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Guys where would you like to wake up the tomorrow morning?
>lying on the back
>feeling warm breeze
>right arm just hanging in the air
>hear birds lightly singing
>slowly open you eyes
>see you are not in bed
>you are on the side of a forest lying in soft green grass
>to the right is a stream and you arm is hanging over its bank
>quietly laugh to your self
>you feel happy inside, fulfilled
>"Its finally over, I am finally going to be happy."

Please, why can't this happen guys, it felt so good writing it out, why...
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In the afterlife or equivalent void of nothingness.
>lying on the back
>try to sit up
>hit head on ceiling
>looks like I'm in a torpedo tube
>there's a television
>weird controls
>some name plate
>fucking moon runes
>there's English...
>Capsule Hotel Akihabara
>Checkout 11:00
Thank God.

The TiTs universe.

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>comfy set ups
>ways to get comfy
>comfy pictures
>all things comfy
Currently listening to some aesthetic vaporwave, vaping on some homemade e-liquid I made earlier in the week, and sipping on natty ice. Feels pretty comfy here right now
song link
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please explain
Pretty much the same on this end senpai. Listening to some vaporwave getting really comfy. Why is vaporwave so ubiquitous on 4chan?
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This man lost both of his legs and an arm for his country, and here you neets are complaining about how hard your life is...explain yourself
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Look at that goyim, he died for Israel. What a schmuck. Smart robots will never throw their lives away for the Jews.
>that T-shirt
fucking funny, sure is looking like a "real man" with his whole one limb
>for his country
for the jews*

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Super Comfies for NEETies Edition
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second for waifus lads
Gotta go to bed by 12:30 for real wagie hours tomorrow Ebin, but I'll look at your cubing vid tomorrow if it's not up tonight

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Where do I get myself a 2000 dollar eacort?
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Save your money and fuck Liara.
Is this pizza,orsomething?
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Nigger you can go to Mexico and fuck a lowrider model for 60

File: Tomoko-bed.jpg (27KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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where do I find a girl like Tomoko?
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in her original room
On /r9k/ probably, but there's a lot of competition.
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there's no way in fuck im falling for one of these "girls" you speak about. you mean the attention whores and traps? yea they are just like Tomoko!


File: e67aab660557.jpg (105KB, 1100x825px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>"What are you waiting for. anon? Stick it in me already!"
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Why the fuck is her pussy inflated like a balloon?
Sorry, only into whites.
guess how i know you've never seen a girl naked irl before?

File: 9pFWT0l.png (210KB, 658x545px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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admit it anon, you're a fucking narcissist
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lol maybe u are u fucking twat stop fuckign proejcting i fucking hate whe nu kids project like this fucking idiot bitch cunt just because i fucking use face masks, shave my body, do my hair, make sure there is the same number of hairs on each eyebrow, use lotion, apply cream, do coffee enema, and then follow my specialized skin care routine plan, go to the dentist for my weekly check ups, then introspect about my life's goals and meaning, go to the gym, get my certified Clean Food (TM) from my nutritionist to prep myself doesn't make me a fucking narcissist u fucking retarded gulag piece of shit carpalleo buck dick cunt nigger ur the fucking scum on an elephant's under belly u fucking ugly rat's testicle looking btich
But I absolutely loath myself tho
i am, but i don't know how to funnel it. i'm not super talented but i want everyone 2 like me. what's worst is the pain. constant full body pain. i want everything to just come to me but also i feel very weak, so i feel like i can't really do much anyway. i do want everyone to like me and i want to be successful, and i want it to be that i have some kind of hidden power. ive already admitted it, it hasn't helped. thanks though, gave me an excuse to type things

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Tomorrow you wake up and you are the last remaining human male on Earth.

All the women are still around but every guy except you just poofed.

How would your life change after that?
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>he wouldn't immediately off himself, causing the human race to go extinct

normies get OUT pls
I'd rejoice because maybe my niece will have sex with me now.
rig a makeshift explosive and attach it to my penis so that the women can't imprison me and milk me for my semen, then make increasingly absurd demands from them in order to receive my seed

I'm a 19/f. I've been wondering why men are all sorts of characters, but women always seem to have the same mindset and personality. Why?
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>I'm a grill btw
[insert not like the other girls jpg here]

Also, guy btw, no the hell they don't all have the same personality.
Why does who you are matter at all to the question?

Anyway, I don't think men and women are all that different when it comes to homogeneity. You're either underestimating women or overestimating men because in my experience we all have traits that make us unique surrounded by generic filler personality. Take for example, interests and hobbies. Most girls do like Netflix and Social Media a lot. But maybe some don't and others enjoy a variety of additional things (such as knitting, musicals, or camping based on women I know). Most guys like some combination of sports, video games, and anime. But some do not and others enjoy a variety of additional things (such as guns, cars, or politics based on men I know). I know we always joke about "I'M NOT LIKE THE OTHER GIRLS/BOYS" but the reality is more along the lines of "I'M RELATIVELY SIMILAR TO THE OTHER GIRLS/BOYS BUT ALSO HAVE SOME DEFINING CHARACTERISTICS IF YOU GET TO KNOW ME."
Because women are very average. They strive for stability.

Men are risk takers. This is why you see more male CEO's, and also more male prisoners.

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If you live in a country that isn't blue or green, I truly feel bad for you.
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Wait, prostitution is legal in the UK? Since when?
File: c28ec2uroqjx.jpg (23KB, 320x320px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Since the 12th century, lad

>going to have 4 chad roommates next fall
>im a short manlet
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If you're cool with them they'll practically grab your little cock and insert in the vagina of some chick they picked up just for you.

If only real life was like this.

In reality chads often use betas as a means of asserting their dominance in front of women and treat them like shit in order to get laid.
The Chads you know. The ones I've met are usually pretty friendly and helpful because they're actually secure with themselves and have no reason to be dicks

It's wannabe Chads that are assholes because they'll push people down for the chance at the top. I hope OPs roomies are the former

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Any other robot suffer from one of the shittiest fetishes that literally destroys your life?

I tried the nofap thing and it honestly doesn't change shit, I don't even need to masturbate and I still have this shitty fetish.
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What fetish? seems kinda vanilla
what are your fetishes? do you only have one? if youve only got one, you should consider yourself lucky.

If you're feeling down, just remember that you don't have a cuckolding or findom fetish.

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Imagine if there magical dwarves traveling about through crack dens and NEETs housesmining for drug ores, they could set up a good business like that. Lots of drugs end up on the floor and at 4 AM at nigh night come and mine the ore.
I just found a bunch of dck, and maybe 3-meo-pce crystals in the dirty corners of my floor and Man am I happy and going to be HIGH
May the magical drugwarves bring you treasures too every humble and just robot in the r9kire

THis is how high you must be to enter the thread unscathed. Visitors are welcome but should be on their guard, the great frog watches
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My nose it feels like heaven
File: 1498526857557.jpg (711KB, 1296x1728px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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It starting to hit my brain Jim
File: 1491713679217.png (1MB, 736x981px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Where are all my high friends at?

File: eELGpAw.png (368KB, 570x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Guy goes to event with his wife and best friend
>Best friend gets his wife drunk and fucks her
>Other streamers join in
>His best friend brags about fucking his wife
>Gives a half assed apology after being pressured by others
>The cuck takes back his wife and all is forgiven
>The whore calls it a mistake and says that she loves him
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>being a "streamer"
>Your "profession" is literally being a useless beta man child
>you're surprised when he turns out to be a beta cuck

What the fuck were you expecting from a grown man who lives off donation for playing video games
"I'm starting to realize that my friends aren't all that nice... nor is my girlfriend"

- Sam

Have some feelings for the guy whose wife fucked several men. I can't believe he took her back
Wish I was there. I would have beat him after fucking his wife.

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