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gay boi ideal bod.jpg
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post your ideal bods
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how do i into orb mode /fit/?
All my hnnnng. Who is this qt?
that's orb you fucking newfag

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why the fuck is it so hard to find strangers on the internet to meet and/or chat with the vague possibility of doing some sex stuff??
I put an ad on CL last night (not my first time doing so) with a straight dick pic, the best I have, and my phone number and all you get is 1000 robots scamming for your credit card info.
I did receive one text at 3am from a dude who wanted to suck my dick but I had to politely turn him down.
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idk dude, somebody burnt the boats
I've done the same shit with a face pic and never got anything
but how much of fucking loser am I for wading through an endless sea of scambots just for some type of interaction with another human being?
I posted ads on cl but only ended up fucking a guy in like his 40s good bj and cumming felt great

Do you have any plans for your existence after a hypothetical nuclear holocaust? I will gun down any normie I come across in the wasteland, then take their shit. I'll be a bandit I guess, fuck I love violence.
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No apocalyptic daydreamers on /r9k/?
You are too young to post here.
i could kick your ass OP

>tfw the personality type that is the "life of the party"
>tfw I don't go to parties and people never hit me up on their own

who else here a cyborg on the edge of breaking down into full robothood? i feel like i don't have any reason to keep trying
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>tfw infp
Why was I even born...
Fuck off, you'll find someone nice to talk to eventually

I had some online friends before, way back before this one asshole broke my heart (no homo) and just blocked me over a joke

Give it time you'll find a reason
>tfw INTP and oneitis is a full blooded INFP
Am i done for lads?

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>get /r9k/ gf
>she likes BBC

why is god so cruel
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>implying /r9k/ boys aren't into way more degenerate shit than that
>implying this means she will leave you for a nigger
>being this much of a bitch

>I got triggered the post

It means she dated that nerdy black guy who loved one piece and jazz music while excelled in all his classes

Is this really such a problem?

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What is your favorite movie when you're sad, when you feel lonely ?

i'm talking about a film that make you feel comfy

Mine is "Her", I like to watch this movie again and again when I feel alone
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I wish I had something that made me feel not lonely anon
It was a nice movie but it was a little hard to watch and it broke my heart in the end

Might sound silly but it's Chronicle for me
It's so nice seeing 3 guys become best friends and have all that fun and possibilities just to have it all change in the end. I cri every time
I don't know, Gladiator, or Children of Men

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palvin gif (8).gif
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I want a blowjob from Babs Palvin, bros ;/
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Wouldn't say no to that.
I wonder if there's anyone that cute with robot tier personal skills.
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Cool. I want to be the Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

File: 1479755024911.png (48KB, 400x389px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I don't want to do anything
I don't want to study
I don't want to work
I don't want to eat
I don't want to wake up every morning
I don't want to leave the house
fuck this gay earth why did I have to be born it's fucking bullshit

I don't care if it's a shit thread I just wanted to vent
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Oregano pasta
That's just how it goes, bud. Fuck all of you normies who don't feel the same way also you guys need to lurk moar
I feel like existing is such a burden and while I don't want to die, I don't really care for living either. I just exist, looking and hopefully finding some purpose or interest to get me going.
Fuck this.

oops... sorry NEETs - hopefully employers won't mind too much about that gap on your CV

hey, you can show them the sonnets you've written!
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Smells like Jewish propaganda to me.
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>mfw anyone disagreeing with the statement has to imply that NOT working will get you out of poverty

cheeky as FUCK desu senpai
Teresa May can't say anything that isn't completely anodyne and trite.

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Let's hear what you sound like anons. Do you have a nice voice or a bad one? You can usually tell a lot about someone by how they sound. Maybe you're a lot better than you think you are.
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O-ok, why not.

I never know what to say in these things :(
Same original problem here

1. take 8values political axis quiz

2. post results

3. yell at anons who disagree with you

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File: Capture.jpg (105KB, 1105x654px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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oregano commment required
File: 8values.png (141KB, 700x525px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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injecting this thread with patrician ideology
File: 8values.png (69KB, 808x607px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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you. I like you.

but in an original way

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who high school dropout loser here? tell me where you at in your life now
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We're robots, not degenerates
File: 1370401319703.gif (2MB, 250x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 250x200px
college drop out loser here. 28 and living with parents jobless and hopeless also fallen into alcoholism. At least I am still decently fit. Looking to the future now cutting my drinking down and looking for a job and possibly considering military.
Dropped out at 16 primarily because of social anxiety and other mental issues. Got my GED at 18, started community college at 20. Now I'm 26, only a little over halfway done with my bachelor's degree. Unemployed, live with parents. My life is kind of okay except I have a huge problem with procrastination and the internet. Even though I only take one or two classes at a time, I still really, really fucking struggle to pass because I am such a bad procrastinator. So I have all the problems that procrastinators have: periodic panic and anxiety, depression, apathy, self loathing, shame, etc etc

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Can we get an elementary/primary school story thread going?
>Best times?
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Not primary school but fuck it I want to post this

>be 15 year old me
>At school, Break
>Sit next to my friends, one of which has older contacts who can provide drugs and shit
>"Hey anon! Want to have one of the brownies I baked?"
>It was early so I didn't think much of it.
>I take half and he takes half
>Tastes disgusting but I don't want to hurt his feelings
>I tel him that it tastes good
>He gives me a smug look
>"Theres weed in them anon, they're weed brownies"
>Everybody at the table looks at me
>I just laugh and didn't think much of it
>Thought he was shitting me
>Hour later
>Math class
>His eyes are all red and I start laughing
>Can't stop laughing
>Laugh for 2 hours non stop
>Everybody looks at me like I'm a retard
>Next day I was known as that kid who does drugs at school or that junkie
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Posted this story before but here goes

>12 years old
>School play coming up
>Teacher decides the class is going to perform a few of the song and dance numbers from Grease
>Whole class spends weeks practicing with dancing partners
>Girl I was partnered with said I was gross and refused to hold my hands during practice and made me promise not to touch her as we acted out the moves
>Fast forward to night of play
>My partner doesn't show up
>I'm hurt but figure at least I won't have to be in the play after all
>Teacher frantically tries to find me another partner before giving up and telling me to just dance off to the side
>I tell her I don't know any dance moves but she refuses to let me sit it and and insists I participate
>Cue rest of class going through synchronized song and dance movements and looking great as I autistically do the Macarena out of tune and sync a few feet away from them
>There are still pictures of me dancing off to the side to this day
Pics or it didn't happen anon oriiiginalio

So who wants to absolutely ruin a man through constant trolling? Can give more info on the situation as well as a phone number and address to those interested.
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I wouldn't mind calling a complete stranger. Hit me up nigga.
Damn OP, what's the story behind this?

Extra points if you say your name is Matt

4 0 7 9 5 5 2 1 4 7

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>too conservative to be left wing
>too liberal to be right wing

Why does politics have to be so hard?
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Politics is for brainlets.
This to be unoriginally honest.
Same boat OP
I'm extremely left wing in some respects and extremely right wing in others, contradictively so.
Giving names to a collection of ideologies is beyond me, hence why I will never understand politics

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