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Why aren't you using linux?

It's almost like you don't respect your freedoms
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you're not special, the govt isnt going to zone in on your convo you special snowflake wannabe schizo fuck
I use linux on my shittiest computers - basically my old desktops and phones (android is technically linux)
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lol ok. it's totally normal to use windows

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Story time
>Be me
>3rd grade
>Learning American History
>Lesson is on segregated schools (or something like that)
>Teacher calls on me to answer a question
>Not sure what to call Negros
>I announce the blacks as slaves
>"Anon, the Africa Americans have already been freed from slavery by this time."
I didn't know what to call them, my young mind didn't know any better, so many damn names... Fucking slaves.

Anybody else got an embarrassing school story? Bonus points if this is the first time telling anybody.
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>be me
>missed day of school because 'sick'
>in science class
>we're doing a group project
>since I have to catch up on individual work I don't get a group
>teacher wanted me to be involved so she let me pick two groups to sit next to me
>look at one group
>"he's looking at us"
>wait five minutes because no one I pick will want me
>teacher picks for me

>Fresh man year
>school is primarily black
>get locker number 666
>principle asks if i want to change
>tell him no
>kids start to notice
>people look at me weirdly
>thinking i would play a joke i buy a satanist book
>leave satanist book in sight at all times during day
>during science class i leave it out before going to the bathroom
>come back and nobody is sitting next to me
>the black kids look at me like i am possesed
>whole class is in a ruckas over it
>from that day forward i was known as a devil worshipper

Those 4 years shure were something.
>at all times
there's where you fucked up
should have left it in the locker

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What? Keep on walking, whiteboi.
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*blocks her path*
she looks photoshopped
is she? am i supposed to assume a picture is talking to me?

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>tfw for my 19th im going to mexico for drinking, drugs, and strippers

Not exaclty sure how i feel
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Stay on your side of the FUCKING river.

That's how I feel. a la verga!
you're a normalfag.

Enjoy getting pickpocketed and enjoy the gonorrhea you will get from the disgusting Mexican prostitute. I hope you have fun when her mustache tickles your donger.

>"Shiiiieeet Anon, you cute as fuck fo a white boy! C'mon, you comin home wit me tonight!"
How do you react?
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Alright let's do this thing. Your pussy better not be smelly though.
I'm not white.

Probably original.
Go with her. Fat black women are the best. Their skin is top tier compared to whites. Some of them don't even have cellulitis. Only comfy thicc softness

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>can't maintain eye contact
>shaky, spergy voice when talking to people
>spine problems so can't lift anything >20 pounds or walk for long periods of time
>no college degree

Is there even a job for someone like me? Pic related is a lie as far as I can tell.
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I assume you can't go on NEETbux or you'd have done it by now.

I don't know, sounds like you're shit out of luck.
>14 bucks an hour
You're right, I can't do on them.
Yeah it sounds too good to be true. Frankly I would do it for minimum wage but there's no job in my area that meets that description.

Women cannot be robots. No exceptions.
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>Elmo tattoo
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I would cross the street if I saw that thing coming my way
>I'm taken
Girls CAN NOT be robots

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Does /r9k/ like my Kekistan tattoo?

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This is the 2017 equivalent of a chastity belt.
yeah looks good
You're doing the lords work based pede, make america grand!

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>tfw /pol/ is slowly but surely infecting your mind
I hate stormfags.
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They speak the truth the key is to take in all the information then completely suppress your power level
just as depressed as us except they channel it through edgy political beliefs like national socialism
Dont fall for those spooks fag boy

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I dont even want a gf because I think that's too much for me to ask for. I just want friends that will hang out with me at least once a month. Is this too much to ask? Why is it so hard to find a few friends that will invite you when they hang out instead of just posting that theyre all hanging out on snapchat and making you feel worthless.
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Man I am so sorry this world is a piece of shit to you
It always feels better to be consoled even if it is through the internet. Thanks friend :')
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Hanging out is a chore. Nobody that I've met ever really does it past high school, if that.

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Girls browse /r9k/ too you know :)

We love reading your funny virgin stories and your angry frog memes!

Pic is us
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Go back to posting frogs faggot
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you dont wan't anything to do with /r9k/ girls lol
Lol! And I'm Brad Pitt! I've been here all along! It's me!

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>he doesnt own a PS4 yet

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No point until Red Dead is released
I probably will if I ever decide to stop buying clothes and books, I'm probably gonna pick up.the uncharted games ratchet, the tales games, persona and final fantasy and kingdom hearts since I still.havent played that yet and them. Maybe injustice and some fighters too
Because I'm not a manchild who wastes his money on video games. Posting on here already wastes enough time. I have bills and child support and shit to pay. Literally the last thing I want to do is come home and emulate my 14-year-old self.

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It's just a penis inside of you for a few minutes. There are probably a million worse things that could happen to you.
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have you had your daily dose of ass rape,faggot?

don't think so

it generally robs one of the preconceptions about human kindness and the value of personality
(neither are real)
it's a rude way to get woke and most people don't like it
It also includes the possible transmission of disease, pregnancy and internal injuries as well as mental scars.

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>he is smart but lazy
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It is pathetic when people have nothing to show for their "intellectual prowess".
If you decide to an hero bls take OP and the other poster that isn't me with you.

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>be 48kg and 167 cm male
>chubby sister walks past me and looks at my stomach
>"Why can't I have a body like yours?"
>the only people who'd find me attractive is "straight" men that think liking traps isn't gay
>I'm not even gay
Anyone else have an existential crisis?
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I'm right there with ya bud, except I'm 5'7.

Eating is a chore.
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>135 lbs

At least I look regularly skinny with a tank top.
It's hard to over eat to gain weight. I don't eat a lot of snacks so I only eat at mealtimes and that's probably not enough.
Eating is pain

You're a guy aren't you?

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