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me ab the beech
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me nd sum frunds
looking very stylish buddy
Just be safe dear

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>tfw unirionically majoring in gender studies
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>tfw majoring in gender studies to post a feminism rekt thread
>Being this shitty at life
Are you actually? What do you intend to do after graduation, go to law school or MPP for gender law or something?

I mean especially now with gay marriage becoming legal and all the friction that's causing across America I could see there being plenty of legitimate career paths you could do with that degree


Is this this boards perfect theme song?
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>red hot jewi peppers
i had that exact same thought when i first heard the song
>not Scar Tissue

Anon, why are men such jerks? I'm lucky to have a friend like you
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Why are u cumming with your eyes? Lol
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We're not friends fuck off
You already tried making this thread.

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What are some good websites to get laid on? I've been using Fetlife tonight and goddam it seems promising. I've already been chatting to horny roasties that wanna do lewd things.

What are some other websites that allow a robot to get laid?
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Someone recommended me https://www.swinglifestyle.com but I didn't really like it.
why didn't you like it?

oreeee o
I honestly didn't understand it very well and I was too lazy to understand. Also it seemed like there was not many people in my area.

Asian girl(male) here. Why should I, or any girl, really, go for you for a romantic relationship, let alone sex?
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I don't know, why do you keep calling yourself a girl when you're clearly sick ?

Things happen that don't have any logical reason.
You're not a girl.
You will never be a girl.
>Asian girl(male) here. Why should I, or any girl, really, go for you for a romantic relationship, let alone sex?

I don't want do date a tranny you fucking retard.
I hate transbians. I want a husband, a cis male one.

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>lt's not the size of the boat that counts, it's about the motion in the ocean ;)
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if you have a big ass boat you don't give a damn bout the motion of the ocean mah mang
Disregarding the fact that OP has saved webms of huge dicks on his computer for his online buddies, I never understood that saying.
The motion of the ocean is completely out of your hands, regardless of your boats size. Shouldn't it be something like "not the size of the boat but the skill of the captain"?
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To me the face and smell matters more than the dick after it's in the 6" category.

Would you rather have:

this dress (pictured)

or this one? https://www.lionessfashion.com/product/dolce-velvet-pleat-mini-dress-emerald/
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i lik ethe first but aren't enough occasions to wear, also my size is sold out? i have to call and see/pray!

and the second, won't get much wear either since i have lots more dresses? but i do like it! except it's too hot for that right now ^^

which do you like? jwjwjw! (i should not be looking at either)!!!!
The second is modern trash. First dress is pretty, looks comfy.
aww thank you! :) if only my size was left T.TT

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Bros. I think I fuck up.
>get new job
>I browse /r9k/ at work
>turns out they track everything we do

am I fucked?
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stop browsing it at work from now on and keep your mouth shut about any internet tracking, they might not bring it up. if you must, then try incognito mode or some shit
>then try incognito mode or some shit
You're stupid.
I use incognito on mozilla, can they still track me down?

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>meet girl on forum
>talk to her for a while, seems perfect for me
>supposed to meet her at a convention in a month
>suddenly feel really depressed knowing that i will probably not be good enough anyway

The loneliness is crippling already, but knowing that I'm probably wasting both our time makes me feel even worse.
The meds might be wearing off earlier than they should
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No one will think you're good enough if you don't yourself
He forgot to add "kill" inbetween "don't" and "yourself."
Just go dude
Just look up guides abd you should ve ok

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how's your sister /r9k/?
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She is orgiignally dead
I wouldn't know. I am dead to my family
Why are you originally dead to your family?

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Why are less people taking classes such as gender studies and ethnic studies these days?

Gradually, over the past eight years, we've been getting less students as time went on. And it's gotten to the point that those classes might lose funding because of this. Which is frustrating, considering that the issues these classes teach have become more relevant in the last four years alone. :(
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Because people are trying to make money and go into stem or business
This is terrible bait. begone
this is a false flag but people aren't taking them because they're dumb and pointless classes with no appreciable value

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>knowing you will never have a deep meaningful relationship with someone because the idea of someone being that close makes your chest tighten and soul crease up

>Knowing that this is a natural human thing and you cant do it, you can only observe this but never take part. No matter how hard you try you can not feel it.

>Knowing that people nearly half your age have done something that is human nature as well and you cant because you just cant see yourself getting anywhere near that level of closeness

>Knowing that you can not fix yourself and no one wants to fix you , you are destinate to go on alone until you cease to exist.
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Chosen solitude is the best way to go. Be your own person without any influence to poison your mind.
It is not chosen anon , sometimes life just works out that way.
Just get a hobby so you don't kill yourself. Recently, my guitar is the only think that makes me happy

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how do I make the years go slower
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do new things
have new experiences
time goes faster as you get older because you get used to doing the same old shit over and over again
try being 26 in discords with 19 year olds. im too much of a loser to have friends irl and i can't even have friends online
I was just looking into perception of time, as mine has slowed down as of late.

Apparently deep thinking can slow down time, as well as being exposed to new situations that require your full attention.
It's the familiarity of everyday routines that make time seem to fly by, everything becomes habit and you don't think about things as much.

You gotta change shit up my man, you're stagnating.

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>go to the hairdressers
>there's a massive, well-lit mirror right in front of you
>you can't look away because they need your head straight
>can't close your eyes or they'll ask you what you're doing
>they wet your hair and pull it back, revealing your balding
>normie small-talk the whole time

And after that they still give you a shitty haircut.
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That's why I let my mommy use the clippers and shave mine off. Then I get some tensors if I behave myself.
This is why i only cut my hair twice a year
I only go maybe 3-4 times a year? I let it grow as much as I can take it. And as much as it takes for others to ridicule me.

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