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Just lift and be confident, brah.
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It's a fact that women like muscles above all else and will completely fall in love with you if you have enough muscle mass. Nothing else matters.
Face is more important. You can get away with having a mediocre body if you have a handsome face. A beautiful body won't fix an ugly face
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this I have a hideous face and get bad looks from people all the time, even when I try to smile like mother told me.

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Rich robots, how does it feel to not have to worry about money? How did you come into your fortune? Would you ever consider giving a poor robot a leg up in life?
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Rich robots, please pay me for sex.

Pick one.

You still have to worry about money.

My net worth make me rich, BUT.

1. you have to constantly worry about managing your portfolio which takes a lot of time and bullshit depending on how your wealth is held

2. my wealth is illiquid and I still have problems with insufficient income at times; I actually still live a poorfag life, probably a more poorfag life than people who are nominally poorer than me.

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Exactly how and when does a woman turn into a whore?

I'd ask why but it seems complicated. If a girl has sex before 16 is it guaranteed?
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Alex is her top pick, despite being 14 years older. There is still hope for US oldbots i assume.

Also being a whore is about the mindset and not the actual number of dicks.

Right around the point where it starts to disgust the general population.
>Alex is her top pick, despite being 14 years older.

High school girls love older guys because they're comparatively better than the literal children they go to school with.

But you need:
>a decent house
>a decent car
>a decent job
>good looking (duh)
>willing to provide alcohol, cigarettes, and maybe drugs

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ITT: born the wrong way stories, memes, links to msm stories.
>White who feels he's nigger inside,
>Red head who feels as blonde,
Anything that your self or other feels that was a mistake when they were born:
>Age, color, sex, gender, hight, or even an animal or object in a human body.
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Not really a "mistake" but sometimes when I look in the mirror I feel surprised by the face looking back and feel almost as if this body is temporary or recent.
Don't be like that. I know you robots have stories and such about your self or others.
>share it. will you?
Long way to say "Mental illness thread" OP

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Question for all the Black robots out there:
Does the knowledge of centuries of enslavement of other cultures/the fact that Blacks never enslaved a separate race ever weigh on your mind?

Like, do you ever feel shame or anger or sadness or guilt etc?

Robots seem to just dwell on things that normies give mind to only in passing, so I thought you'd be the best ones to ask.
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Nobody thinks about this.
t.black girl
>>enslavement of
enslavement BY
No females please. You're inherently submissive and wouldn't be affected as much. Sorry

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So if a girl like pic related genuinely wants to date you ...would you? Why/why not?

No guarantees for anything else. All up to you.
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she looks like an ayylmao
no, because she's a porn star and more importantly, she's not my oneitis
>those backlogs...

>most hypnotic song
>would waifu 99.99991%

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Are you down the with THICCness?
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You fat shills will never get me
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just accept it my man. life is better on this side.
most fat chicks in real life are disgusting
I will never fall for this meme

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Have you considered having sex with grannies, /r9k/?

Vaginas stay just as tight, wet and warm with grannies. So why not expand your horizons and go for them instead?
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I thought I was desperate, but threads like these make me feel a bit normie again. Thanks OP!
depends on the granny. Jennifer Tilly's a hot granny.
This is a guaranteed way of getting herpes, but even then... I've never met a grannie or any other girl who wanted to fug. (unless they were lusting over chad)

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ITT: that kid highschool/collage edition

>that kid who went bald at 17
>that kid who had a beard at 14
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>that kid who shit himself at junior school
It was me
>the kid who went from fat to absolutely ripped in just over a year
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>the girl who had horrifically big tits in collage

any females want an Irish bf? I smell bad but i'm not fat or a manlet
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Better potential Irish bf reporting, pick me instead.

I don't smell bad.
I only smell bad because i just ran 200 miles.
>I smell bad
I can byu you some soap and tooth-paste. You don't even have to become my bf to get free soap.

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feel beard.jpg
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>sitting at home alone like I always do
>suddenly phone starts ringing
>freak out because my phone never actually rings
>it's an unknown number
>can't decide whether to pick it up or not
>it keeps ringing
>think maybe it's important so pick it up
>some girl says "hi, is this anon?"
>freak out because I literally know no girls
>figure it may be a telemarketing scam so say "who is asking"
>"anon it's me stacy from high school, don't you recognize me?!"
>recognize her voice
>it's some bitch from high school that paid no attention to me ever
>we make small talk a bit
>"anon me and some other friends from high school are meeting up next weekend, you should come too!"
>"we actually met up a few times but this time wanted to invite you too. You don't have facebook or anything so we didn't know how to reach you but one of the guys (my so called best friend back in the day) had your number so I figured I'd just call you, do you have any plans"
>"n-no, not really but it can change"
>she then insists me to come some more then asks what I'm doing, if I'm in school or working etc.
>I'm 24 and still in college, it's my 6th year now and still can't fucking graduate
>tell her I'm still in college and have some exams and shit coming up so I may not make it
>"aww you still have to deal with that right, that's too bad. I'm working in a law firm but I'm making time for the weekend come on!"
>say I'll think about it and hang up

So what do I do robots, should I go or not? High school was fucking horrible and there's a reason why I cut all contact with all the people from there. Also I feel like if I go, they'd mock me for basically being a NEET (I don't go to classes at all). On the other hand I have some people I wanna see again but I'm conflicted. What would you do if this happened to you? Please help.
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Go for it, why not?

You're a grown man, if people start being dicks you can just go away. It's not like high-school where you have to stay there and take it.
When exactly was the last time you talked to this "friend" that gave them the number?
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They are already making plans for how they can make fun of what a complete and utter loser you have become.

Do not go.

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I can't find a comfy thread on this magnificent board

I've just made myself a ton of tea, gathered some sweet stuff, got comfy on my bed, and now I'm laying warm and posting in volumeholuha
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Comfy birthday breakfast
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Beautiful digits! What is that cake? Did you make it yourself because it looks so tasty! Also what are those skull cups with candles on them?
Also why does it look like it's made for a couple?
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Posting comfy ofc original

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>b-but but muh depression
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she looks like a man there

not worth anything
Something wrong with this pic but what is it?
>Crop top.
Yeah sure she's totally not a whore.

heard a lot about r9k, decided to check it out. It's nothing but shit. the autism is fine. i came for the autism. i came for the frustrated incel stuff. i want that. r9k is just garbage though. "lookit me, pepe picture, >green shit, seinfeld_ebooks.txt" fucking die
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blame /v/ and then /pol/ for bringing all the normalfags to the site,
the r9k of old is dead
>he thinks we like being here
leave then>>>>kmlk

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>try to make new friends in Discord chat
>use my sense of humor
>people start saying i'm not funny and make fun of me. everyone joins in on it.

do i kill myself? what if i've been trying to be funny my whole life and i'm actually not but people were too polite to say anything? jesus, this is the reason i drink so much alcohol.
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Give examples of jokes here, pls
Give us an example of your humor or jokes.
>>Give us an example of your humor or jokes.
>Not saying please

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