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Why do modern teenagers have such an intense desire to associate themselves with mental instability, exaggerated mental problems and illnesses despite being fully functioning individuals with friends, future and relationships?
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Because if they blame these things, the failures, when they do come, won't be theirs to bear.

Then again, neither will the successes, because they've dissociated themselves from their actions. Since they can't own anything, they will inevitably go neurotic, and the illnesses they made up will become self-fulfilling prophecies
They seek those who are stable because their life is turbulent
They act out because they want someone to see them and comfort them.

Thats my best guess, I'm 22
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teens always loved larping mental illness. it gets them attention and makes them feel special.

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>out with normie friend to watch the mcgregor fight
>/ourguy/ lost so we stress ate then walked around town for a bit
>calls his girlfriend to tell her we're pissed about /ourguy/'s loss and other not important stuff
>never seen her before but it was on speaker
>one of the cutest voices I've ever heard
>all I could think about was how much cuter it would be if it was a boy's voice and how amazing my life would be with a boyfriend with that voice
why did you guys turn me gay, this isn't funny
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It ain't gay if it's a boipussy man
>It ain't gay if it's a boipussy man
Are you sure
Haha you are gay.
[Spoiler] me too thanks [/Spoiler]

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A thread died for this post. How does that make you feel anon?
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I don't feel a thing, because I didn't take part in whatever thread was deleted.
a thousand shitposts cried out and were suddenly silenced
nigger l don't give a fuck

So this is what a radical feminist looks like, huh?
Really makes me think.
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explain. how do you know she's a feminist?
She's c-cute
Japanese twitter artist got feminist death threat, draws girl based on the threat and names here "korosu (kill/murder) chan".

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Why doesn't /r9k/ just date a Christian girl, or dare within whatever religion your culture belongs to?
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Christian girls are still girls....how does this need explaining?

Do you think christians aren't complete and utter mentally deluded normies?

They're so normie they think they go to heaven when they die. LOL
Would if I knew any
I don't.
>why doesn't /r9k/ just date [ ] ?
Oh look, its this recycled shit again.
A robot would date literally any woman that would have him. Its not a matter of choice, its a matter of having no access to girls at all.
Now fuck off with your shitty thread

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why does she look so cute
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Carefully chosen angle+expression+hiding """her""" man eyes
I used to love when she would bully bebe
What even happened to her anyway?

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>3 weeks with tinnitus and hyperacusis
>probably won't heal like most cases
it's NOT fair!
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You get used to it my dude
this. it's a wound that never heals
It could be an inflammation, it happened to me once, although I lost like 30% of frequencies in the left ear, it healed on its own after a while.
The tinnitus remains but the brain gets used it eventually.

I've already run the gamut of hardcore fetishes - scat, guro, necro, furry, living toilets, urethral fisting, eldritch horrors, you name it I fapped to it until it became mundane.

And now of all the damn things to get off on, I came to mere spanking.

I think I'm running out of fetishes how I keep from burning through them so quickly I still have 30-80 more years of this shit to live through HOW THE FUCK AM I RUNNING OUT OF FETISHES THIS EARLY
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Can you post some of eldrich horrors?
File: IMG_0595.gif (144KB, 340x340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>eldritch horror
soon you'll end up going full circle and fap to vanilla coitus

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tall building.jpg
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is there a way to survive falling off a tall building or bridge?
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You just have to bee yourself

Organ failure
If you roll at the end you can survive any fall
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20 layers of large bubble wrap.

Can we get a /uni/ thread going? College feels preferred of course.
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I'm not going to uni though.

this is my board, get out.

>talks about 4chan memes to people at college because he has nothing else to talk about

is this you? you realize how shitty that is right?
Kys brainlet
Oh boy, time for another semester of staying in my dorm and not having any friends.

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>the dogs walking around downstairs with a partial erection again

No one's awake, I could go downstairs and jerk him off if I had a lapse in willpower. I'm sitting in my room pitching a tent trying to control myself. This is horrible.
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jack him off and post pics desu
>cat licks himself
>Has redrocket while doing it
I don't know if he is lucky or disgusting. It is every damn time with him. Fucking homo.
>4chan problems

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Anyone else talk to themselves? I have a bad habit now that I live alone
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Yes, I do it often.
all the time, yet my brother is worse, full blown conversations.
Do tulpas count? I only talk in my head.

Daily reminder you white nazi neckbeards are the reason why society is not progressive enough
You are the cancer destroying the multicultural utopia. I want jews to exterminate you so we can finally have peace on earth
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If you can't think of something original to post, don't post anything.
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Try hard my goy em.
This is true, people who talk endlessly about alpha males and the white race are getting what they deserve, this is what hypergamy really looks like, more like dickpergamy.

>black dude threatens to fight me
>show up at his door
>his wife makes me leave and threatens to call the cops

I have a pic of his house number in this thread
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Original obvious originally original
>Im a faggot that likes to commit felonies
Kill yourself so tax money doesn't have to be wasted on jailing you
You're a pussy is what you are.

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Would you date prime bjork or rose?
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Rose Roose Roooose ROOOSSEEEEEE!!
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Irish Witch.jpg
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I would date superior waifu

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