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The great gospel of kek tells fags like you to kill yourselves. Spelunking is a perfectly fine way of completing that task.
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That's quite sad. Very tragic.
kek maga xD amirite fellow #pedes shadilay

look at this BASED homosexual fellow kekistani in a MAGA hat! praise kek, brother! shadilay! shadilay! AWOOOO~~~!!!

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I hope one day I wake up and just know what will make me happy because as of now I have no fucking clue what I'm doing.
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are you sick or something?
No just anxious and scared
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wing it.png
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oh I thought the face mask was so you wouldn't breathe or cough on other people.

I have no clue what I'm doing either.

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I was watching some time stop porn, and I wondered, what if women are sluts only because a group of people with time stop powers fucks every female because they can stop time and the amount of time they spend fucking frozen women is limitless so effectively they have fucked every single female, and maybe they have a set of guidelines where they only fuck women at a certain age, but there was some sort of internal power struggle within the group - a coup where the old leadership were killed - so they started fucking girls at a younger age than prior to their groups laws, so that's why girls are super slutty at a young age.

I mean, how could we know, right?
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who broken sleep schedule,insomia,fear/anxiety of sleeping here.

I'm pretty bad and go to bed at like 9am and wake at 5-6pm.
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I've been going to bed at 6-8am since I graduated high school. I'm 21 now.
I simply can't fix it. I'll go a day without sleep and still not be able to fall asleep before 4-5am.

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>19th birthday (canadafag, so can get into bars now)
>spending it on 4chan

Got any birthday stories, /r/obots?
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>morning of 10th birthday
>mom gets phonecall
>grandfather on dads side just died
>mom starts crying
>family and friends of father show up
>everyone mourning
>dad comes home from work smiling
>"HAPPY BIRTH- why's everyone crying?"
>they break the news to him
>his expression goes blank
>sits down in silence while everyone is there
>they eventually leave
>he goes into the bathroom and goes into an all out rage
>breaks the entire bathroom
>comes out with bloody knuckles
>walks straight out of house
>hours later he comes back
>he staggers about and slurs his words
>he does this for the next year
>loses his job
>gets divorced from my mother
>he becomes an alcoholic
>ends up at rehab
>comes out clean as a whistle
>seems like a completely different person
>ends up back with my mother
>she cheats on him
>he becomes a homeless alcoholic
>he drunkenly tells me that he fucking hates me
>haven't seen him in 5 years
>mfw my birthday was the day my father pretty much died
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Too sad for /r9k/
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All I can say is damn.

How's life as a male who has little to no chest hair/beard?
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Hey /r9k/
Trips and I'll post mine and my house phone number
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what did he mean by this
you have to call this now because of quads

You're still on good terms with Dad, right anon? What are you getting him?
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No and nothing. Next time I see him will be his funeral.

Yes. My parents and sibling are the only people I care about, along with some other close family members/associates.
I probably would still be on good terms, but he died a long time ago.

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why is it that when chewing every once in a while my jaw suddenly misaligns and almost twitches shut?
it hurts my teeth and is startling. I fear that one day I am going to chip a tooth.
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you'are musculoskeletal system is trying to kill you because it is tired of supporting your sad flesh
Google TMJ, it'll go away in about a decade
I've got a misaligned jaw. Shit isn't funny and gave me lisp that lasted all through high school. Stopped me from becoming social at all. Its honestly extremely fucking stressful and looks ugly as well. I hope one day to get surgery to fix it.

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who /gave up/ here?

it just wanst meant to be
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death is the only way out

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>stacey bitch i used to know got arrested for drugs and is in the paper

is there a better feel than this?
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Give me the dirtiest, most humiliating, most degenerate, most fucked up BBC cuckold sissy porn that you have. I want something that will make me cum gallons and make me proud of my degeneracy.
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no that's ok, please leave.

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>tfw no apogenous bf
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>Tfw these threads are all shit but somehow all over my board
Fuck off to /soc/.
Why are you only into adjectives?

>C'mon Anon, you promised!
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i-is this what a vagina looks like? i've never seen one in my life

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do any robots wanna talk and just be friends? my discord is perezoso#7260
please anybody
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Couldn't connect
I don't think you put in the right tag, anon.
Try again and make sure capitalization is proper
Sent a request, should be coming from leontrotsky

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