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There is a girl out there who likes you, anon. Just man up and go get her. She's waiting for you and has probably done everything short of shout her feelings from the rooftop but you still ignore her. Pussy.
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Maybe but she probably lives on the other side of the world and doesn't soeak english statistically.
Unless you are trying to imply that someone I know likes me in which case PFFFTHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.
That attitude will never get you a girl. OP is right. Man up.
You don't understand. I don't know ANY women. I don't interact with any women on a regular basis. There is no way any women legitimately like me for who I am(and it's doubtful they like me for what I look like). Are there statistically "soul mates" on earth? Probably but I will never meet them when I will only statistically meet 80,000 women max out of 3.5 billion.

I'm a girl, I just realised today that I really, really am a creepy, ugly, socially stunted weirdo. Everyone can smell my fear. I'm doomed to eternally be the worst human ever. I hate me.
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Cool story bro. Tits?
But you have a vagina
>I'm a girl
this information was not necessary
just another roastie looking for attention

>Just getting out of the shower
>Have towel wrapped around my waist
>Walk into bedroom and girlfriend is on the bed, smiling at me
>She starts giggling and trys to pull the towel off me
>I grab her arms and pin her to the bed, our bodies touching
>I can feel her try to get away but i hold her tighter
>She slowly starts to relax pulling me into her whispering "i love you"

Lets here your girlfriend stories /r9k/.
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>have gf
>fuck her

>inflate gf
I had a similar story except it was with my Chad roomate.

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What do you guys think of girls who aren't petite? Asking for a friend
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Any girl above 5'10 is least desirable
So 5'5 is ok? What if she is that height, but feel dysmorphia because she wishes she were smaller? How would you feel?
it doesnt matter what i think
it doesnt matter if she's tall
it doesnt matter is she's short
it doesnt matter is she's nerdy
it doesnt matter if she's shy
it just doesnt matter. they all want chad. ALL of them.

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Has anyone else noticed that the board has begun to slow down a lot in the last week?

The normies are slinking back of to their schools and colleges!

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yet the gay anime shitposters with reddit spacing remain
Aww poor anon. At least you'll always have facebook.
get cucked fag

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Stormfront is gone, infowars and 4chan are next. Is it time for us to sell our 3ds, get a job, leave our parents' home, join a gym, lose weight, get a gf and finally end this angry virgin manchild loser phase we're in?
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>shutting down 4chan
That would be like shutting down Youtube because 1 channel is racist. You're so fucking dumb.
Pol spills to every board and you know it, asswipe.
dont reply to obvious bait from dumb phone posters.

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>524 games in Steam library
>1.8 hours played last two weeks
Why is this in the starter pack?
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I'm more intrigued by gov't plates
Why do sissies stop playing games though?
they often buy loads of games because theyre a rich white boi from the suburbs that wants to be a "pc gamer" but they never play any of the games simply because theyre not into them

i dont get it, but it's very accurate

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First of all sorry for my english, its not perfect. But anyway...

I have a plan how to become Chad from autistic loser who can't even look women in the eyes.

After a long time thinking of how to be more comfortable around women i finally found a solution!...

This will cost you 3-4k. So you should start saving up!

So, everyday for 30 days straight you will get an escort.

I know its a stupid idea, but it might work (don't think anyone even tried it, so why not to test it?). There is a theory that brain forms habits after 21 days if you do it constantly.

So you are there not only to fuck, but to train your brain to get more comfortable around women. Try to talk to them, ask something about them, etc, its going to be awkward at first, but who cares. If she is cold and don't want to talk to you, just fuck her and move on to another one.

So after 30 days, then you try to approach women, try say hi and try talk to them. I really believe you will be less anxious more talkative and confident. After all you've just fucked 30 women before this girl, haha!

What do you guys think?
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>some1 with absolutely no experience giving theoretical advice to other people with absolutely no experience
It's not a bad idea. However 30 days in a row is excessive. Just see about 10 hookers, 2 to 3 times a week.
It doesn't matter how comfortable you are around women. What matters is how you look.

When a Chad looks uncomfortable, it's "Awww he's so shy. so cute. ;)" When someone like me looks uncomfortable, it's "What a creepy rapist." So your plan kind of doesn't make any sense.

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Hello folks, /pol/ reporting in. Here's a question for you, if you had one race to exterminate completely to make the world a better place, which of these would it be?
>Indians (streetshitters, not feathers)
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/pofags would be my choice.
you guys are even too dumb to know which sub to post in.
I'm not racist but Arabs out of pure utility since you'll get most of the Muslims.
Not voting in your strawpoll by the way it can easily be rigged.
>know which sub to post in.
Hey Reddit watcha doin?

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who /HOBBY/ here?
what are you doing?
you are a neet and spending your time on a fullfilling hobby, r-right?
you aren't wasting your time only lurking
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Why did I read a thread like this right when I feel like I'm about to break out of my lurking spell?
>you are a neet and spending your time on a fullfilling hobby, r-right?
What kind of animal do you have to be to be so deceptive? If I answer honestly, I can only say no. I want to be someone that can say yes, why are you trying to take that away from me?
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>have hobby
>can easily meet and connect with people who share the same hobby
>have something to tell about yourself
>maybe something interesting that you can show
>have a topic you can talk about effortlessly

There is literally no way you're a robot if you have a hobby
>Arya and Sansa are treated as some GRILL POWER heroes because they crossed littlefinger
>it was literally just Bran telling them with his OP vision

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Hey, you.
Yes, you anon over there.

Greentext your alpha as fuck moment.
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>get drunk
>sodomize a frenchman
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You haven't lived until you've braced your inner ALPHA

>Allowed my hair to grow long and wild
>Haven't bathed for six weeks
>Run around on all fours
>Roll around in a puddle of piss, dirt, poo, and grass in my backyard on a daily basis
>Ate a whole raw steak with only my teeth
>Started chewing bones
> Bark at neighbors from window
>Always drink from toilet bowl before licking my moms cheeks and panting
>Howl at the moon
>Got neutered after humping neighbors poodle

It's easy to be alpha, you just have to listen to the call of the wild.
I opened a jar of pickles for momma on my 38th birthday

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ITT: R9K's biggest fears
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Probably kidney stones
Probably healthy social life

my cousin died from cancer. its pretty scary even though a lot of posters would probably welcome death it is a torturous, painful way to go.

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This is what liberals stand for. This is what kind of person liberals are. No self respect. Mentally sick people.
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I'd call ye a faggot OP but then I'd hurt your feefees

> Lefties outearn tightie-righties
> Lefties do better on IQ tests, which correlate with long-term planning, delay of gratification, job and health outcomes
> Lefties pursue more higher education
> Lefty states have higher GDPs; less debt due to stupid tax cuts that do jack shit for demand; more likely to be federal tax donors

Who cares, this is America.
Stop caring about identity politics, you cancerous toad.

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I'll just leave it here.
This shit is happening on your face right now.
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Thank god I shower with scalding water everyday
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I'll just leave this here.
This is happening in your ocean right now.
It's still there, anon. You don't kill it that easily. These creatures can survive in +400 C.

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Independence edition
thread theme
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Should reduce my coke intake tbqh, a bit addicted to it.
I want a 12" pizza, a box of cheesy chips and a box of mozzarella sticks with BBQ dip right NOW REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
KEK remember shitty rubiks cube meme the trips tried to start with their oribiter's, who fell for it.

frizzy or powdered

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