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Are there any 40+ losers/NEETS? What do your parents think of your situation and how did you end up like this? How come you haven't an heroed?
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I would hope they'd have all killed themselves by that point.
this place is for college kids and teenagers fuck off OP
jesus christ, what's up with the pic, did you atleast catch the golden snitch?

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>tfw can't get turned on unless something involves feet or domination
>can still recognize great ass and tits but they never turn me on
This annoys me to no end it's not fair
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Get the fuck over it. My god, this board is fucking pathetic
Why do you go to /r9k/?
>Why do you go to /r9k/?

Beta autists are my fetish

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>walk into mensroom
>see this
what do?
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Take a shit on the floor and leave with my ass unwiped.
*grabs your arm*

>"not so fast cowboy"

*starts licking your ass clean*
>Pull out my dick
>piss into the urinal from a distance with perfect accuracy
>Do a 360 and moonwalk out of there with my dick hanging out of my fly for them to witness

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Question for 20 year olds of /r9k/: looking at the chart posted, and based on your upbringing, do you feel more like late Millennials, or early Gen Zers?
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in terms of just shows and tech, the middle one. I never watched the Disney channel though.

attitude and outlook wise i feel more aligned with the generation that grew up in the 90s though
Gen Z starts at the year 2000, not 2006.
The dates are the time periods where the things were popular, not birth dates. Notice how it says "Popularity" next to each year span.

Learn to READ senpai.

Who /cigarettes/ here?

Ive smoked about 6 years cigs and devils lettuce started when i was ~13 and became a daily/heavy smoker when i was on home detention 15-16

So whats your brand of choice? Amount per day? When/why did you start?

pic related
>pack a day
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People vape nowadays grandpa.

Haven't you heard smoking is bad for you? Of course you have so stop.
>thinking vape isnt bad for you
i smoke those newport 100's

nigger-tier cigs but i love them
sometimes i get camel wides or some al capones

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>how many sex partners
>age when you lost virginity
>last time you had sex

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Those people are not having sex
>i'm still a virgin
>>how many sex partners
>>age when you lost virginity
>>last time you had sex

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Is being a slut fun?
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Do you like cock and have no self-respect?
If yes, then yes.
Getting railed by Alpha cocks rules, regardless of your sex.
Narrow face, narrow-minded.

I am a failure. A complete, utter failure. Not a spectacular failure, either. It's not like I tried to do something great and it fell flat. Just a big, lazy, uninteresting, mundane disappointment.

I want to leave Earth.
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k originally bye
k let me jerk off on your ass
same here

help me

who am I trying to convince about my life

there is no help

internet people don't care

why am I even posting this

some relief that MAYBE someone will actually help

all is a lie...

help me

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Gut geschlafen?

discord gg wSYsmuG
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Nicht sterben.
meddI l0ide
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gibt es in deutschland keine Roboter oder was los.

Ich habe gut geschlafen und sie herr gottkaiser Bismarck

What would r9k do if they were a girl?
(Any actual girls can go fuck right off you pieces of shits.)

I would fuck a bunch of men for money & fame and then lie to a billionaire by telling them I'm a virgin so I can destroy them in divorce court and then go lesbian.
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You sound like a turbofag and you then procede to hate women for no reason? Kek
Id still be a dissapointment

>you cum in a sock
>chad takes off her top
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>you dream about your life with her while taking a shit

>tonight Chad will surely bite her left tit
>you go off to bed with a midnight fap
>stroking him off, she sits in Chad's lap
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>fantasizing about her and her beauty, your mind has awed
>meanwhile at Chad's place she screams "Oh God, oh God!"

wake up wagie. your precious weekend is already over. mr Bergstein is waiting for you at the sweatsh-I mean office. another day, another dollar.
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ty for the encouragement lord neet. refurbishing computers watching youtube all day is okay though
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>allowed to speak again on this board
I make 6 figures, what about you, little NEET?
Don't you feel bad for ragie wagies? Why do you taunt them so much.

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How does it feel knowing not a single woman other than your mother would be glad to see you?
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Idk man my fiancee seems pretty happy to see me
Idk man people be calling me their bestie left and right feels sweeter than sweet. They're girls.
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>tfw oneitis used to be glad to see me
then chad happened

Wizard in-one-month here. Parents want to kick me out from my basement, despite i pay for my bills and shit. Got something like $5k in savings. No job, no friends, no future. What would you do in my position?
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I would fly to South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, The Phillipines, Indonesia (Super Hot Indonesian girls!), or Malaysia.

Look for a job .
Damn, why do they want you out?

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murheem musvta.jpg
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i am very scared and maybe a whore
i may just be able to kms today if this goes on
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What did you do, you retard?
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Cast yourself into the void, young retardo.
Die and become one with the endless nothingness, only then will you be forgiven.
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just read some comments about me

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