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Maybe if you dressed better, worked out and got a good haircut girls would actually give you the attention you so want? Girls put a lot of effort into their looks so why shouldn't you?
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But I don't ever walk outside my house except when going to the gym

I already dress well, but I never ever meet people..
Maybe if you would already dress nice, work out, look good, and got attention but still feel like hating like and killing yourself every day you would understand that "buhuhu I don't have a gf" is laughable.
I dress in name brands, work out every day and got a haircut last week.
What now?

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1. Use a name in the namefield.
2. Share your problems, ask your questions.
3. Be listened to and cared for.
4. I cannot be present much today.
5. This is mostly a test to see if mods/janitors will delete the thread or auto-sage it, as they have done for the past three threads.
6. To keep in touch:

[email protected]

Let's see how long this thread lasts.
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itt: a bunch of beta cucks/virgin losers

There's only you and me, and I sure am not a virgin. So that leaves you. What's your point?
>dont even get anyone else to reply
why diss yourself moron

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who else /bully/ here?
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I was a /bully/ but only till they showed me they had enough self respect to stand up for themselves. I only congratulated 2 people for growing a spine.
id have probably beat your ass for thinking you had any right to congratulate me on standing up for myself
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ok tuff guy

File: 0D4zW9I[1].jpg (71KB, 1041x788px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Holy shit, Drumpf BTFO!!
How will /pol/ ever recover?!
LMAO this is BIG.
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fuck off back to >>>/tv/, plebian nigger
whenever a trumper reads something like this they imagine that the left is collectively circlejerking thinking "haha ow owow now hes done for haha this is it this is the one"
Post the screencap.
I can't imagine the mental gymnastics leftists are willing to do to compare Trump with somebody that tortures and kills innocents just for fun.

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What is your IQ, anon?

no results from online tests
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you know its IQs, right retard? If it was IQ it would be only 1. This is probably your IQs loser
I'm sure if I did some brain training shit it would easily go up to 130 which is genius level.
hah you sound like a fucking nerd lol

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>be me
>took it in the butt once tough, but not gay
>tough childhood as orphan
>somehow manage to escape past
>serve in army
>easily the most valuable member
>option to get raise
>would mean having to settle
>bunch of thugs attack me
>bitch shoots me
>now wounded
>still be victorious
>oops, here comes the alpha
>he defeats me
>rest a bit but want to get revenge
>duel him again
>almost win but he does some faggoty armlock
>dislocates my arm
>says he owns me now
>maybe he gay?
pic unrelated
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>I took a dick up my butt
>but I'm not gay
>do some raiding together
>raid some more
>gang makes it big
>chad wants to get it on with employers daughter
>maybe not gay
>tough he took it up the butt once
>other gang leaders get jelly
>they try to assassinate our chad
>almost kill daughter
>people say chad saved her
>chad now hero
>other leaders even more jelly
>but now its our time to strike
it was a black guy, very persuading
couldnt say no

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Post what you wish you looked like
I'm sure many robots also hate the way they look and wished they looked different
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I would like to keep my facial aesthetics and hair and beard genetics 100% the same I just wish I was super tall and big framed so I could get power lifter huge
Opposite for me
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I really want a strong jawline

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>you will never have a childhood this cool
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What the FUCK is wrong with white people? Holy shit

White trash redneck garbage.
Nice photoshop, idiot.

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>wake up
>teeth hurting
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>wake up
>still poor
>tfw you suffer through a few days of severe pain just because you don't wanna make a phone call to set up a dentist appointment
>only severe infections with facial swelling can do that and has, twice
Maybe you should brush your teeth for once in your life faggot

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I wanna get FUCKING RIPPED, liftbros what are your routines? What do I need to know to get BUFF
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You need to ride the bike with your arms
Seriously do ittt
Wrong board, faggot.
>>>/fit/ is that way

I want what they have
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>he wants a mutilated dick and a kike gf
Ok, anon.
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>kike gf
What's wrong with that? Pretty Jewish girls are my fetish.
You really want a girlfriend/wife who's a blank slate? What fun is that?

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Boogie2988 hate thread
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> he gets surgery
>still looks exactly the fucking same
>being this mad that a fatass can be more successful and outgoing than you, and isn't a virgin
robots BTFO
that shit gonna back lash in his autistic lgbt community

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whats the best ways to stop drinking and using tobacco? im not addicted per se but i just stay bored and use it as entertainment when i tire of music

any tips?
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u gotta switch senpai...... start drinking lots of caffeine instead maybe...
>im not addicted per se but i just stay bored and use it as entertainment
literally what every addict says before they realize they are addicted
Literally just stop doing them retard. How else can you stop unless you stop?

Am I being trolled?

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>tfw no Aqua gf

Why even live?
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out of all the konosuba girls, you choose the worst. why?
but they are all shit though. if i had to choose one girl from the shows it would be yunyun
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what's wrong with her? what's wrong with your taste in women?

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Let's say you had two weeks to find a girl to go on a date with, where would you go?
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straight off that cliff desu
what happens if I dont find a girl in 2 weeks anon? what are the consequences?
The bigger problem here is finding the girl to go on the date with, not where the date will be.

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