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I go to community college and I swear 80% of roasties have Starbucks with them every goddamn day. WTF is it with retarded stinking roasties and starbucks? I'm guessing it's a status thing. There are local coffee shops around the area that are 10 X better and cheaper yet gashes still run to starbucks. I hate Starbucks.
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I've tried starbucks one, it tastes like dirty water.

Home made organic or bust.

If you buy starshit you are a libcuck normalfaggot
They don't buy them everyday. They use the same cup over and over again with other coffee. It really is a status thing. It's like how niggers save the stickers from their tall tees only to iron them and put the sticker back on so it looks new. I wondered the same thing.

Voting for Real NEET Hours Edition
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why do you guys have the need to have one thread just for yourselves?

fucking normies i swear..
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President Xi Jinping edition

>p-please, force those memes inside me senpai
>ah, I-I didn't expect a l-lethal dose of morphine HAHA, so fucking good AHHH
>m-my dick is as hard as three week old Tesco bread senpai, you're forcing these memes so fucking good ahhh
>*the britfeel poster violently spews cum before the word had even finished being said. And thus concludes his daily fix of forced, terrible memes*
If I posted in another thread the following: "me bum is on fire lads haha xdxd shouldn't have ate those spicy nik naks someone give me a lethal dose xD badly craving a tesco baguette from tesco desu" you wouldn't understand

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>parents divorce
>mom is left with 500k worth of assets
>she loses every single fucking dollar over several years to retarded scams and gambling losses
>she has never come out of the casino with a positive balance before
>blames dad for all her losses "because he introduced me to casinos"
>tells me its none of my business because im the child and im "immature"
>promises to never gamble again after losing, then breaks promise every 3 months
>15k in debt
>credit card interest of $60 for this month, and she went to the casino yesterday to try to win enough to pay off the credit card bills that are due
>loses 2k trying to save on 60 bucks
>im stuck with her as i can't afford to live by myself with a wagecuck job while going to school

illogical, rationalizing all her wrongdoings, always blaming others, cannot take constructive criticisms, immature, unable to follow through with her promises. is this the redpill?

i'd be fucking set for life if i had 500k to invest with, on top of working for a bit
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Why do you assume all women are like this? My mother is kind, responsible and good with money.
congrats, your mother is the exception to the rule
She really isn't. Most of the women I've known are great people.

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>guy on discord is playin hard to get
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Because nobody likes faggots like you.
Literally no one likes you
y-yeah you're a faggot OP nobody wants you here

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sad elfont.png
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>tfw not going to prom on Sunday
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you're a lameass op. kys
I didn't go to prom either. or any school dance for that matter
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Screenshot (93).png
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Fucking sick of you underage shits.

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Humans are total fucking scum. Which human do you hate the most? I hate my father the most.
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Myself. He's the worst and I wish he'd just die already.
I'm only replying because I love Slint but since I'm here... I hate the person who ruined my fucking life and is the sole cause of all my problems: myself.
I don't hate myself; if anything I love myself. Work on loving yourself and then you'll become more sensitive to the amount of hate others have for you.

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>ask a girl out
>she says no way, she wouldn't even consider going out with an ugly guy like me
So, should I just end my life?
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File: REEE.gif (1MB, 680x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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if your gonna end your life take her with you REEEEEEEE
no, go seduce her mother.
uhm, you should go out with me instead...

Is it safe to assume most robots have the dark triad?
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They may have parts of the dark triad, but having each of the three traits is supposedly what makes bad-boy chads so attractive.


in fact, major red pill incoming,

robots are failed chads, not normies.
Absolutely not. If any of these applied to robots, they'd be successful.

Robots are the opposite; Stupid, awkward outcasts. They might be a little narcissistic, but that's it. As far as I'm concerned, robotdom is nothing but a form of autism.

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>Wake up
>See a nigger
>Day is ruined
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unless you live with a nigger
how you see one if you are a robot?
remember robots barely go outside.
Kill yourself and you'll never see a nigger again.
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>last day at my McJob
>over a fucking dozen interracial couples
How? Why? Am I in hell?

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>he doesn't /mute all in league of legends
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>playing league of normies.
> got permabanned for toxicity
>have to relevel an account cause I'm too poor to buy a lvl 30
>playing with retards

it's painful
first post best post
Fuck off with those normie vidya somewhere else, like Facebook, or better yet kill yourself for playing such shitty games.

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> Blue flags for girls
she's awkward even though she's pretty
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File: flags1.jpg (105KB, 771x707px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>Blue flag
>a quicker competitor is closing or trying to overtake
Sabine Is gay and she is MINE
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>Dad is a farmer, fireman, cop, teacher, tradesman
>"I only add close friends and family on Facebook"
>No contact with exes
>Loves children and animals
>Not messy
>Likes camping and hiking
>Long hair
>Dresses modestly

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This never happened. Why do you nazis keep making stuff up!
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Why are you even posting this /b/ garbage here? fuck off
What's the story behind this?
She was acting too friendly at a strange (muslim) immigrant who started to follow her from the busstop. She made a mistake of replying to his questions, like any normal person does, so the (muslim) immigrant thought she wanted some sex. As she refused, he raped and killed her. That's how it went if I recall right. It happened in Norway or Sweden. In those countries, women, or (young) men either, do not dare to walk outside alone at night, in the fear of getting gang raped by immigrants. And if you point this out, the lefties will literally spit on your face, even it it is the truth.

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Does anyone else have something to prop their legs up on while they take a shit? It's very comfy. Pic related is a drawing of my set up
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you're just making things harder for yourself
No. It makes shitting comfy.
That toilet looks very happy

Just curious
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first for blackbots
we will reign supreme
4chan is 70% white.
First for spictards.

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I need help.
I don't know what i'm doing.

I don't have anything to live for. Sadly, i have a couple of reasons to not die, my parents have literally told me that they would kill themselves if i did it. How am i supposed to take my own life if I basically have a responsiblity over them? How would have the courage to do it if every second of those "last moments" was the preludium of an indirect murder to two other people?

Am i being crazy? I keep asking myself the same thing over and over because noone seems to agree with what i think, they just talk about honour and dignity while they suppose i don't have any sense of morality or empathy. But i can't just tell them that the reason i'm still alive is that sense of empathy.

It justs, feels lonely once in a while.

I'm supposed to get a job to get money and survive. I'm supposed to care about my future and work towards my goals, but. What am I supposed to do if I don't care about having money because I don't care about surviving? How am I going to work towards anything if I don't want to do anything at all?
The cycle keeps fucking repeating, I look for something to feel alive and then ditch out because I realize I don't really care about the effort I put in it. I just want something to live for, i want a reason to wake up every day and do the exact same shit as yesterday. I don't even care about the monotony, but when i was a kid i was able to do shit so fucking boring and stupid only to get some time to play piano, only to get some time to play video games. I had a reason to live once, it may have been an inmature and childlish one, but I had it. Is it asking too much? Am i being entitled? I don't even know what it is supposed to be or not, and neither i know if what it is supposed to be means anything.

A hobby, a love, just give me a reason. I've been looking for it for years.
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i get you and its not being entitled i never have had anything that i really liked much and ive always carried trinkets and stuff and always liked small stuff that i could carry with me and now that i think about it i rhink its because i feel like i dont have a personality and having things i can carry with me gives me something to think about and that gives me meaning maybe? ive made music and stuff and honestly hobbies are pretty boring to me and i dont make music any more i wasnt ever good anyways. i dont really want to off myself either but i want to know that i can if you get what i mean. and the only way id go is by gun but even with a shotgun it seems like it would be easy to survive because ive saw on here people say to aim it 45 degrees but id probably aim to high or somethibg and just go blind.

basically the things i enjoy are collecting flac files and smoking a few cigarettes a day with coffee behind the house

i wish you the best OP sorry i couldnt be of help
I just wanted to feel understood, thanks for your reply. You are helping.
Maybe you need friends or a girlfriend. Unless you already have that.

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