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Humans are terrible beings. We deserve to be exterminated and to die out.
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Don't worry, we're already working on that.
what does "deserve" mean in this situation?
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Humankind was a mistake

>Darknet Markets get busted

Now I have to go into withdrawl.

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Drug users are a cancer
Jeff sessions is a faggot
Good, fuck you druggie filth. I wish we had a Duterte instead of Trump.

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>Mouse double clicking when single clicking

This is is driving me insane
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this happens with certain mice as they get old.
Time for a new mouse.
I recommend a cheap logitech
try cleaning the dust out

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>Going to be living in Japan in a weeks time
>Blond hair, blue eyes, 6'6" tall
I've never had a gf before, will I finally get one?
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No, they will think you are an ugly circus freak. You will not lose your virginity.

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> be young natural alpha in primary-high school
> didnt give no fuck or put up with people's bullshit
> peers respected me, all the girls had a crush on me
> got into lots of fights at school
> school councilor called parents up said i had a personality disorder, anger problems etc and that if i keep this up i will end up in jail
> became a beta, walked over by people, girls that had a crush on me now made fun of me
> school system failed me, instilled beta qualities in me
> but its ok, ive seen the light
> we gonna make up bots
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> we gonna make it bots
lol typo

Fuck beer bellies, hairy arms and bald heads. Fuck their fragile mid-life egos and soft dicks.

A majority of men get dumber and more desperate with age, not wiser. Just because they happen to acquire some wealth along the way, like most regular people fuckin do regardless of gender and status, doesn't make them alphas or sages or some other shit.

Adult men are shit. How the fuck can these disgusting faggots get pissed at me for being a pedo when they make a point to be as unappealing as humanly possible? How the fuck am I supposed to be attracted to this scum?
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>am near gay death
>tfw no bf
Back in high school and Jr. High, there was an endless supply of cute boys I could fall in love with. They were cute, skinny, and optimistic with this type of energy that just forced you to fall in love with them. They were the types of boys who you could genuinely be friends with, you could have a good time with them AND date them. They were everything I could ever want in a guy and more. And then high school ended. The second I enter the adult would, BAM. These cute and endearing boys turned into gross, fat hairy douchbag old MEN with beards. Why the fuck do adult men think that working out and having some muscles tone on their arms gives them the right to be a fat fuck? I fucking hate adult men. Everything about them makes me sick and pisses me off. Is there something about the male brain that makes guys turn to shit the second puberty ends? At what time do guys go from cute young boys to gross old men? I miss all the skinny, horny cuties who would pretend not to be starring at my cleavage in Jr.High. The types with those cute, rock hard little bodies with the slight muscle tone on their chest, not an inch of fat on their belly. They'd be on top of me, their heart thumping in their hard little chest, tongue in my mouth, so so happy that they finally got a girl to make out with them. Eager, but at the same time, scared to push the limits for fear I would make them stop. And you could feel their hard teen dick rubbing up against you in their pants, the head generating from their crotch as their excitement heightened. They were perfect. And they're fucking illegal to me now because adult men know they can never compete with the simple beauty that is a little boy.

I hate, HATE adult men. I hate how they put on a fake persona to be "cool". I hate how they abandoned their old personalities to become something so disgusting for the sake of being "cool". I just hate them.
If I could kill all adult men, I would. You fucking bet your booty I would. And the fact that they're so fucking jealous of cute, young, energetic guys fills me with rage to no end. Ever notice how the #1 haters of things like One Direction, Justin Bieber (when he was young and qt, and emo are ALWAYS these ugly as fuck men? It's because they're fucking jealous. They sell their souls so they can become a fucking tool and blend in. They've read every PUA handbook in existence, changing everything about themselves in a pathetic attempt to acquire woman. They intentionally removed themselves from the vigor and quirks of their youth. They try and try so hard to rid themselves of the emotions and life that make us human, just because they've convinced themselves that being a shell of their former selves is the only way to get gurls.

And then, they turn on the TV and see these cute young guys, just being themselves and doing their thing, yet attracting a herd of fangirls begging for their dick. Wouldn't you be fucking pissed too? After all that research, after all those other men telling you that these are the guys woman hate. And yet these boys have girls fawning over them, just by being themselves. Wouldn't you be fucking pissed? All that research, down the drain! You sold your soul for nothing! But, of course, they'll never admit that cute tween boys are better than them. And so, they attack these cute boys to protect their cognitive dissonance.

>T-they're faggots D:

I hate adult men so much. So spiteful. So full on hate. Void of everything that adds to the human experience. Kill them and let me piss on their graves.

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>be uninterested in masturbating
>usually only shower after fapping
>get zit on dick
>now I want to fap but it will probably be too distractingly painful
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I got a blister on my penis once,
kept fapping to the pain,
I wouldn't say it was more pleasurable , but it was a new experience.
good thing you thought to make a thread about it

What's the point of life if you are ugly? It doesn't matter in what dominance hierarchy I compete in, I will never be good because my projection onto reality is bad due to my shitty face.
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Wait for vr waifus.

That will demolish the hierarchy, because women will lose their power.
i'm seeing ugly toothless Mexicans and blacks with kids, so they're figuring out a way to get women pregnant.

most likely they're just chasing after ugly women, lowering their standards, shooting in their league, whatever stupid shit you wanna fuckin call it.

i'm so inside my own head i can't ask any women out. ugly women i think will be too shy and intimidated by me or they'll think i'm just trying to get an easy fuck.
and hot women i'm not good enough for.
Nobody wants me because i am ugly and i rather be alone instead on relationship with an ugly woman

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>The antidepressants are starting to stop working
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dr shekelstein.jpg
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The real question is if they ever worked at all.
Get ready for some intense suicidal tendencies 24/7, because it's not going to be a fun ride
>tfw they stopped the ADs and replaced them with abilify
Am I a nutjob yet?

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please comment uniquely in this thread
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Im recording this because this could be the last thing I'll ever say. The city I once knew as home is teetering on the edge of radioactive oblivion. A three-hundred-thousand degree baptism by nuclear fire
Im not sorry, we had it coming. A surge of white-hot-atonement will be our wake up call. Hope for our future is now a still born dream. The bombs begin to fall and I'm rushing to meet my love Please remember me, there is no more

post your motivatonal anime moments that helped you with depression

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This little aids gremlin walks up to you and tells you

>"I was born this way"

How do you respond /r9k/?

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fuck off back to /pol/ you underaged faggot
When did this board become /b/?

The quality of this shit hole has really gone down the gutter as of late...
Make the people sick, feminize the men; rear their youth in decadence so when you subject them to true, totalitarian oppression they'll be too weak to resist it.

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why the fuck would you do nofap? literally depriving yourself of the only stimulation you'll get? only to make your inevitable breaking of the streak feel better?
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Nofap is a meme made by and for normies

It works for them because they have the social intelligence to get girls, which they will have an easier time getting motivated to do if they do nofap

If you don't have the capacity to actively hunt down girls, nofap is useless
most robots are on antidepressants which literally kill your sex drive or end up making it hard to reach orgasm. before i used to fap like 2 times a day now i haven't in about 2 months.

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Come in, order a drink, and share the biggest redpill you ever had to take. I'll start:

My biggest red pill was learning about female hypergamy, and learning that no matter how successful you are, a better Chad would always appear to take your girlfriend or wife away. And a Stacy would feel justified in doing it because you were incapable of living up to her standards.
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>be me
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>enjoying something
>think "this would be even better if I were a totally different person"


Only forty to sixty more years of this, gents
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>be me
>smoke weed
>high as FUCK right now
>holy shit tutti fruition
>fucking talk about it nonstop
Jacking off right now guys.

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