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Is banging a prostitute worth it? I'm 18
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Depends on your goals senpai.
No. You'll feel terrible afterwards. Trust me.
Plus risk of STDs
A friend of mine did, apparently it's worth it. Though personally I'm not that forgone. I'm more focused on career stuff than women at the moment. Wanking it every other day is good enough for me. Though maybe ina. Few years of I'm desperate enough I'll do it

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i wanna go to new york to marry a homeless guy so i can get the green card, when i get the green card i divorce that homeless and i go to los angeles to find a qt asian girl to make elliot rodger babies

is this good?
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The government isn't stupid, they will know what you're doing. Are you even cute? Are you even a girl?

no, kys

oregano oregano give me the autismoly
you need proof that you've been together for a long time

green card fraud is not that east

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>tfw turning 35 tomorrow
A-Am I old? I still feel 18.
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You seem cute. I'm 24 and have already wasted my life.
not meming at all, i'd fuck off if i was on 4chan past maybe 23.
same age, its fine bro

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>Oh hi, you must be Anon! Nice to meet you! I'll tell you a bit about myself first to make things less awkward. I graduated from Columbia last summer with an Economics degree and now work in the Emerging Markets Bonds division of Morgan Stanley. In college I was president of my Sorority, secretary and vice captain of the D1 lacrosse team, and a national debater.
>Now in my spare time I arrange events for the Manhattan Women Succeeding In Finance Network, volunteer to teach programming in inner city schools, sail, and run marathons for charity. What about you? What university did you go to?
>Oh... I didn't know that state had a Northern state university... Yeah, I guess it was cheaper... What job do you do?
>Oh... Well, what do you do in your spare time?
>Oh cool! You mean as part of a club or side business? No...
>Well... Oops, there's my phone, I have a 2:15... yeah, on a Sunday! Nice meeting you, so sorry we had to cut this short!
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Don't feel bad anon, you were just a way for her to humble brag cause her barren womb was feeling extra heavy that day
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>Don't feel bad anon, you were just a way for her to humble brag cause her barren womb was feeling extra heavy that day
Hahahahahaha this, I cant wait until all these turboroasties kill themselves
This is actually pretty well written, did you write it yourself ?

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me irl.png
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>*cough* H-Hey anon, *WHEEZE* w-wanna watch Suicide Squad with me? ;)
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>hurr durr cigarettes are the real suicide squad
I actually laughed

you should pick up a pack a day habit, famiglia

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No context thread
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>my stapler jim
>it's a jim makes a face at the camera episode
Fuck Jim and Pam, they're the embodiment of unchecked normie-ism

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>studying something useless and that I'm not that bothered about
>took me getting this far to realise
>don't know wtf to do now
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Does your uni offer electives or something? Use them to broaden your knowledge and see if you can find something that you enjoy and pays well.

>finish your degree if you can.
>try to get an entry level job in your field, to help offset some of the debt you've accrued
>Look to do a post graduate degree in something else

It's gonna be a hard few years from here anon, but i believe in you.
Do a different major in grad school, it's possible. I'm in the exact same situation as you.
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Switch to a degree in something that teaches you a skill you can monetize. "Don't work for the degree, find a degree that can work for you"

You gotta go to work waggie
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>spams full racks and double d-luxes
>pukes on the floor
you gonna clean that up, wagie?
ahahah i love beeing a neet holy shit

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>depressed and friendless
>khhv with no hope
While i was a neet i didn't have money to hang out and make friends, now i work full time 6 days a week 10 hours each. Got like 3 hours of free time each day if we cut out time to cook and maintain house. Sunday is my day off but nobody my age hangs out on Sunday, they instead stay home with their gf or family. I have neither.
>Working sucks, always have muscular or back pain
>have to stop taking painkillers almost every day cause kidney hurts
>headache everyday cause of stress and sadness
>coworkers are all old males and I'm in my 20s
>never have time to play the games i bought
>never have time to enjoy the new guitar i bought
This fucking sucks, games and guitar were the only things that satisfied me, now i have nothing left. Is there a way to deal with this?
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Do you really need a full time job if you don't have any family to support?
If the answer is no, try to find a part time one.
There's no point in earning a lot of money if you don't have time to spend them.
Finding jobs it's really hard where i live, but I'll keep trying

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All hetero feels belong here. No faggotry allowed!
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here's some thicc pussy
only faggot here is you
If this is what straight bois(fuck bois) get an erection seeing, then I lucky im not a hetero scum or a pussy lover.

I do hower like looking a pretty girls with nice body, it doesn't give me erection but it's just kinda awesome seeing a hot babe, kinda like when weabos talk about their anime. Liking looking at pretty girls that act real gurly is the best and it makes me want to suck dick with them.

Explain that, heteros.

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Games aren't even entertaining anymore.
This is the end isn't it?
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sounds like you need to find a purpose in life, OP

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It's all about face.

You can have a 10/10 body but women will always go with the guy who has a 10/10 face even if he's a skelly

Take the true redpill
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That's not true in the slightest you ugly fuck. Now stop making excuses and lift.
but it is true though, if you have a shit face but a very good body, girls will fuck you, but not go out with you, vice versa with 10/10 skellys

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We had this school ball.I got little bit drunk and somehow first time in my life (I'm 19) I approached a woman that was staring at me in school.We danced and talked for a bit I remember our conversation perfectly we talked about our interests and I mentioned my normiegram where I put my photography work and told her that she should follow me she said that she will and she also said that she really looks forward doing it
>came home
>follow her
>got ignored
>LITERALLY 5 MONTHS after our interaction she accepts my request to follow her on normiegram

I really don't understand women
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Fucking 4chan fucking up my blacktext

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Should being painfully socially awkward be classified as a medical condition? If meme tier shit like borderline and histrionic disorder can, I don't see why not.
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Yes, it's called "autism spectrum disorder"

Daily reminder that people who smoke a pack of cigarettes daily and give them self lung cancer get more sympathy than autists who had no say in their condition
Ah yeah, I guess so. That or "social anxiety".
Yeah, people actually hate us because we're extremely uncomfortable to be around. I'm not quite so autistic that people just completely ignore me as a retard, I'm just on the right level of autism that I piss everyone around me off and they hate having to be near me

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Im going to Cancun with my brother and my cousin for my 19th birthday. My brother plans on us drinking all day, and wants us to get some coke while were down there. How do i not die? Also how easy is it to lose my viginity to a mexican girl?
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Drink all you want, I wouldn't do coke though, I've known some people who OD on it a couple months ago.

IDK about Mexican women, but I assume there will be plenty of drunk tourists, so you have that going for yeah. If you aren't autistic and at least decent looking you shouldn't have a large problem.
Yeah, i dont plan on doing it too much, just enough to keep drinking.im pretty autistic, but i have been told im decent looking

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