the animal.png (373KB, 465x1600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
man is the animal.png
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rare music edition wojak
File: 1417741162904.png (29KB, 591x422px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you can also use this thread to say how you're feeling

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How do I make my brain more smarter?

i am not very intelligent

please help
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Skill = practice * talent

Practice the thing you're trying to get better at. Intelligence (talent) alone doesn't turn you into a doctor, you still have to study. If you're dumb, study harder.
but i am also very lazy and i only derive pleasure from eating food and sleeping
Why do you want to be smarter?
In what ways do you want to be smarter?

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Dear Tony,

Hola mano, hope all is well. Meet me at the walmart today at 1/2 past 5 pm. Leave the stuff in the trunk. I'm buying you dry Ice for the party next week. See you in peru.

Best wishes,
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dear op

the fuck is the point in these threads?


Dear V,
I fun know why you texted me again, but here I am, standing under your window. It's raining, but I consider being here for at least 40 minutes more. I go here like the religious people go to the church, how does it make you feel?
I know one thing for sure: I'm glad that you didn't forget me, and that you care enough to text me. You are even kinder than I thought.
Even thinking about getting over you was stupid, I will never find someone to whom I can open as much as I did to you, and who won't hate me after it.
Love you,
A. L.
Dear thread,

You're just a secrets thread but better.

Sincerely, anon

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Why haven't you gotten /fit/ yet? You complain about being a fat useless piece of shit, well now it's time for you to do something good for yourself and stop being that useless piece of shit that you are.

Not only would you look good, but think about all pussy you will get. Mind you, getting fit won't cure you autism, but getting 3/10 chicks will be a million times easier.
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>Never once complained about being a hambeast
>What are you quoting
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I'm fuckin getting there m8 can't wait to crush pussy senior year of high school.
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show a picture of him naked . He has michellin man flabby skin from losing weight too fast.

( a fitting punishment for a normie )

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Is pretending to be looking at something on your phone but actually just flicking through the home-menu repeatedly considered beta?
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>nervous habit to avoid peoples eyes
Yep, no way around it.
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>try to seem busy by getting out your smartphone
>don't have anything in it, no messages or anything
>swipe left and right in the menu
>look at the empty calendar
>Not being so jaded with life that you can disassociate from your surroundings completely, enabling you to look at people straight in the eyes as they walk pass and still feel as you always feel - nothing

>/r9k/ survey
What age did you first start fapping?

How big is your dick?

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i didn't start fapping until I was 16. is that weird?

my dick's 6.5" :(
12, a month before turning 13 iirc
8 years old.

Too ashamed to say

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