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a face lelda.jpg
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You're all fucking cucks.
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link is now a symbol of being a faggot manchild on estrogen

that's too bad
I'm extroverted though I just have trust issues.
Also what if zelda was a grill?
Zelda is a grill retard

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Download (2).jpg
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hey, watched a video how the simpsons lost their charm or sth. The guy that analysizes the video than shows some old simpson stuff and called this period where the simpson was the best and funniest show that existed, but i really dont think its funny, maybe intresting but not funny, its like dadjokes, never liked the simpsons and i really dont know why its so funny for so much people

humor i like, its kinda like southpark and even rick and reddit..

Does r9k like the simpsons humor ?

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Simpsoms are normie cartoon
Like family guy, american dad, south park... and so on
sneeds feed and seed, formerly chuck's
what does he mean by this ? ? huh ?

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This is black dominance white bois. See how the black man is on top.
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thats a fagget my friend
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are there any good looking black trans?
yeah, but you have to be black to like them

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Fagweather vs fagregor

fuck I hate people
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i want to see joe rogan's stand up special when someone in the audience shouts out the results at him while he's on stage...
You're on Reddit what could you expect? Everyone wants that gay ass point system it has and think it has any real value. Everyone will post to get those 'karma' points
>Not keeping a tally of all the (You)'s you get.

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>try to get some natural sunlight in my room
>can't see shit on my monitor
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>>try to get some natural sunlight in my room
Not a robot
Natural light burns my eyes. Not even memeing here. I can't even leave my house during the day without sunglasses.
Put the monitor in a dark corner fampaici always play on my laptop in sunlight

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What the fuck is up with all this crypto currency shit? I seen it shilled around, and figured to give it a try with like ten bucks but I don't know what the fuck to do even with looking around and reading shit.

Anyone figured it out and able to explain to an idiot?
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Go to your local coffee shop and insert money into their Bitcoin machine, send bitcoins to your Bitcoin wallet, then buy your drug of choice off the deep web. You are now an expert on cryptocurrency.
Dad stop trying to buy heroin off the internet again.
You're way too late to hop on. Time to do it was like seven years ago.

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boss nigga.jpg
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Remember that time when tens of millions of gullible internet browsing Americans were duped into publicly professing their support for a shady cause of dubious merit because of a peer-pressure event horizon generated from a viral video?
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I remember koni, good times
I remember some Stacy I was sitting next to telling me about back in college.
My high school teacher back then actually tried to get us to donate for that cause

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Hello, friends.

I'm sick of all these "feels" threads. Can we get a comfy/ feels good thread going?
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if i felt good I wouldn't be on /r9k/
I spend all day on r9k
Yeah I need to take a break from /r9k/ I ahve all these games I want to play instead of make myself more mentally ill. I'm in dangerous waters with my life right now and have to disengage from this place.
What games do you like?

I'm trying to find some to play myself. Kinda looking into getting the new DOOM game but idk.

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>be me
>neighbour invites me over for whatever reason
>go over
>his fridge is empty
>he has no cash
>eventually idly mention that the whore on the other side is also hard up for cash and I offer her the opportunity to clean my place but she never does
>so if he wants to clean my house he can
>so he does cause he needs cash for heroin
>we agree on twenty bucks
>when he is almost done he asks for thirty bucks
>I say I am not averse to giving him ten dollars extra on the promise he returns in the morning for more cleaning, but I am very curious about how the price of heroin rose in the last two hours
>he simply says he thought he had ten dollars to cover the difference but didn't
>send him off with ten dollars extra and some probably rotten eggs, bread and a can of beans so he could at least eat
>there are hidden advantages to being friends with the neighbours btw, even if you don't get repaid, they have your back if the gangs come around
>anyway just before he left we dickered about the litter box which he didn't want to clean
>but eventually he emptied it
>I asked him to fill it up with new litter
>he balked and said that grossed him out and we agreed he didn't have to do that

I seriously misjudged that whole argument. He never had a problem with the cat droppings, but the litter itself. It was very confusing.
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he also compared my anime mug mug collection to his heroin addiction

I held my tongue in saying that my mugs are probably unlike his addiction. it's not always worth it to be right all the time
>he also compared my anime mug mug collection to his heroin addiction
post please

also you live in a really shitty area. Can I ask what city you are in?
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I really do have to place a new order, my collection has been stagnant of late, but then again, this picture is a few mugs out of date anyway. My mug folder picture is getting pretty big.

anyone else terrified of speaking on the phone?
why does this happen?
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Not terrified, but I really hate talking on phone, I always try to be as brief as possible.
What I am terrified of is if I have to speak to someone over paperwork and shit.
I try to pick a cherry ring tone to reduce the anxiety of receiving a phone call but it doesn't really help. I've been getting phone calls form a 1-800 number recently and I've been letting it go to voicemail but they don't leave a message. I never feel like answering and it's been weeks
I hate talk to people orally

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>tfw I will never fall asleep while succing a soft benis after making it cum several times already
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why do you think you never will?
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>why do you think you never will?
I spend 21 hours a day in my room, I only leave to go to class and get food

the only people I talk to are cashiers
im sure classmates and cashiers want their dicks sucked while falling asleep.
if you are male you might need to be a little more downlow about your attempts but someone will bite

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today, for the first time, at 26 years old, i feel tired of watching porn. maybe i should now go and find a girl? what the hell..
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Guys get worried about not having children at an old age just like females do. Who would have imagined.
the idea of impregnating a girl freaks me out, no
You aren't a proper adult and have not gone through the maturity that most people your age has gone through. Feel ashamed.

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Hello fellow /lunglets/

I moved into an apartment about 4 months ago. My housemate is Type A and pretty aspie but w/ev we mostly stay out of each other's way.

Well today he said to me "I've been meaning to have a chat to you about the smoking, on the ad I posted, I specified non smoking for the apartment. It's something I'm not keen on."
"you also specified parking was included in the price but when I moved in you said to have the carpark was 25$ extra which I've been paying."

Then I just walked off because I couldnt be bothered dealing with his autism for longer than a 5 minute stretch.

The thing is, we have a large wrap around balcony and room and his room are on opposite ends of the large house, my balcony nowhere near his, he has no reason to be around there and I only smoke outside on the blacony, never inside and have an ashtray.

The lease is in his name, am I in the right or wrong. He could just kick me out at will. Currently taking a drag outside as I type this.
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Morally I think you are in the right, but that doesn't really matter

Legally it's his apartment to sublet and he can impose whatever restrictions he pleases

But also it's bullshit what he did about the car space, why didn't you just leave then?

but also you should just quit smoking desu
stop smoking shithead

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Who here /report their own post/ here?
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lol so randum!
>Who here /report their own post/ here?
I actually did do this before, purely to demonstrate the mods wouldn't remove /soc/ threads even if they literally were directly from /soc/
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>enter thread
>drop a hot, controversial, contrarian opinion
>leave thread

kill me. my life is a trainwreck, everything I do is embarrassing. I made it to normiehood but I just get wasted and I hate myself.

go back

don't tread here
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this pic is pretty baller my dude, keep it up
i generally dislike rick and morty but that pic is really neat
>made it to normiehood
>rick and morty pic

wow i guess you really did make it

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