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>tfw dad caught me wearing a dress and putting on make up and he berated me for being such a disappointment
I'm sorry I was born such a fruit, dad.
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>the disappointment in his eyes

This is why people repress, it's the worst feeling.
You should repress it. Shit like this is disgusting. Back in the day people had the decency to not showcase how much of a freak they are in public.


he wanted a son, not a fucking fairy faggot. you are a disappointment and your feelings aren't the most important thing in the world

fucking be a normal person and make something of yourself, one day when you have your own life and house and success you can dress like a woman all you want and not scar your poor father

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What is the best pizza?
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go za

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4 or 5 cheese dominos with just a little sauce
Pepperoni and black olive

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How would your parents react if you brought home a black gf?
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Wouldn't care. My grandparents however...
they wouldn't know cause she's black
They would just be thankful I'm not gay.

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It is time, my lads.
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This shit is always so forced

Way to further copy the mannerisms and format of /britfeel/
I eat McDonald's like 3-4 times a week. Sometimes it's Burger King, sometimes Wendy's.
All I eat is fast food and now I weigh 350 pounds. Just kill me now.
>tfw guns and ammo are so expensive because of the government and voters who want """"common sense"""" gun laws

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elegancka zaba.jpg
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>tfw too civilised to properly function in this primitive, barbaric society
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I feel like I am ahead of my times, guys

too stupid*

fixed that for you, retard
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>tfw too intelligent to properly interact with these primitive, barbaric morons

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Ask me for my Lucian power build and I may enlighten you.

It wrecks dps and full tanks indiscriminately.
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what is ur lucian power build?

It is:

Mastery - fervor of battle
Runes - 26% attack speed, 14 lethality

Item build in order:

1. Blade of the ruined king
2. Boots 1
3. Recurve bow + pick axe
4. Black cleaver
5. Turn recurve bow into guinsoos rageblade
6. Boots 1 into berserker boots
7. Last whisper into lord dominiks or mortal reminder
8. Deaths dance

Iron potion for hp and tenacity

Enjoy melting everything.
Not even Faker can make a better Lucian build.

You need to auto in between skills and spam skills on every cool down .

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>friend is in his boxers like pic related
>Trip on his rug and fall face first into his feet and get my head sandwiched between them
>He looks at me and says 'wtf anon' and looks like he's about to hit me while he takes off his underwear
>Unfortunately i get a boner because I have a massive foot fetish, just not a gay one but obviously feet are feet
>As I'm saying sorry the carpet loses grip on the floor and i fall onto my friend who is still lying on his stomach at this point
>Also i forgot to mention i am naked as well at this point
>Dick slips into his ass which his well lubricated for some reason
>I get a massive anxiety attack as I'm also autistic
>I start shaking uncontrollable particularly in the hip area
>This makes me thrust back and forth like a jack hammer for half an hour like rain man
>When the anxiety attack stops i get really happy and start groaning from relief and say 'fuck yeah' repeatedly
>Mfw i realised the anxiety attack stopped because i came buckets

Really embarrassing man, thank God I have such a good friend though, he was giving me a lot of encouragement to get through it and even complimented my dick size which was nice

I'm just glad the whole ordeal is over with
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That's so hot. Male feet are sexy :3
Wew anon, must be nice to have such a supportive and understanding friend!
I'm so jealous, anon. Can you take a picture of his feet? :3

Are you a dom or a sub?

Not original at all.
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>Are you a dom or a sub?
A hard, hard, hard sub.
Depends on who has the bigger cock
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I really like gentle femdom.

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Who here ugly with high standards
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I'm ugly but always had way out of my league girlfriends. :^)

Which sucks because now I'm single and have no idea how I pulled those previous girls off in the first place.
>were born with high standards
>ugly as shit
i was meant to lose
>tfw almost died 3 times in my childhood
why didn't my mom just gave up on me
My face is 7/10. But my small dick makes me deserve 4/10 girls.

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What would the opposite of Chad and Stacy be?

I was thinking Nigel and Betty.

I think it's time to force a new meme, this one is long overdue.
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Robot. Fembot. Get off my board normie.
a stale meme
Your post is as terrible as Cirno

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Post your current state, r9k.

>Job if you have one
>relationships with anyone, friends, family etc.
>what are you doing to improve your situation
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>only person i talk to is my mom
>trying to get neet bux
>browsing 4chan
>Job if you have one
i'm in software
>relationships with anyone, friends, family etc.
have family but they are across the country
>what are you doing to improve your situation
building up my NEETbux so I can drop out

im a bisexual cyborg femanon who cant get any from either gender while my NEET best friend manages to pull 3 people in one go. where am i going wrong guys? every attempt i make ends in either my own humiliation or creeping other people out.
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Are you physically repulsive in any manner, including smell?
>NEET best friend
is it a girl? I want a NEET gf
are you ugly?

>tfw lesbian femanon but would never date anything less than an 8/10

i'm just as entitled as the malebots ): maybe it's from only seeing beautiful women in the media while guys get Seth Rogen as representation...

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>tfw your only friend is trying to be a Youtuber and can't hang out with him anymore without him recording literally everything you do together
Is this the end of our friendship? I can't stand being on camera, I hate it.
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are you 13?
just say it i wouldn't be surprised i met teenagers here before
A good chance. The ever present portability of camera and the availability of an audience, at least in my mind, has destroyed traditional relationships and experiences. A vacation is not longer an escape, its a production for the consumption of others. The same with your friendship, it is no longer something shared but something managed and produced for consumption. Its an insidious kind of evil that causes people to think about their whole in such a different way.

Or maybe I am turning into a luddite, whose only source of meaningful human interaction is an image board. Such strange times we live in
i don't get it. What makes you think he's 13? You see 13 year olds trying to make it on youtube by vlogging? I don't understand.

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Is it true female orgasms are more intense than male orgasms?
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I don't know, never had one

-Your waifu
I mean, my girlfriend's body shakes violently and she rocks it back and forth and it takes all of my might to try to hold her in place. Mine doesn't do that. Plus, sex on the whole feels better for the duration for them than men, who only get that one peak at the end
>having a literal roastie for a vagina

Have memes gone too far?

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Mum just taught how to prepare crepes.
Here's my "first creation" .
It was decent
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share originaru recipe
is that a rare crepe?

nice. people usually fail their first one so you're a lucky lad

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