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*blocks your path*

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What a poser faggot hahahahahaha

Remember when he tried to roast boogie and got BTFO'd by a friendly comment?
Excuse me sir I'm in a hurry.
put my dick in his mouth

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Elliot Rodger died a virgin.

Why is it so bad if I die as one?
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It is bad to die too young. Whether you are a virgin or not does not really count.

Look at him, he was so fresh and beautiful and full of life, and he went and destroyed himself for no reason.
I'm a dude but Elliot Rodger was actually pretty hot
This. He looked like a God.

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Reasons you hate your neighborhood

>kids screaming bloody murder at every hour
>play in my driveway
>refuse to move when leaving for class
>illegals blaring spanish polka at 2 in the morning
>3 registered sex offenders on street
>trashcan fires in park
>occasionally on lawns
>packages get stolen regularly
>live right next to fire department
>mfw house in neighborhood still burned down once
>shitty scenecore band two houses away
>fucking awful
>wasps/bees nest falls off neighbors tree and into my backyard
>previous tenants left bed bugs
>renting house and landlord refused to fix anything
>wouldnt even let me reshingle house after cucked by ike
>neighbors steal wifi
>slow down speed instantly
>neighbors got busted for a meth lab once
>cant even own a fucking gerbil but niggers can do that shit
>previous landlord got arrested for pocketing checks and not paying for shit
>genius of the year got arrested for growing weed on front lawn
>live streets away from ghetto high school
>kid hung himself from palm tree
>senior prank was bong rips over the pa
>actual rabbi lives few blocks away
>dont hate but kek when I see him in full shekel garb
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Which city you live in?
the dogs
the dogs never shut the fuck up and their idiot owners leave them in their back yard all day to yap at each other while they blissfully hear nothing at work
Houston, Friendswood, league city, 5th ward. I've lived all over there

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oh boy its time to kill myself

literally just fapped only to this image just fucking end me
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its time to give yourself a haircut with a 12 gauge
make it a clean shave
That's too bad, I just had perfectly normal sex with my beautiful girlfriend who I love
Cowgirl is good fetish. I prefer just the tights and gloves with the crotch open. Where's the fun if you can't see the butthole?

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>Was home schooled from 7th grade on
>Never really associated with teenagers or had many friends
What did I miss?
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Thats so fucked up lulz. Wow 7th and 8th grade were so fun! 9th grade fucking sucked!!! 10th-12th were a fucking breeze!
Sorry your parents did that to you. My mother sent me to an all girls highschool and now I'm bi, socially stunted and in love with my best friend 4 years after graduating
relentless bullying, awkwardness

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Isaac Newton died a virgin.

Why is it so bad if I die as one?
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his math was shit
as his life
>Invented calcus
>Discovered gravity
>Came up with the concept of light
>invented telescope
>>his math was shit
yeah but he was also gay

>Why don't you do anything?
>Why won't you work?
>because life is not fulfilling enough for me to suffer this much to prolong it.

I haven't said it.
I don't have anyone to say it to.

I just found the words now.
I uhm.
I don't think they are capable of processing this.

Their low points while they cannot be measured it quality.
An undeniable truth.
You cannot peer into the emotions of a brain.

They can be in quantity
They are wired much differently than me

I say me not us.
I speak only for myself until I am agreed with.

They have proven they cannot comprehend.

How could they?

Having a meal makes me irascible.
Its a quick set of cyclical logic.

I don't have an appetite mostly.
I must eat to survive, to avoid pain.

I do not want pain.
Eat, eating prolongs survival.
Survival prolongs pain.
To eat to avoid pain, creates pain.

Pain creates anger.
I chew scrambled eggs slowly with a scowl like a cantankerous old fool.

People see this.
Why is he angry at breakfast?

How could they know?
How could any of them fucking comprehend?

I don't want to prolong this.
I don't want benzos, Xanax, zoloft any of this shit to make me forget the natural state I exist in is hellish

I don't want to exist any more it is inherently tiring, and there is no where to rest.

I certainly dont want to exist on the crutch of a capsule keeping me numb and alive.
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>Having a meal makes me irascible.
The logic.
It infuriates me
You are right. I agree with you. They must be wired much differently than us.

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dude weed.jpg
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only a few hours left until 4/20

are you guys prepared? what are you smoking?

i've got amnesia haze, bubblegum and some isolator. can't wait to smoke it
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Its the 18th, ya cunt
nah i know your a aussie im just mad because i have no weed and no one to buy it from god dammit im mad
I'm celebrating hitler birthday by making a camp and putting people I don't like in there.
20.04 not 4/20
fucking americucks...

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> be me
> 2012
> 14 years old
> don't have a single friend to talk to
> spend all my time playing web-browser games
> eventually find a good multiplayer platformer
> really enjoy it, start talking to some people
> most of them are a bit autistic but so am i
> months pass
> meet a female player
> she is a couple years older than me
> quiet at first, i start talking to her more and more each day
> she doesnt seem weirded out by my autism
> i really like her
> months pass, we become really good friends
> the conversation moves from the in-game chat to skype
> she sends me pictures of herself
> she is beatiful
> think i love her
> confess my feelings to her
> turns out she likes me too
> become online boyfriend/girlfriend
> she starts sending me more pictures
> they are becoming more suggestive and sexual each time
> asks me what i think
> too young to understand the sexual connotations and my autistic brain doesn't know what to do
> sperg out whenever non-innocent conversations come up
> struggling to maintain her affection for me
> she talks to me less and less each day
> i see that she starts talking to other people
> in hindsight the conversations with others seem platonic but younger, autistic me didn't understand
> weeks of confusion & anger eventually make me lash out on her
> breaks up with me
> 5 years later
> im still an autistic khv
> one day i go sorting through my old stuff
> find my old hard drive
> plug it into computer
> skype auto-starts on boot
> see her in the contacts list
> cry
> read through the months of conversation
> i seemed so happy
> have never reached such a mutual level of connection with anyone since
> she is no longer active on this skype account
> cant find her online anywhere
> print out a picture of her and have it in my wallet since then
> honestly dont know what i would do if we ever met again

i know that chances are nobody really cares but i just felt like sharing my autistic story. another drop in the ocean around here.
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That's rough anon.
I'm sorry man, you will find someone else. I know it.
You should move on. You cant get hung up on the failures of your life.

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*blocks your path*

"Mada mada!"

wat do?
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Is that a jojo reference?
Is what i would ask
proceed to autistically try and prove myself to be the better genji with gold weapons and 50 hours
I need healing
need healing
I need healing
I need healing

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>/r9k/ used to be the autism containment board
>now it's just the black person containment board
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>black "person"
>Various Y chromosome studies show that the San carry some of the most divergent (oldest) human Y-chromosome haplogroups. These haplogroups are specific sub-groups of haplogroups A and B, the two earliest branches on the human Y-chromosome tree.

>Mitochondrial DNA studies also provide evidence that the San carry high frequencies of the earliest haplogroup branches in the human mitochondrial DNA tree. This DNA is inherited only from one's mother. The most divergent (oldest) mitochondrial haplogroup, L0d, has been identified at its highest frequencies in the southern African San groups.


The purest persons (humans) are found in the deepest part of Africa and the first Europeans looked just like them...really tickles the cortex.
Ray liotta has the best laugh going

*blocks you're path*
>"Hey, you fascist fuck-head!! You have no science to support your views and you are on the wrong side of history!!"

How do you respond?
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>Begone, white niggers! I have to pick up my copy of the new King Kendrick!
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The future is a blank slate for us to draw on. To say there is a right or wrong side is to create a spook.
Who would win?
1000 dirty hippies or one shower?

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>Girl talks to me
>Immediately fall in love with her and fantasize about spending the rest of my life with her
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How the fuck do you stop doing this? I know it's completely ridiculous and yet I can't stop obsessing about this girl I barely even know because she actually talks to me.

I even get upset when she doesn't as if she owes more or something.

pls help
>she says "That'll be $17.44, would you like your receipt?"
>resist urge to respond with a marriage proposal and say something else.
>"Y-you yoo."
Own your thoughts. Fantasize the shit out of her, enjoy it, and then move on to the next one. It's really nothing special.

why do parents sometimes force their children into religion in the first place?

I mean, really, who are you helping in this situation? what does anyone gain from this practice?

pic unrelated
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If you 100% believed there was a god who loved you and your children and following his teachings would give you eternal life in paradise you wouldn't make your children follow him too?
Nope. More room in Heaven for me. Less people = more real estate value. Want as much space as possible.
You're retarded, that's not how it works

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I went to HS with this girl and now she is facing criminal charges.

What does r9k think?

Vid in link

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here is a picture of her slamming the 18 month old

if you google her name, jazmine torres, there is a lot of links to news stories about her
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that's some real nice baby dropping form.
A sad easily frustrated woman. She probably doesn't get paid much more than minimum wage.

She definitely shouldn't work with kids.

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