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>wake up
>remember you're a fag
>day ruined
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If you dress and act like a girl it's not gay
Have you tried choosing not to be?

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Has anyone ever experienced "time loops" or temporal loops on LSD or any other psychedelic? It is possibly the most intense thing to experience. You'll be sitting there, looping over and over again in loop that maybe last a few seconds or minutes. You'll see the same thing over and over again. Things will literally move backwards in time and repeat themselves. People will say the same thing over and over again. The world will even move in a strange looping pattern where it seems to reverse. People will seem to walk backwards, talk backwards, and then repeat the exact same thing. Essentially you end up trapped in a loop, doing the same thing for a good hour or two. And I believe this happens because "eternal recurrence", the Big Crunch theory, and the recollapsing universe theory. While experiencing this loop, you are aware of the universe as a whole. You can trace the universe back to the very beginning, a singularity of matter, and you can then see how everything has led up to the very loop you are stuck in. You feel the oneness with the universe in a terrifying way because you understand you are the universe and you understand that you will repeat the same events over and over again because the universe itself will repeat over and over again. Time is infinite, and matter cannot be destroyed or created. Instead matter is transformed, and by a result of this gradual transformation you and the entire human race have to come to fruition on this planet. Eventually the universe will expand to its peak potential and then it will begin to collapse upon itself, back to the singularity of matter it once was. Then it will expand again, and we will repeat this life over and over and over again. This is "reincarnation". Not any spiritual reincarnation but scientific reincarnation based on facts. We will be "reincarnated" into different matter, becoming another part of the universe. We will do this forever. You are here for ever.
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OP here gonna drop a few more images to visually explain this
File: IMG_3184.gif (1MB, 220x220px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 220x220px
Here's a gif kind of showing what the collapse would look like
i had the experience many times but I don't think yours is the correct interpretation. I just think it's a cognitive illusion.
If you look back at the experience afterwards and if you try to evaluate it objectively, you can see it more clearly

Why do you idiots think "roastie" is an effective insult? Women have been referring to their labia as "beef curtains" for way longer than /r9k/ has been around.
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Why can't I make new threads? For a couple days now I haven't been able to post. I just fill the captcha and hit post and it loads forever until the page says it timed out.
It's not an insult. It's a fact for you whores. A men find roasties disgusting and we know that you are a whore because you have these. Those are a badge of whoredom(or sexual immorality), makes you ugly. I will never sleep with a whore and if my wife has beef curtains I will dump her right then and there. I would rather die alone then sleep with a whore and have children from a prostitute.
>t. an angry roastie thinking that if she embraces her shitty genitalia it will make the insult less effective

Stay mad broken twat.

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anybody here like to GAMBA?
i buy scratch offs everyday before work. the only way i can muster the courage to start my drive in to that hellhole is the fraction of a fraction of a one percent chance that i wont have to do it ever again. its gotten so bad at this point that i will skip meals to buy lottery tickets. i feel like i'm working just to buy lottery tickets, and the false promise that comes with them.
my numbers never going to come in. i'll have to do this until i die. but at least for that 5 minutes i'm parked at the sunoco every morning i dont have to think about the day to come, or all the days after. just scratch my tickets. maybe i'll win 5 and buy another before i accept my fate again, put the key in the ignition and drive.
wish me luck tomorrow boys.
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>tfw no black gf
plz help me
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>be me, 22 year old virgin
>always have a passing interest in the occult
>this interest only increased in the past year with the election, kekism, and my growing social isolation
>buy the lesser key of solomon to study demonology
>begin to learn incantations and spells to summon spirits
>realize that I'm unironically becoming a virgin wizard

fuck boys, the memes are real. Find someone before it's too late.
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Keep fapping that much and you'll end up drying your ballsack up. I'm currently on cool down because I jacked it so much that I don't have enough jizz to keep going. I'm on Zinc supplements too.

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>Haven't hung around with a friend outside of school since 1999 when I was 11

Who else /friendless/ here?
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I don't think friends exist. Not for me or anyone else
>realize my only friend treated me like an unwanted cousin
>also it's been several years and they probably forgot I exist
I liked the delusion better
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Of everyone on this board, I feel most sorry for the people with no real friends

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*Talks to you smugly*
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>Dat hideous face

Just laugh and walk away.
I would never be in this situation.
what the fuck is that goblin ear

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Are you a redpilled homonationalist?

Join us today!

https://discord d0t* gg/GDxM5n

Cis only need apply

*Replace d0t with . to make the link work.
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Well fuck me sideways with a chainsaw that looks quite gay.

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fungal infection on most of my nails, just end my life God
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>he imagined defeating Chad with your martial skills in front of Stacy
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>he imagined singing lead vocals as a band played his favorite song at the time in front of the entire school
>he imagined singing a really popular song for the first time like he had written it
>he imagined becoming fit and good looking after "training" once or twice

>when listening to music he imagines a story in which he is important

>when watching TV or a movie he compares himself to the protagonist and thinks what he would do in his place even though the protagonist isn't a useless fuck unlike him

>he posts all of this hoping to get (You)s
>he thinks he is funny

god, I hate myself

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How does one "have sex"? Like, how do you not look like a total idiot? From a male perspective of course.
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*shits on your carpet & barks at the middle of night for no reason*
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>he doesnt actually try to teach his dog anything and expects him to act like a rational human being
Do you let your dog fuck you in the ass aswell?

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