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average woman 2016.jpg
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>"A recent study revealed that the average American woman wears a size 16-18"
Pic related
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It's been ages since I've seen that pic used in a heterosexual context. And there's nothing more heterosexual then being into thick women.
I know maybe ONE guy that prefers skinny girls desu. I need to make some white/asian friends

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>mom won't let me move out because I'm autistic and she's afraid I'll hurt myself or become overwhelmed with the "real world"
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Man, that sucks. I understand that feel though, OP. My parents are the same way. They don't even let me step outside the house to go on nightwalks after 8pm. They say "you're too vulnerable, and you have a habit of trusting people too easily."
It hurts to know even your parents have no faith in you becoming independent. One of the worst feelings.
I'm turning 30 this year and my parents still get upset if I go for a walk around the block for some fresh air.


I live in a upper-middle class area in AUSTRALIA, they talk as if we live in the nigger ghetto in America or something.
well is she wrong though? apparently you never showed her that you have the ability to be self sufficient.

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I've yet to see people with kids who are both happy and treat their kids well. Having a child is either used as an escape from the miserable reality of life, or as a check box on the bucket list.

Either you commit and waste your life, or don't and ruin your child's life. Either way, it's an even trade, so what's the point in doing it at all? It's not logical.

It has been, is, and always will be the stupidest decision a person can make in their life. No surprise, then, that it's always the least intelligent people who choose to make that decision most often.
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Happiness is not a right, I'd be willing to sacrifice part of it to have 2-3 kids
To continue your lineage?
Do you see any rich people not having kids?
Name one person in the top 0.1% percentile who doesn't have children, the people who practically rule the world.
For me it's also a moral choice. While I may be of above average intelligence, I have pretty bad depression, autism and a few others. It just wouldn't be right to force these things into some other person just for the heck of it. Not like any woman wants me anyhow

Sometimes it's like we're not even from the same species.

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Typical degenerate normies. The only reason others were complaining would've been because they wished they could be that bold
What a dumb article trying to shame the man. You don't know his story and his relationships are none of your business.
This. Myn have the right to do whatever they want with their own bodies. This is misandry. Down with the matriarchy!

Would you ever impregnate a black woman? How would you deal with that situation?
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thats nightmare fuel
I would impregnate a black girl, but only a non ghetto trash one. I would raise my mulatto baby to be a badass.
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maxresdefault (1).jpg
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Never on purpose. But if an accident happens, just run.

whats your excuse anons?

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Same as ever. Because:
>I'm quite unattractive
>I'm not very personable
>I'm personality isn't great
>Muh """autism"""
>Muh depression

This shit fills me with anger. Not only does he get pussy while I don't, but he's on a plane while I'm not, and he's killing decency while guys like me are fucking decent and never get thanked for it.
why do brittos insist on using such silly words for things

Which one of you was this?

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File: 1475149230053.jpg (102KB, 720x533px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>what about the memes?
Please stop.
This is the most retarded thing I've ever seen.
The whole thing started because of a joke antifa account. The real antifa even tweeted they were fine with the statue.
There wasn't even anyone there protesting for them to counter protest but they all patted themselves on the back for "scaring the antifa away".
>oath keeper
>about protecting the consitution
>First amendment is protection of free speech and protest
>chokes out a guy peacefully protesting
s p i c s

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Most gays are pedophiles, amazing.

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Not really, what the study means is that boys get molested a lot. Much of it is probably incidental homosexuality, due to how difficult it is to get a little girl these days, see how incels on this board will go for a trap and be called "gay" but we both know they wouldn't be sharing their room with Aniki anytime soon.
I think a lot of the gay population isn't so much homosexual as they just depraved sexual deviants.
The kind of people who will fuck anything.
They'll fuck other dudes.
They'll fuck animals.
They'll fuck kids.

It's why the gay community is so incredibly degenerate.
For the majority of them, it's not jut like the love and attraction a man feels towards a woman, but felt for another man instead, it's a depraved, hypersexual fetish.

They're just smart enough to know that "homosexual" is as far as they should go with it publicly.
Wanting to fuck a dude is as far as society will accept at this time, so that's what they build their identity around.
This doesnt make sense because then they would just be bisexual rather than homosexual

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I will pass my thesis defense in 23 minutes.
Wish me luck brobot. Hipe i won't stutter my words.
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you can do it friend! fighto!
I'm glad for your accomplishments.
For you anon, i will do it

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>end of 7th grade
>massive weeb
>friends with this one mormon kid
>start of 8th grade
>mormon kid comes up to me
>"hey femnon theres a group that plays smash other side of the school every monday wanna come with me"
>everyone chill, this one guy stands out though
>about 6'4", towers over my chubby 5'3" ass
>a bit of a neckbeard but hella sweet and qt
>fast forward about halfway through 9th grade
>crushing on him on and off, confessed to crushing on me once back in 8th grade, we best friends
>fake friends with a furfag, lets call her ashnon (her fursonas name is ash)
>all three of us in same drama class
>night of the performance, ashnon admits to me that she likes the guy
>i like him too but pretend not to
>not long after that, they start dating
>getting kinda jealous, but try to hold back
>couple months into their relationship, start of year 10, ashnon texts me
>"hey anon i dont think guy likes me anymore"
>they break up about 3 times, each time comes with a large essay from ashnon, often filled with complete bullshit and sympathy lies
>a few weeks later, having trouble with school, decide to quit and do tertiary ed instead
>tell guy, guy is saddened
>a few weeks later, guy is having panic attack, tells me he has something to get off of his chest
>"femnon i like you"
>dont know how to respond, i labelled myself as asexual aromantic at the time as i convinced myself to not have feelings for anyone, so he expects me to not feel the same
>"fuck it i lied about being ace i like you"
>everything good from there on out, but its not over yet, lets go back to ashnon the furfag
>she still likes guy
>trying to keep it a secret that we're dating
>tell one of her friends who is also my friend
>she ends up stalking through the friends messages to find it out
>big drama
>blocked her
>me and guy still dating going strong

>tfw you pretend to be a furfags only friend then block her and start dating her ex who she still likes
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Sociopathic tendencies detected. Grill confirmed.
kool stry pro
thx xd

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anyone else hate how you cant really choose to die? like even if i went outside and shot myself and way layibg there unconscious fags would put me in an ambulance or if i hung myself someone wouldnhave to be a faggot and cut you down even though youd have brain damage and everyone wpuld tell them how good they are

i hate this shit so much i just wanna go buck myself outside everyday but dont because i fear living because i have lots of neighbors

i hate everyone it should be considered fine to kys
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have you spoken to any EGS recruiters recently? they should be able to help
au contrair mon amor,
what i hate most is that i have never really gotten used to being alive. ironically it makes life stressful and a largely negative experience. i have never felt in a day 'oh maybe i should look toward the future' or actually felt anything aside from aprehension or sometimes lucky.
...you're annoyed that people would be concerned if they found your unconscious body in the street and would call the emergency services? as opposed to...what, exactly? if people find someone sprawled unconscious in public they should just assume that it was intentional and leave them to die?

if you're worried about people interfering with a suicide attempt then maybe don't do it in public where it is, in effect, less of a suicide attempt and more of a cry for attention.

also if it isn't obvious enough already: you're a dumbass.

>be in high school
>help MILF with garden
>she fucks you as much as you want
>society is ok with this
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of course
because now the boy is basically fucked for life and that's OK in the eyes of society. he'll realize he made a huge fucking mistake, but it won't matter. he's ruined his life because she'll leave him at some point, take the kid, and take all his piggy bank money.
>fell into the baby trap before he even turned 18
Chad dun goofed
Her face is a different color than her arm.

The police has access to your computer and your accounts.
What do media outlets say about you, the killer of the shooting who is now dead?

"He was obsessed with video games"

"Watched SJW cringe compilations every day"

"Watched MRA and MGTOW videos on youtube"

"Watched the Joe Rogan podcast every day"

"Admired prominent atheist authors"

"Nobody expected it, he was always kind, maybe a little shy"

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"Subordinates never expected their boss to be obsessed with drawings of not real characters"
"Why autistic people shouldn't be a part of society and what they are doing in their free time"
"Mass schooter hated God so he started to hate people"
"Over 5000 pictures of cartoon character in a folder. Look into murderer's mind"
I would be the guy they didn't say anything about because I wasn't attractive enough for the public to feel sympathy for.
"Quiet, well-off and from a good family, nobody expected it"
"She was always a freakin weirdo but who could have known" cries high school bully Stacy
"This is exactly why we need feminism" Leader of Green Party announces
"This is exactly why rich people fucking suck" Leader of Socialists announces
"I bet the immigrants are to blame" says opposition leader

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>have big penis
>work out a lot, be fit
>pretty deep voice
>have gf
>she barely wants to sex
>doesnt like it when i initiate it and just grab and fuck her
>have to ask her or else she doesnt want sex for weeks
>doesnt schlick herself or get horny to anything
>gets horny once a month when she ovulates and tells me to cum inside her, then we buy a morning after pill
>That's it though

what's happening
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how big is your penis?
my gf was pretty small and mine was too big for her so she never wanted to have sex, only on special occasions
7.5" and 6" thick
she seems to be able to take it all but i poke her cervix which she seems to like
but she gets sore and it hurts her
but she doesnt like any foreplay, oral or fingers
shes lesbo

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how do you guys clean up post fap? especially at night?

i typically just catch the spunk in my left hand and smear it into the sheets and then eub my hands together until its gone. ive found thatbis quickest
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that's rancid OP.
I just swallow it, easy clean up and readies me for the day when I find a bf, even if it wont happen.
where do you live slut

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