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Packing on the pounds!

Watch what you're eating, pal ;-)
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Yes this is a good post, I have taken a shine to this mem, please continue
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Watch out, lil' bunny! You look like you're gonna burst any second now!
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Is OSRS worth playing?
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no. its just a slightly less accessible modern MMO that happens to have retro graphics. a far cry from actual 2007 runescape.
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dont waste your time. Play guild wars 2 for max comfy
I play it and it's meh it's all my laptop will run

I mean if you want to click on shit while u watch tv and shit post it's good it's not really good as a game more just like a distraction from boredom

The gameplay is horrible but it makes boring shit slightly better so I'd use it just as a background thing I usually just afk magic while I do chores and shit around the house

>Talking to my father
>Yells at me and tells me to look people in the eyes when I'm talking to them
>try to look him in the eyes
>get extremely teary-eyed within seconds
why am I like this
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It's for your own good, Champ. Tomorrow: The handshake.
Maybe you have a problem with narrow tear ducts.
Every time I look somebody in the eyes they get all uppity like I'm challenging them. That's not just my autism either, they actually make comments like "what?" And shit like that. One moment of eye contact and they act like im staring them down. It's the curse of having big eyes man, NORMIEs get intimidated.

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How does it feel to know you'll never be with a cute girl and will eventually be forced to settle, or die alone?
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feels like I don't give two licks of a shit to be fuckin honest with you johnny phoneposter

stop shitting up the board with inane garbage throwaway threads like this one, put an ounce of effort into making a worthwhile thread for once in your life. god damn mongoloid. thank christ your phone will give you cancer in 30 years.
>How does it feel to know you'll never be with a cute girl
I beg to differ
You seem mad, friendo. Is the sexual frustration and lack of affection getting to you?

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Let's have a women hate thread to show the roasties how much we hate their presence here.
We need to retake our board from the disgusting """"fembots"""" and normalfaggots.
This is it, friends. This is the start of the Beta uprising. Godspeed to you, robots. Our tendies and oneitises await us at the end of this war.
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women are useless.jpg
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Oregon trail oregon trail, tell me where the roasties are
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This is what women want. Do you hate them yet, robots?

>friend comes over because bored
>we decide too watch some bad made horror movie and drink some beer
>talk about everyday stuff
>he gets kinda depressed because drunk
>flames about how he feels lonely all day and that he is sad because his parents divorce
>I try to calm him down
>give him a brotherly hug and say it's okay, everyone feels lonely sometimes
>he kinda feels me up, notices that I have a boner because not fapped in two days and no gf
>I kinda do not resist, he starts snuggling and kissing my neck
>opens my pants and starts touching my dick
>he's super nervous but I let him give me a blowjob
>get extremely horny, never felt this good before
>grab his ass and pull his pants down
>we fuck the shit out of eachother the whole night
>sleep together in my bed
>this morning, wake up with a headache and notice he's still there and we cuddle, kiss eachother
>we don't speak because it's kinda weird for both of us, but am both happy
>he leaves later on and we say our goodbyes, grinning weirdly
I-I'm not gay or am I? I mean I kinda don't know what to do right now, what does all that mean?
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Yeah, that didn't happen. In this theoretical situation, yes you would be gay
Nice fanfiction, fag.
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That's pretty gay, OP.


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Can someone explain the reddit spacing meme to me?
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Reddit likes to think every sentence is a paragraph that deserves its own individual consideration from the entire post.

Like this.
It's kinda like doing this.

Then this.

And finally this.

And spacing everything out so it reads easier, instead of, ya know, using greentext or just sloppily shitposting.

It's a meme that fucking sucks though, because sometimes I don't like writing one giant wall of text so I add some extra space in between topics and get called out on it. And I've never even visitted Reddit.
It's redditors who think they're seeing something familiar that they've seen on reddit, and so they call that poster out for being a redditor in an attempt to fit in. It's as stupid as it sounds.

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This is one of the few that has stumped me and I can't fucking crack the pattern of this one.
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I think it's the one on the far right. The middle arrow always points to the left after pointing up.
You put your down down and thrust your pelvis.
Why would you want to cheat an IQ test, you will just be lying to yourself.

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Hey Robots, i cant decide.
I going to university at september, but all unis accepted me , now i have to choose, its my last way to avoid to become like you

my 2 fav unis are :
smalltown uni
>50.000 inhabitants
>normal rent
>i can drive everywhere with my rusty car, no city traffic
> uni has bad reviews
> my course dont seem to have deep infos
> my courses will be in english
> international uni, 50% foreigerners
> there is a beekeeping club in town
> directly at the border to the netherlands
>small study group

big town uni
> 150 inhabitants
> very remarkable uni
> course in my mother tongue
> very deep knowledge in my course and specialication
> large study groups
> anonymity

what would you choose ?
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>coming to the board filled with fuckups, losers, perverts, and weirdos for life advice
are you fucking stupid. take it to >>>/adv/ and good luck you fucking dipshit
i can learn from your mistakes, adv is just as terrible
if you are smart, big town uni

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Fembot here I'm looking for others to talk to, I'm not sending pics because you're probably a creep for asking, I play mostly quake
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Hi i dont really play games but i like skyrim.

Where can i talk to you?
>fembot playing quake
yeah ok jackass, fakest bait post of the decade
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Oh yeh I have to play bejewelled and strip poker tehehehe

out of the way normal fag

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is there something like /r9k/ except without any talking about porn, sex, relationships, or women?
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anything less hostile?
try reddit, faggot. i'm sure you'll fit right in.

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Hahaha epic memes my fellow redditors XDD
Ive never used reddit and i love rick and morty. Are ye mad?

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>Eric Barone couldn't get a job after graduating from college with a CS degree
>decides to create his own game inspired by Harvest Moon
>games becomes a bestseller and makes $30 million

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that's a handsome nerd
>chris chan could be a multi-millionaire if he marketed sonichu like this guy did with his knockoff
Lol what. CWC doesn't even have remotely the talent/content to do shitnlike that. The only audience a sonichu game would appeal to is the ~1000 people who still give a shit about chris-chan

Advice please. I've somehow ended up taking my sister to a show and dinner tomorrow night.

I've really not sure what to do. This is the closest I've ever had to a date.

Please advise me on how to not fuck this up and annoy her.
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Just dont end like pulp fiction
>somehow ended up taking my sister to a show and dinner
please expand
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thank you for the 5 am chuckle.

What kind of drunk are you?

I get really sloppy and emotionally numb.
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I'm usually quite submissive but when I get drunk I become very open about my thoughts which scares me sometimes. Also depends on the mood before drinking, if I'm angry, depressed happy ect the alcohol only amplifies the current emotion state
Flirty drunk. Im basically Stanley Ipkis and when I'm drunk I turn into the mask
Much more open as a person, pretty talkative, more empathetic, happy, joyfull.
Pretty much opposite of normal me.

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