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Once the normies accuse you of being a pedophile, even if they have no evidence, there's nothing you can do about it. You're screwed for life. You're ugly - that's enough evidence. Who cares about evidence or due process. You're ugly. Just look at you lol.
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ugly people should just hang themselves. having your ugly face in my sight almost makes me want to throw up.

Have you ever been told, that you are nothing but a wacky cuckold?
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Alert ragies wagies are making trouble outside Neet houses requesting back up! ,I repeat we have ragie wagies on the loose! Requesting back up! Over!

I want to suck off a cute, futanari fembot. How about you?
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Who wouldn't want such a thing?
>Who wouldn't want such a thing?
Faggots, who love boydick.
Didn't anyone ever tell you about traps, boy?

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pobrane (1).png
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>go to kfc
>qt cashier smiles at me
Same happened in subway. We even made some small talk!
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>We even made some small talk!


eat something healthy u fucking americunt
This may be better than the average piss-bottles unshaven smelly robot gets.

Last thread ascended from the board (pruned)

Post some music and have some hot coffee
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it looks like it's going to rain soon and i'm drinking some nice tea! very comfy.
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Simply delight brother, simply delight!
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This song is a classic.

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Half assed philosophy thread
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Well get it going then if you want this thread to be active.
If Neechee beleeved in nuthing, how could he believe in nihilism. What a dumb faggot. XD

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TFW i just realized my parents already had 3 kids and bought their first house at 31
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Yep my parents had me and my sister when they were 33, and owned their first house.

I'm nowhere near that, at 30 I will finally have my shit together let alone enough to be on that level.

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When responding to a thread in which you reply to numerous posts, do you respond one at a time to various posts while reading your way through? Or do you tend to condense all your responses to one post at the end?

Just curious
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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How do you meet girls who want to be impregnated when you're a total loser by the standards of society?
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Lesbians? That's what I've done. Obviously don't use your real name/identity though.

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It's been nearly 6 years since Zyzz died, brehs.
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Have we made it yet?
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I think were gona make it boiz

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Why do I feel guilty whenever somebody does something nice for me?
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because you never do anything nice for anyone and are essentially a drain on other people's goodness
That isn't true at all, though.

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Your thoughts on the God of Cringe?
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He tries too hard to be relevent and yet can barely scrape by 5 figure subs
I wouldn't be surprised if OP was God of Cringe

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Liara Roux.jpg
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>start eating healthier
>start drinking more water
>get a job
>move out
>start doing more shit that I want to do instead of remaining a recluse
>cut back r9k browsing time
>suicidal thoughts drastically decrease

All I need now is a gf and I will become a full normie.

Strive for the normie life lads, its the only way we can make it
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okay so how did you get the fudge packer job?
I applied online, received a phone call, went for an interview, and got hired
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>Partial success

You are already a fucking normalfuck. Leave.

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/britfeels/, wafflestompin' queens english edition
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what the FUCK is this, this isnt britfeel
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b-but the rouge janny is kill now

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Start treating people like shit

I'm a happier person
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fuck people am i right
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There's a subtle hint of enjoyment I get everytime I post something fucking awful to someone and click post, and it's even better when they respond being mad or upset.

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