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Who else here /nofriends/?

Lost all mine a year ago, they started ignoring me and made me the butt of all their jokes. Normies in this board go out and have friends but real robots must know this feel. It's so lonely and I just want to talk to people who understand. Normies say "oh they weren't your real friends anyway if they were mean to you" but they don't know what it's like to talk to no one other than a parent and have no social contact outside of work/school. Can anyone else relate?
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I can relate but I get kicked out of here anyway cause I've had sex.
It's much worse not having any friends than being a virgin. It really sucks. I don't have anyone to vent to at all and my parents always used to ask why does no one come over
Yeah I mean I'm a virgin too because other than my friends that left me everyone thinks I'm weird so I basically live as a loner
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I haven't had friends since I was a kid. It feels really bad, worse than not having a girlfriend by far. All of the interactions I get are on the internet, and all of those are ephemeral. I haven't ever formed a lasting connection with anyone here, and I've realized that posting on 4chan and similar websites are the equivalent of masturbation for socializing. I feel good for a little bit because I can reach out to others temporarily, but because I'm not connecting with anyone I feel just as bad afterwards.

I feel more and more disconnected with the sort of people who post on the internet every year. Sometimes the loneliness gets so bad it feels like I'm being smothered with a pillow. I oscillate between a desperation for human contact and an overwhelming and paralyzing social paranoia.

The worst part is that the longer I go without other people the harder it gets to interact normally when I have the opportunity.

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>she probably has a male concubine
>its not you

why live?
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Can't stand this slut. Get a fucking life op
Already have one

She's 30 years old and has her own kid. It's time to stop

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Weekend is soon over, wagecuck. That went fast! Better start preparing for Monday, eh?
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It's Saturday you smelly fucking NEET bitch
>he's so deluded he thinks being a lazy, freeloading piece of shit is better superior to working towards a better future via labor

You may be comfy and living the easy life. But you have no dignity or courage. All you have is 2D images. Fuck you.
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Holy shit robots I made it and might be actually in love.

I got laid last night, and they actually liked and cared about me. We were just friends and I've been going through a rough time.

I was homeless recently and had no computer or and one pair of ratty shoes.

I hit them up as a friend just to hang out, but when they saw what I was going through they immediately insisted and bought me a laptop and shoes no questions or strings attached.

Then after that we went back to their place and ended up because we were hanging out just talking about our lives.

I yolo'd the fuck out of it after a few hours of talking and went in for a kiss. It was fucking awesome. We made out for like an hour then went back to their bed and had amazing sex.

It wasn't awkward and we both had a great time. We're seeing each other again today.

How do I not fuck this up?
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im a girl btw

an oregano girl
You could just write girl (male) or male (male).

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Do you ever have autistic fantasies where you do something heroic to win over a qt?
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>autistic fantasies

Every day
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I'm 30 and I still have autistic fantasies where I'm doing something to save people and getting praised for it.

The ride never ends.
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Mine would be where some one kills me and I'm reborn into a cyborg superhero.

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What is a friend and why do normies have them?
They don't provide sexual relief i Just don't get it...
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Women are too stupid to live this life
They make you feel happy. You can do stuff with them and go places. Friends tend to motivate each other into bettering themselves.
Life doesn't revolve around sex you fucking idiot.
Stay mad,stay alone.

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Hi, I'm looking for a friend to discuss anything and everything with. Age, gender or sexual orientation does not matter. Post a little about yourself :)
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'sup bro, wanna hang out?
Hi anon

I can't promise to be around regularly, but I'm here right now. Whatcha wanna talk about?

I'm very bored :c I'll talk about anything

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>get into an argument on 4chan
>realize their English skills are a little stilted
>call them a third-worlder
>they fly into a rage
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>get into an argument on 4chan
>argument on 4chan
pure fucking sadness
It's the internet, people say dumb shit so often its so easy to start one.
yes, but this is 4chan, the whole site is dumb shit

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>tfw no NatSoc gf to break ANTIFA skulls with
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>tfw no trad natsoc camwhore gf
>tfw no trad nat gf to stockpile ammunition and pickle vegetables with
>nobody recognizes her on /pol/ now

feels good

I'm still just a scared, sad little boy inside. I need my mommy. I need a new mommy, one who will treat me nicely and take care of me and comfort me like my real one used to do when I was little. I'm just a little boy, this isn't fair...
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Stop being a faggot and grow up
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No I don't wanna I'm still a little boy inside

There's nothing good about growing up anyways
don't be scared, little boy

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> side photo while clearly arching and raising one leg
Every. Fucking. Female. Photo.
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different women.jpg
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>just looking for friends
they're just ripping massive farts
Why do women like to take pictures of themselves so much? It's sickening.

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I'm losing attraction to my robot boyfriend quickly. Before you start in on him, he was a full robot, visibly shaking kissless handheldless virgin. I gave him a shot because he's not hateful and petty about it.

I was hoping that being supportive to him and feeding his sexual appetite would make him feel manlier, more dominant. He's still...so feeble. He's not a nu-male, and he hates feminism, but he acts girlier than I do. Throw in his complete lack of direction, I just don't know how we'll do in the real world. We're both 28, he's still at home. My friends told me he looks so creepy sometimes.

I don't want anyone else. I'm just tired of being embarrassed by him, and I don't know how to make him feel more like a man. I fuck him daily, I'm kinky, I cook. But he always looks so lost and scared.

What can I do to give him confidence, or make him feel like he can take charge, and just make him feel normal? I'm asking robots because I trust you've felt like him before. Please help our relationship.
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I'm in the same situation except that i'm the beta. My gf always complains about me being arobot, and it's been getting worse recently. If he's anything like me, he won't change. Whilst there's a lingering longing to be normal, there is also a worn out feeling from being not accepted by those we are supposed t be normal around. i'm tired of trying to fit in and don't want to anymore. i'm so used to wallowing in self pity that I want to do that for the rest of my life, until I die, when I finally work up the courage to kill myself
Is this bait and what do you look like?
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>directionless and still at home

Drop him, girl(female?). That kind of thing is okay when you're 19 or 20 but it's pathetic when you're over 24. Also you cant turn a robot into a Chad by fucking him.

Who else


because they know there's no way in hell they will ever get laid so they realize there's no point in doing it?

State your age and how long have you gone without shaving your pubes.

>28 yo
>4 years, 5 months

Also /KHV general/ I guess.
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I'm a walking carpet. I can't be bothered shaving anything. I'm reside to my fate as a wookie.

Wait, SINCE WHEN, are men supposed to shave their pubes?

Do women expect that if you want to fuck?

Of course I wouldn't know but this shit seems extremely gay.
I only shave my beard once every two or three months (or more months)
Never shaved something else and never will.

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>Browsing images of hot women
>realize that these things are not some otherwordly thing only found on the internet, but these actually exist, and men actually get to fuck things like this, enough to feel satisfied
>Except not me, never me
>end up trashing things in an autistic fit of rage followed by ending up crying on the floor
>lie there for a litte while and end up falling asleep
>wake up 3 hours later
>post this

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>tfw find every single female body part arousing
>tfw sex drive is fucking high
>Have to fap 3-5 times a day minimum to control my urges.
Women never look anywhere near as good in the flesh as they do in pictures and guys can't fuck photographs.

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Sorry guys, failed chemistry
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Is this a chemistry question or a social science question
I almost laughed, sorry.
That none of them want anything to do with me


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