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>cant into texting
>1 liners make me sperg like no tomorrow
>if they take too much time to answer feel insulted
>if a convo dies randomly I never ask why and i assume it was somehow my fault
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actual femanon here

you sound really pathetic maybe grow some balls
SMS is only good for meeting up anyway. If someone wants to chat then I would rather call or use chat.
I didn't read your post. Just want to say that I'm a female and that I'm here to chat with cute robots ;)

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>infiltrate a femanon thread
>"as a femanon"
>start shitposting
>thread dies

who here /doinggodswork/?
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any chance of tits?
sometimes in discord but its hard because i'd usually need to call a escort and get her to send a picture of her tits to me so i can trade them with other dyke lesbos

why losers war trenchcoats?
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It makes them look bigger than they really are.
bc they are fuggin cool and edgy

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>be me
>be ugly af
>managed to get 2 gfs in my entire lifetime
>8/10 and a 7/10
>always wondered why they found me funny/cute
anyways here is how i became an autistic lil shit and dumped them both
>me 15
>in italy we have 3 years of high school and then a school called "liceo"
>basically the halls are either filled with short people from 1st grade or 18yr f/m that will destroy you
>i meet a 15 yr old
>we talk for a while
>mfw she asked me to become her bf
>was gonna scream "ARE YOU AUTISTIC?",i had little to no self-esteem
>cointained my autism
>months and i'm still with her
>i found annoying that gfs always fucking message you
fast forward to christmas
>at grandma's place
>mfw there was no wifi
>back at home
>*connects to wifi*
>60-70 messages from her + 20 phone calls
>explain her everything
>mfw she actually believed me
fast forward a month
>she continues to spam messages
>mfw she even calls my mom so i can answer her messages
>leave her
>i later learn that she was sent to a kind of "special needs" house
>she wasn't autistic
>she smoked pot,did heroin
fast forward 20 days or smtg
>me watching the news
>"ok female reporter-anon n 1 what happened"
>"uhm a person was found dead,so yeah she dead"
>mfw when its her
>mfw when i didn't feel anything
>mfw when i still grabbed the tiddy
>mfw i probably destroyed her life by leaving her
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Im a huge loner. I don't let anyone in or talk about my feelings (most of them negative).

>qt co worker starts talking to me

I want to acquire gf but I'm afraid finding out that I'm a one man island will scare her off

What do
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>At work
>Bored of working
>At home
>Bored of being home
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Work at home.
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>at work
>cant wait to get home to play games
>get home
>play game, bored after 15min
>now cant wait until its night so i can finally sleep
>at night
>can't sleep

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>hear thunder/rain
>go outside and yell shazam

One day it's going to work guys
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you're never gonna get it if you do it after hearing one

If you hear one and it's not near, it's gonna take some while until the next strike
So i should do it when its raining only?
Sorry but you're not gonna turn into captain marvel, faggot

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>no penor
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>isn't homeless
Homeless qts are literally the only women who will truly love you and be loyal.
>has cowtits
>no big thicc benis for me to succ
>long hair
>tattoos that arent ironic
>doesnt have masculine features or big feet

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Hello, friends. What if you live through each and every lifetime and if you inflict pain on others, eventually you will live that life and feel that pain? What if this is the origin of "what goes around comes around"? Remember to love each other anons. c:
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Anybody here use meth or speed?

I want to try the former. Have used the latter a bunch XDDDDD

Know a guy whose dad was addicted to the former and another one who's in jail for selling the latter, hm

Is it worth?
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the only difference is in the magnitude of the euphoria/speediness/potency
stick to speed unless you want to become a fuckup

>Buzzfeed tries to eat 4chan
>Buzzfeed's SJW shit rises
>Jesus died for our sins and this is how SJWs treat him
>Fuck Buzzfeed by spamming their comments with a bunch of shit here.


^Link to anal rape with a spiked baseball bat.
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it's really not that big of a deal
sage goes in all fields
/r9k/ isn't 4chan you sad cunt. A lot of people are older, have girlfriends, have had sex, have friends, etc. I'm sick of you pathetic cunts thinking everyone on the website is like you. Also saged

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I know there's a lot of negativity here and respond to this how you will, post what you will, whatever. I just wanted to tell you all that I love you. You are the only people that have accepted me for my dumb actions and you're nice. Even with the actions, this place is better than people give it credit for. You're better than they say you are, 4chan. I love you all
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If you actually tried to talk and have a conversation with people from here you would realize you actually hate them. More women have treated me better than guys from this site.
I understand what you're saying but I do talk on here and while I do get called names sometimes, I've accepted that as a part of life. I'm sorry for your experience but in my times and talks, more people think like me and say nice things to me here than anyone else. I would have then vote on what I yelled out my window, I did it, and they were nice. And again, I love you and anyone else reading
Sorry for the mistype lol

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>tfw life is great and you've had sex a bunch of times with multiple partners who were all equally or more attractive than you and you have a great job that pays above the national average for your position and you just bought a new condo downtown with 100% cash and your student loans, car, and credit cards are all paid off and you just taught your dog how to roll over and you just maxed out your Roth IRA so you decide to go on vacation and fly a kite with your penis while your girlfriend takes pictures.
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I see nothing wrong with dicking kites

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>fembot/femanon posting is becoming a meme

>it's now just a matter of time until all the legitimate /soc/ attention whoring is taken as a joke, and the responses are funny rather than pandering

This is how it ends
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fembot here
this method of posting is actually quite convenient as i get alot more ypp than before this meme and people actually take me seriously

neo r9k is great!

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I'm a normie and I'm not leaving.
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>Calls self a normie

Don't leave my board robot faggot

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