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>guy hitting on my sister in the park
>tell him to piss off and he gets angry
>punches me numerous times
>retina detached in one eye, other severely damaged
>eye sight permanently fucked

Never defend a roastie.


As I type this my parents are consoling my sister because she's so "traumatized". Not even a fucking "thanks" from that roastie bitch.
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Please let this be bait. This is too much betaness at once.
Hey man why didn't you take your fucking sister and throw it at the guy? You technically win by doing that
hey man why didn't you take your fucking detached retina and throw it at your parents? You technically win by doing that

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This video evoked a certain feeling in me that other videos like ISIS beheading videos just don't do. I feel sympathy for this old man, albeit in Cleveland, a violent plave I assume, but he seemed more than just innocent.

How did this make you feel /r9k/?

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Felt bad desu. Wouldn't have cared if he shot Joy Lane herself, but he had to kill this innocent old dude. The guy's just coming home from some can collecting and then bam, he's dead.
It just made me laugh, black btw
Is it bad that this video made me laugh? I don't really care for or support shootings, but the way he got blasted away looked like something straight out of GTA.

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>tfw no fat jiggly belly gf
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>tfw even belly girls don't want you
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Because they either hate their body and find you gross for liking it, or have inflated narcissism due to fat acceptance and/or fat fetishism.
after reading all the boypucci threads here I never thought a straigth one would be the one capable to make me gay

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So Ive been crossdressing for a couple days in a row while doing uniwork and am actually starting to not hate myself a little bit.

I think its because I spend a lot of time disliking who I am as a person, thinking Im a fuck up and generally being negative about myself

along with the fact that ive never been 'into myself' never took selfies or used social media or took a lot of care in displaying how I looked (Id still shower and all that)

so when I crossdress I get both the feeling that I've been sucessful at doing something and the feeling of liking myself and getting to be a little narcisistic for once. mix that with actually getting uni work done and im in the best mood ive been in for a while.

anyone else used something weird like this to pull them out of depression for a little while?
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>anyone else used something weird like this to pull them out of depression for a little while?
corssdressing makes me happy also but I wouldn't really say it pulled me out of depression
nono me neither.

I was just saying that I managed to be productive for a while whereas regularly I wouldntve done any work (or anything at all probably)
That's cute. I'm glad you had something you enjoyed pull you through, especially something lewd~

Anyone else giving this bullshit a try?
Any tips for good pictures when you have no friends?

I've swiped on about 600 girls give or take. 3 matches, 2 of which unmatched me immediately.
But imma still count em. 3/600 = 0.005% of the population finds me attractive. I didn't need a self-esteem anyway.
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Bump, ive been thinking about making one as well but I'm shy and low self esteem. I know I'm not ugly though and might have a shot.
im on it but i actually want a GF, not a hookup
most of the girls there are def whores tho
See I've read this true and shits probably true for 90% of the girls on there. But my coworker is this beta asian guy and he found a girlfriend on there. A lot of the less club-slut looking girls like to put "no hookups" on their profile too.
Nothing to lose really. Like i said in my OP I essentially have 1 match and Imma meet her on thursday for coffee. Will shit work out? Prolly not but at least we can say we tried.

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redpill me on whoever this is.
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/r9k/ attention whore thats more persistent and effective than others
Some drug addicted underage attention whore that some anons orbit.
A intergalactic spacenigger jew hybrid that sucks off your energy

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Who here /doesn't care at all about gf or friends/? I just want to live a comfy independent NEET life
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I wanted the NEET life too until my gf found me so I'm good.
idc about those either, but tonight I saw a crew and the feels hit me; remembering what i'm missing
those words dont mix am afraid.

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Any robots ever tried brewing before?

I'm tasting the finished product of my first homebrew right now. It's honestly not bad and I have 40 litres of it so I don't have to buy beer for a few days
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Looks like shit. I wouldn't pay 10$ for a keg party with that trash, and Ive had some stanky beers.

Brewing is not your strength.

I've only done it on easy mode with extract. I want to try one of the Brooklyn Brew Shop kits.

No advice because I suck.

Give him a break. You don't know that beer hasn't been sitting out for 3 weeks.

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I want to be pure and be holy but I keep sinning because I catch myself fapping to non lewd pictures of cute women

How do I stop sinning? I can't help fapping they're too cute I feel like that's the only good thing I can do for them.
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find a qt wife anonie-kun.
This is a pornographic website and you're sinning by using it
self-flagellation is the only cure

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>Anon I'm cleaning your room right NOW whether you like it or not!
you have time to grab one thing that she will not find, what do you grab?
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The adult diapers, purchased for fetish reasons
The dead asian under my bed
My koran

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>be me
>talking to friend
>he has an asian gf
>he contacts me
>(exact) 'yeah... just had sex with her. it was almost colonial. wow'

what the fuck?

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shitty ass thread
you're still alive, bb
why wouldnt i be


I just ate a large little ceasers hot and ready peperoni pizza all to myself
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Sounds like my every Friday in college.
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>he can only eat ONLY one little caesars pizza
>calls himself a robot
Poor or fat ass?

>tfw both

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Fetish discussion thread
>Tell us some of your biggest fetishes
>Share some of your sexual fantasies with us
>Discuss your fetishes with other anons
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fucking kill yourself
I want to get turned into a trap deer.
holding hands with a cute girl
cuddling with a girl and being the little spoon
unprotected coitus in missionary position with kissing, hugging, handholding, and leglocking

guys i really think im going to kill myself today!
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Either do it and give proof, or FUCK OFF.

99% of the time you losers are just crying for attention. Ante up or fuck off please.
live stream or fuck off

not surprised that wasn't original
>That handwriting
Reporting for underaged posting

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bitch fagg.jpg
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>walk in your room
>see this
>'anon, im s-sorry, I think I-'
>'...oh my god im so sorry anon'

What do?
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Wow, life really is terrible.
Sometimes I think about it. Just stop stare into the void and think. What went so wrong in life that led me to this board and consequently, this thread. Life truly is a mystery.
imogen would never braap!

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