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How do you find a healthy counter to people hating you for something out of your control?

Hating someone for hating you isn't a solid enough foundation. I need a real, deep reason to hate white people that would justify me killing them if a situation arose

All races but white people especially
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The healthy counter is to not let the opinions of others bother you to the point where you want a justification for killing them, you psycho
I don't hate you anon, I love you!
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Listen man, you post these threads a lot and I'm worried about you. You just can't live your life obsessing about the opinions of anyone else, especially racists. A lot of people come here just to be mean and feel a little powerful for once, so maybe if that bothers you you should just leave 4chan for a while and assess why you need the asspats of autists so desperately.

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I need to see someone type that they love me even though I know you don't mean it. :(
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I love you xx
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I love you with all my throbbing love.
if you're girls ty.

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Would you trade your mom for a loyal gf?
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>Would you trade your mom for a loyal gf?
I would trade my mom for a snail
my mom is worthless
I'd trade everyone I know for a loyal gf
>loyal gf
she would cheat on you

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>tomorrow the urologist will touch my balls
help me lads, im a kv, i dont know if it's a qt girl or a boy but when im nervous i get a boner

if it's a girl i will be ashamed and if it's a boy he will think im a faggot

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Think about puppies and ball pits.
It will more than likely be an old man.
It doesn't matter. Any urologist has seen things that will scar you for life. Whatever you do in there he's gonna forget about you before you even leave the room.

Unless you're balls literally explode.
He might remember that

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What ever happened to sniffjizzer? Is he doing alright?
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>What ever happened to sniffjizzer? Is he doing alright?
What is sniffjizzer? I don't browse Reddit, can you link the post?
I don't browse Reddit either, he was a guy on 4chan and his thread was screencapped on Reddit hold on a sec let me find it

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What trait is fucking with your life?

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Not sure how i should feel about my results.
I don't feel like taking it again, but my big 5 type is RLUEI and it's definitely the neuroticism fucking up my life. Also 19m

How the Fuck did I score almost evenly across the board

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can we have one of these chart threads? I want to find some nice new internet friends.

inb4 >>>/soc/
no, fuck off. soc is full of normies and none of the, ever want to talk to us. This is the robot chart thread for real robots only.
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well since no one else is posting here's mine
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yee i'm a Venezuelan

gr8 job m8
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idk about this

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>that nightmare again

Tell me what are your recurrent nightmares

>Followed by a bear in the wood
>It runs faster than me
>Can barely save my ass by climbing a tree
>It can climb trees
>Continue climbing/running again and again

>Being in woods with something like a child
>Followed by a psycho who wants to kill the child I guess
>Having to carry him/her
>Feel like I'm both the protector and the psycho
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My nightmare usually starts after I wake up

The other day I watched a black bear WAAAY up in a tree for a good 20 minutes. He was going out on a limb and back to the trunk, I thought he was stuck. Then he started to climb down the tree and that was when I realized that black bears are clearly natural-born climbers.

Also I was thinking about those nightmares where you just can't move fast enough or push hard enough. Basically if you fell through the ice on a frozen river it would probably be just like one of those. You'd be trying to punch the ice to break through for air but being in water you wouldn't be able to punch hard enough and you'd be getting pulled by the current so you wouldn't be able to potentially work at a single spot of the ice, you'd be constantly hitting too slow and too weak. I hope I never fall through any ice
>noon, but cloudy
>no rain but it looks like it will
>walking down the road
>a car pulls up and the door opens
>shot dead in the middle of the day
It gets worse
>Nobody cares
>They simply step around my body
>body slowly decays
>everybody doesn't notice or doesn't do shit
>eventually, even my bones begin to disintegrate
>But everyone keeps on walking

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almost 2 weeks NEET and hiki- ama
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Very unimpressive, no one cares.
almost 8 years NEET and hiki ama
-b-b-b-b-but I'm a girl.

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>tfw growing tits
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There's estrogen in the drinking water.
Are they sensitive? Can I bite and suck your nipples while I play with your cock OP?
>tfw no tittyboi OP
>There's estrogen in the drinking water.
I don't drink water only soda and juice

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>that guy who does his presentation on anime
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>that lonely white kid who speaks fluent Japanese
>that kid who always ran to every class
>that one kid who sat in the front of the bus and didn't talk to anyone

Who here /The Big Dog/?
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this right here is the big dog and this is HIS lawn. btfo
You're a big dog.

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for you.jpg
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for you.....

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Why did anime go to shit? What happened?
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Lower expectations. They realised the could spoon-feed the average anime consumer elephant dung, and they'd eat it anyway.
Flash animation ruins a lot of shit.
Creative bankruptcy
Overused tropes
There are a couple of enjoyable shows every season, a memorable one once in a while and the rest is generic stuff or meme material.

Im about to do something stupid bois
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Cut yourself do it
Well you already posted thats 1 thing
Damn you're hairy anon

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i really want to grope all of the women in my college who have big tits and asses and wear revealing clothes
is it a good idea?
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take pictures
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>tfw i have 2 years worth of creepshots

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