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How do we solve the nigger problem /r9k/?
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maybe invest in better education, sex ed and revamp your prison system
also give ppl neet bux more easily to avoid all those robberies and burglaries
White wash all unborn blacks. Turn nigger culture into taboo and kill off soros. Also do what >>38773900 said.
Do you know who hates niggers the most?

Civilized black folks

Those get speak out get called uncle tom at best, or get bill cosby'd at worst (look up the pound cake speech)

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>I'm not racist but [racist comment]
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Uhhh watch your mouth nigger, get back to the plantation :)
>I'm not a normie but [normie comment]
>I'm from /pol/ but [most jewish comment possible]
>I'm a robot just like you but [comment that implies the poster is female]

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Why do guys have to be the ones to make the first move?
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Because eggs are valuable and sperm - disposable.
They don't. You're just ugly and/or autistic so women don't approach you.
gender roles are a social construct.

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Do you like Ecuadorian chicks?
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Literally You.png
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>ecuadorian people
Ew, no.
lel have you actually met any in real life?
Yeah, I've met plenty of niggers in real life. I'm American. The country of 63%.

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>tfw no fields medalist bf
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>tfw no field mechanic bf
>tfw no field medic bf
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>tfw you'll never have any bf if you sit inside and make these threads

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>never learned how to tie my shoes
i just slip the laces under my foot and it seems to work fine.

have any of you not learned basic life skills?
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I can't swim.
Have no friends to be at the pool, to afraid to learn by myself.
We what do?
I don't remember the months of the year.

Yet I want to invent something and release it to the public, hopefully it'll be cool. In my autistic dreams I invent warp drive, adventure and shitpost on 4chan from a different solar system.
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>I don't remember the months of the year.

s-same here
>tfw ask someone which number this month is and they get annoyed and/or laugh at me

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Ask a guy who gets laid every 2-3 days anything
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Why are you h e r e?
n e c k y o u r s e l f
I'm here for the same reason you are
Got any fetishes?

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being sincerely in love with your waifu is one of the most commendable accomplishes of the mind.

congratulations to any anon that has
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thanks i assume pic related is yours she looks nice
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Madotsuki literally doesn't even have a personality or any kind remarkable features besides pig-tails
I am madotsuki and hanako is my waifu.

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please post a unique comment in this thread
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here you go op, a very unique comment just for you~ ^_^
vagina is great and i love it
I believe I am the happiest robot alive

>take a shit
>dont wipe so my anus stays all moist with assjuice
>go to bedroom
>watch anal POV videos that include a lot of ass eating, gaping and ass to mouth anal, specially ones where the transparent assjuice is very visible after a nice anal
mike adriano is the god in this
>rub my left had thourgh my anus soaking my figners with delicious ass juice
>suck my fingers and smell them while edging hard my cock with me right hand

Anyone knows this heaven?
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that's nasty op, please clean yourself first
Disgusting, kys desu

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oh fuck what do I say now
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>are you a single mother?
>want to be?
Send her a hilarious gif of Walter saying to skyler that he is the one who knocks
learn how to take a screenshot on your mobile you moron

Top of the Morning is better anyway

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tendies or nuggies.jpg
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It's pretty clear what a robot or normie is, but what is a cyborg?
Is it an ascended normie or a successful robot?
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A cyborg is someone who occasionally has robot-like tendencies but neither lives the life of one or understands the full experience. They'll still have normie friends but they might be considered "cynical " or something.
failed normalfags that want to fit in i remember when it was filtered like how femanon was filtered to cumdumpster but for some reason the mods stopped doing that I wish they still did though
It's when you're not enough of a normie to fit in with normies but not autistic enough to fit in with robots

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>only $23 to my name
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i want her to wrap her legs around my head and let me sniff that sweet taint of hers while i stroke myself to the scent that is her asshole and pussy.
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>only 154k in savings.

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She's not for lewd
You just wish to make me long for death, don't you. Just admit it.

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Why do manlets INSIST on calling themselves alpha? Isn't common knowledge that anyone below 6 foot can't be alpha?
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whe will they learn....seriously. whats their problem
Isn't it common knowledge that OP is gay?
>Beta manlet confirmed

and No, I'm still in the closet.

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ITT: post images that make you legitimately want to kill yourself

the more abstract the better
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>tfw if your waifu was real, she would either be disgusted by you or totally unaware of your existence
also your picture actually makes me want to kill myself less. it brings me back to a time when I gave a shit about anything
Forever asleep.
Can't wait for this kid to hit 7th grade and have Chad beat all traces of optimism out of him.

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