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What are the worst things normies have said to you?

>Be walking in school

>Say hello to my teacher

>Walk past two girls while saying this

>They burst out laughing

>"He's ugly as fuck."

>I turn to them and exclaim "Hey."

>Dab on them

>They are pushed back by the force of my dab and are thrown to the end of the hallway exploding on impact

The only solution to being insulted is dabbing on them haters.
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I am no longer a dumb robot but this happened to me in HS

>be walking along street in front of school
>two guys my age walking towards me
>can't remember if I said hi weakly or just ignored them
>one of them says "what a faggot" about ten steps behind me
>obviously I hear them
>I turn over my shoulder
>they have done the same and are a mix between laughing and "oh shit he wasn't supposed to hear that"
>see them again when I get to the classroom I was heading towards and they apologize
>I forgive them without any other response
Still think about this sometimes lads. I don't think I had ever said a word to either of them.
Why is everything so spaced out, also the punchline was shit.
Some people are just vile, it's the way it is.

>didnt eat all day yesterday
>fell asleep at 3am, didn't wake up till 1pm
>ive been too tired to go get food
>be me now
>hands are shaking
>my eyesight is getting blurry

am... Am I gonna die?
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You're dehydrated, dumbass.
>You're dehydrated, dumbass.
I don't have any water in my apartment

The closest restaurant is about a mile away and its 105 degrees F outside

I have some oreos that's all

holy shit my hands are shaking so bad I can barely type this
No your just like me

>Feel sick whenever I even smell food
>Drinking water makes me also a bit sick
>Sleep like 4 hours a day and stay up all night
>No energy

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>tfw have absolutely no skills whatsoever
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>Played video games nearly every day of my life since I was 4 years old
>I'm still terrible at all of them
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>every hobby/activity I try to take part in ends in catastrophic failure
>every skill I try to improve on only gets worse
>I still suck dick at videogames despite it being my only regular activity
>played video games since i was 5
>austically amazing at any game i play for over a hundred hours
>get bored of games fairly quickly

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how do you robots get weed and stuff you have to go out and MEET someone thats to hard for me senpai
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Ask your friends, you're never more than a few degrees removed from a dealer. Or get a medical card. Or if you're in California it becomes 100% legal in January.
>Ask your friends
Not everyone is a normalfag

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>be me
>have a reputation as being a cultist freak in school
>somehow still have a fairly big friend-group
>one day I have a dispute with my friend-group and end up getting kicked out of it
>its very hard making new friends when people think you're a freak
>end up making friends with this one guy who also has a terrible reputation
>people claim he tried to stab his parents or something
>we have similar interests that we constantly talk about
>we share our other interests
>he likes books and tells me about all the books he reads
>I like video games and tell him about all the video games I play
>as we get closer we open up more
>turns out we both have some major mental issues
>we tell each other our deepest secrets
>he tells me he hates himself and wants to change himself comletely
>he is like the brother I never had
>one day he doesn't come to school
>I go to message him on Facebook to ask where he is
>he deleted his account
>he deleted ALL his social media
>even his steam account
>dont know where he lives so cant visit him
>literally nobody knows where he went, not even the teachers
>he didnt give anyone any warning, literally just disappeared overnight
>some people claim he moved to the other side of the country overnight
>some claim he killed himself
>dont hear from him in years
>get a Facebook friend request
>its him
>he has 0 Facebook friends
>accept it
>he messages me
>"Hey... how are things?"
Wat do?
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Interesting. Sounds like he wants to reconnect. Worth humoring him at least.
Ask him about everything
tell him youre pissed

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If you had a little sister, would you wrestle with her?
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I'll wrestle her until she's hot, sweaty & panting.
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This kid wants his sis

Dude, I won't want to know, but where the fuck does a person find these fucking gifs. Jesus christ, I feel like I should be fined for watching this shit.

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what is the purpose of strip clubs
>can't touch any of the strippers
>can't fuck any of the strippers
>can't masturbate
why not just go beat off to internet porn? how are these establishments still a thing
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>tfw go to strip club and set a few squirrels loose
>watch what happens

This is why strip clubs are still a thing....they're waiting...
I go to them mainly for a hang out space.
Go with some friends, drink some beer, and look at the hot naked chicks.
You're supposed to get a private dance and negotiate actual sex for money behind the curtains, or at least thats the way I hear it.

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tfw your wife beats you while your driving and gives you a busted lip, black eye, and scratches all over because you cant have kids. Never hit her in my life and try to be maybe too nice. We got home and she said if i told anyone she hit me she would tell my entire family i hit her which id never do.

women suck. dont be like me and let a girl you think is the one push you around because you just wanna settle.
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Jesus. Get some kind of recording device or app and have it running 24/7 so you can prove that she's lying. Hidden cameras would be, too. Maybe a two sided dashcam for the car, too.
Protect yourself m8 and gl.
just adopt beautiful aryan children, are you really that attractive? what the fuck is her issue?
Get cameras and find another woman to adopt kids with

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>finally find a roastie to take your virginity
>see this

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Do it anon, it may be your only chance.
Holy shit. That's gotta be some kind of condition.

As long as she shampoos, I'm totally O.K with this.

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When can we purge all these trap posters and boypussy threads shitting up this board?
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when you stop complaining and replying to them
Never. Just run off to whatever normie shit hole you crawled out of.
Can I see your boipucci please

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Answer this poll and discuss the results
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Reminder that getting fucked by the person in OP's pic isn't gay because it's a trap and the feminine penis just makes it more cute
I voted "very bad" even though browsing this shithole is the majority of my time and I'll probably never leave.
Why couldn't I have been born with a huge dick it's just not fair

Dumb sissy black boi
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>he has to wear a cardigan to unsucessfully hide his big arms
lol gay
d-do you see those hands?
Yeah the hands are definitely the main thing differentiating him from a real woman

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I'm deaf so if you reply to this thread I will NOT hear it
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deaf people are gay ha gotem
umm, can you turn the light on? I can't see your post
If you've replied I CAN'T hear it! Sorry!

> Ask to get redpilled on look on /soc /

> Get told ugly and girl said they wouldn't date me

Feels bad
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I regularly get 2's on /soc/
I go on /soc/ to boost my confidence. Used to post all the fucking time.
Posted just my eyes on r9k and was told they were creepy and suspicious. Never really wanted to post anything of myself online ever again.

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>get stoned
>go to facebook
>immediately feel like a loser

Boy social media sure is fun
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That's the point.

orig orig oregano
I used to feel the same. Then my porn stores got big enough that I didn't need facebook anymore.
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>get stoned
>freak out over existential matters rather than focusing on talking to people, enjoying a sandwich, or laughing at a tv show
Perfectly natural right?

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