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Big sister went to work
post your id ~~#5133
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thank you anons for adding

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>made me believe in myself
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why is your reaction to your shortcomings to blame normies who did nothing to you rather than just focusing on killing/improving yourselves? you're not owed anything.
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>"did nothing"
>didn't just leave me alone but mocked me mercilessly so that i developed trust and personality issues

consider this thread hidden, normie

how do you cope the urge of red pilling the your normalfag friends and relatives?

for fucks sake guys, some of my friends have become true defeatist and cucked nu males, I don't know if I can bear to watch them go down their rabbit hole.
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Take the helium pill.
By supporting #NoLivesMatter

It's all about that Absurdist Existential Pill.
Easy. Realize that nobody cares about what you think.

Because really, nobody cares.

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>severe anger issues and depression
>has a very well-known reputation for burning bridges and ruining relationships with pretty much everyone he meets
>incredibly vocal and open white knight and libcuck
>drinks regularly and eats like shit even though he's been told that's 99% of why he's so fat and depressed numerous times
>hasn't gotten over the death of his friend over four years later and uses it as a weak excuse for his shitty behavior
>despite all of this, STILL has a girlfriend




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>Nervous around people
>Don't go outside much
>Work at night
>Not established that well in society

Lets see if anybody can beat me.
I don't talk lol. Most people think I'm a mute. I realize that being socially anxious actually puts me under autists, since they can actually speak.

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>tfw no tongzhi bf
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>tfw no blindfolded mahjong bf
I will be your tongzhi bf. mate

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Why are women so disgusting?

They see sex and relationships as trivial things with no deep meaning. They talk about all the guys they've been with as merely 'exes' or some shit like that.

When you get with one of these girls you're just another guy that she wants to fuck, whereas to you she's everything.

I've never met a woman who genuinely cares about relationships. They're all mindless whores with no self control or values.

Just use them as cum dumps but don't expect anything out of them lads, they're fucking disgusting
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>whereas to you she's everything.

Well there's your problem. Most men outgrow infantile infatuation buy their late teens.
Just look for red flags in girls. Also meet girls outside of degenerate things.
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Because they are instinct-based creatures, much closer to animals than to actual humans(=men).
Full AI and VR will render them useless, and they will finally learn their place.

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>tfw that first wagecuck paycheck
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Nice for you anon. I went to a job interview for a job in a fast food shit tier restaurent and accepted today. Gonna be shitty but no more neet life.

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> Just get a transgirl! no chasers though ;-)
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_[ guy ]
it's like going to Lowe's and asking for Mexican food.
>get a transgirl

Don't talk about them like they're objects, idiot.

>tfw no slightly autistic gf to give head rubs to
>going to Lowe's and asking for Mexican food
got my noggin joggin

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Haven't left my house since I was 16, I'm now 21. Who else /isolated/ here?
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Not once?! Come on how does that work?!...is this bait?
Other than going in my backyard occasionally, that's it.
No fucking way have you not left your house in 5 years. You're gonna need to get some proof.

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Is it gay to shave your armpits or is that what is more acceptable to normalfags? I'm not sure what people think.
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Shaving your armpits is the gayest thing you can do.
I shave my armpits
I don't think it's gay
for what it's worth I am gay though
It's gayer to shave your legs and stuff. You expect people to see that.

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>be me
>ten years ago
>visiting my great grandfather with the rest of my family
>he was a veteran who got shot to shit on multiple occasions, when the war ended he took over our family lumber mill
>he pulls me aside to his TV and starts to talk to me
>"anon, ive been watching TV and I have to show you this, its about a superhero!"
>it's jimmy neutron
>i start watching it
>over the years my grandfather starts to develop symptoms of Alzheimers
>it just gets sadder everytime I see him
>one day he can barely talk
>the next day he's confined to a wheelchair with a nurse
>we visit him in some sort of nursing home for veterans for brunch
>he can't even keep his neck up
>he locks eyes with me
>he ends up spilling all of his shit on the floor
>I walk over and pick it up with the nurse for him
>he starts to gasp at me
>i dont know what he wants so i bend in and ask
>"are you going to finish that croissant"
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Do you hear that? Because I do. It's the sound of crickets, because your post fucking sucks
Unexpected ending. Made me kek

>tfw having a sweet nap during noon
>wake up
>realize real life is real
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>tfw work as a hospital night janitor, see roastie doctors, pooinloo doctors, chad doctors
>tfw you will never be a medical doctor even though it's all you've ever dreamed of
>tfw born poor, white, no time or money to even get a bachelors
>tfw spend any downtime reading medical books and studying medicine
>tfw nobody would see an autist doctor anyway
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how many robots piss and talk?
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>Implying I leave the house enough to use a urinal
>tfw haven't even pissed standing up since like 13 years ago
WHERE! ARE! THE! DIVIDERS?????? I may be a homo but I still don't want to see some gross rando's smelly dick

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