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If reincarnation is real, chances are you will experience hell after you die

From most likelineses to less likely
>chance x800000000 filthy insect like a fly or ant
>chance x5000 Wild rat/mouse or labrat
>chance x300 Wild bird
>chance x780 Other wild animals(fully random but for example less chance to be a snake than a bird)
>chance x100Animal food (Turkey, pig, cow, goat you name it)
>chance x1 HUMAN
>chance x0.4 pet
>chance x0.03 An animal in a zoo to be laughed at

How does it feel that the hell you're living in now is nothing compared to the rest, do you wanna be born as chicken in a chickenfarm??

>but anon, if reincarnation is real we would be humans cuz animals arent like us!!!
did you ever drink so much vodka b4 or used drugs that your head started to hurt and you stopped remembering stuff like that happened a second ago? that you cant properly talk anymore, you dont know what your doing and that you're just going by instinct?
well thats the same as being born as a animal, but the thing is. Pain DoES hurt, you will still feel that.

You got scared now? Good, thats where I want you to be, because no matter how shitty your life is now, you will experience literal hell after this for billions years worth of reincarnation before your next time as a human.
So yeah, make the most out of it, and don't even think about killing yourself because you are literally condemning yourself

Pic related is you the next time your born, as a spider is slowly eating you while keeping you alive over a span of weeks

b happy ur alive as a human now okay?
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look, i've already sealed the deal for getting my pick of reincarnations after this ridiculous life is over

i'm going to be a harem alien on a different planet
Would love to return as a Great White Shark though. Or a Freshwater Croc
>not choosing eagle.
Still an apex predator, but can fucking fly.

>stop smoking weed
>suddenly want a gf more than anything
damn you healthy test levels. I'm not even horny I just want companionship.
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Feels like I'm supposed to just wanna fuck with no strings attached but that's just lifeless
normie normo norm normative norm norm normie
I have 500 facebook friends and a job. I just diary post here because I don't want to shit on a real board :)

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6''6' is my height

Where do I collect my harem of qt 2.71 gfs?
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how much do you weight lanket

get on /fit/
>tfw he uses 'e' instead of pi
Who is this cutie pie original

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day


finally the weekend
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Bump from the dead for kekyoin
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I want part 5 anime NOW!

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how do you explain your abomination gf to your parents?
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What the fuck is this shit?

I'm confused.
my dick is also confused
to mom i would say "how could it be anything but true love?"
to dad i wouldn't need to say anything because he would be beaming with pride
>What the fuck is this shit?
a shrimp possibly,
her affection goes down in game if you try to gift her shrimp.

I was recently diagnosed with ASD and I'm not sure how to feel about it. It makes perfect sense, looking back at my life I can make the connections. My parents ignored me my entire life and would always dismiss my worries that I may have had some issues. I'm a young adult now, and have a rough childhood that just made my condition worse. Never had parents to talk to, friends to hang out with, or anyone I could really connect with. I always felt like an alien out of my skin, speaking a language no one understood.
I just don't know what to do now. I feel like I'm too old and that I missed out on my chance to get help like counseling, speech therapy, pretty much the whole shebang. I don't even know how.
My life has been incredibly sheltered, and I'm completely dependent on my family who refuses to acknowledge my diagnosis. They won't help me when I ask, so now I'm posting here. I have no one to talk to and just wanted to post my dumb situation here to vent.
Life makes perfect sense to me now, but at the same time I feel just as lost, if not more so. I'm scared and don't know how to proceed r9k.
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study and create ai to help you
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You're never too old for psychotherapy, what are you talking about? I would suggest you take the opportunity and find a therapist.
Considering your situation ("nobody to talk to") I think it's perfect.

Post some examples of past events that now you can perfectly understand in light of your diagnosis.
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>My life has been incredibly sheltered, and I'm completely dependent on my family who refuses to acknowledge my diagnosis.
>Life makes perfect sense to me now, but at the same time I feel just as lost, if not more so. I'm scared and don't know how to proceed r9k.

It sucks but that's how it goes. I don't know how severe your ASD is but you definitely have to learn how to manage your own apartment and maybe a part-time job and all the paperwork that comes with being an adult. If you stay dependent on shitty parents there will only be hell down the road. In my case it's assburger/high-functioning so I originally thought "see, managing your own apartment isn't that hard, I'll be fine" but then you realize you lack so many other skills, especially people skills. How to navigate all the social bs, how to do job interviews, how to dress and act and so on.

I moved out years ago and the relationship to my parents is pretty much non-existent now. My mother is a former Stacey who has no use for an autistic dropout son and my dad is an assburger in heavy denial.
My advice would be, no matter what, learn how to get by alone. At the end of the day there's no one else.

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saturday night... who's gonna be alone today while people are fucking and being happy?
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shit, i'm the most lonely person in this fucking world... even in r9k ;(
Watching Alice in Wonderland and browsing 4chan. Depressed as fuck
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Not with me here.

My life is in ruins.

Dear fembots who feel like they have an ugly face,

How would you respond if a guy you liked offered to be your boyfriend, but with the condition that you wear a mask at all times?
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Uggos please respond.
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Another thread, another failure.
Only around him?sure. outside too weird. Maybe we should convert to islam and start wearing a niqab.

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Thoughts on outie bellybuttons?
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They are inferior.
bad. as someone with a mild bellybutton fetish an outie is almost a dealbreaker. obviously if its a girl as cute as that i'd overlook it
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Not a fan. Innies are infinitely better and are the cherry on top to a nice stomach.

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>ITT: you can only post if your life would be drastically improved by a global apocalypse

normans and roasties need not reply
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>yfw you could do literally anything with no reprocussions, then an hero and no one will care
>even if i dont survive the initial extinction event i'm not bothered i get to die anyway
honestly just a win-win.
tfwywn live in the fallout universe
How would you even survive? You can't even leave mommy's house.
it couldn't get much worse, but i doubt it would be improved a lot, unless i happen to be the only surviving male or something.

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rapping Tomoko
is back again
to remind you
how your sorry life ends

you blame society
for all your ills
get hooked on weed
and pop a bunch of pills

but think back, think back
do a retrospect
it's all your fault
that your like is rekt

degeneracy abounds
your doc is doin his rounds
and what he has founds
is you'll never touch a chick's mounds

as long as you live at home
with about a buck to your name
no one wants to fuck a neet
you dropped right out of the game
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based rapping Tomoko putting neets on blast
rapping Tomoko is the best thing.
stfu or you'll be in a cast

>in the middle of an erp
>partner stops responding
why do people do this shit?
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You deserve it you sick fuck.
>girl says wow this is really hot
>falls asleep
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Anon, why?

ITT criminally underrated games
>dungeon crawling
>world building
>melee battle with action sequences
>original weapon upgrade system
>interesting enemy ai
>micromanaging stats but actually fun
>managed to make grinding fun
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Second game is better
Enter the gungeon
>has the quad laser
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I fucking loved this game.
Many people thought it was mediocre. I thought it was awesome

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Do you ever wish you were a cute trap?
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Not for sexual reasons, just because I've always wanted to be female.
Nope, I wanna get bigger muscles and go baramode
For a brief phase. Thank god I predate the tumblr sjw era. Otherwise I was likely to drag mummy to the doctor so I could get titties and my dick turned inside out.

so this is my first time doing this...

im making a discord server, for minority bots.

black, arab, indian, asian, whatever. whites can join too, though. just the particular topic there.

discord gg / 6J4Rdy3

again, first time ive ever set up a server, maybe give some suggestions?
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I understand everything except
Blackbots do not exist, and indians are kinda in the gray zone

black bots are a thing! there are bots of every race!
Maybe advertise this cancer on the website your formatting hints at you coming from instead?

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