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Did you ever have yellow fever?
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Still do since I'm yellow myself.

but only for 2D girls
Extreme yellow fever.

I married Chinese girl I met at uni tho.

Can't wait for my hafu children
>I married Chinese girl I met at uni tho.

What do her feet taste like?

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wood raping a stacy ruin her life? or would it help her because it would get her a lot of sympathy?
asking for a friend.
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Would your life be ruined if some dude raped you?
Do it and deliver pics faggot.
no. an old man touch my peepee on the bus once. I got a boner but it wasnt traumatic.

>know a black guy
>born in the United States
>both parents from Haiti
>parents legally immigrated to the United States
>father was never there growing up
>he grew up with heavy Catholic influence
>claims to see the hypocrisy in the Abrahamic religions
>still believe in a singular higher power who may have set everything in motion and since then left
>doesn't believe in good and evil, only people and their different perspectives and agendas
>speaks with a general American accent
>believes the left and right leadership don't care about the American people(the middle class mainly)
>red pilled on the Clinton
>has a certain disdain for Donald Trump without having a complete hate boner for him
>believes Bernie is a snake oil salesmen who earnestly believes in his own product
>does not support BLM
>discussed with me how their organization was doomed the second they did not try to separate themselves from the others who were anti white, pro violence, etc
>believes racial superiority is a dumb concept
>he thinks the individual matters, not the race
>thinks anyone who claims superiority for something another individual has done before them decades or centuries before, simply for sharing the same skin color is a retard with low self-esteem
>he acknowledges Iran is not the true enemy, Saudi Arabia and "others" are
>he believes people should be free to immigrate to the Untied States, as long as they do so legally, properly gain citizenship, learn how to speak English, and culturally assimilate themselves(by not trying to introduce Sharia Law or anything like that), and follow the law

To be continued...
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>he believes violence is acceptable in order to defend yourself
>lifts 5-7 times a week
>he stands at 5'11 and weighs over 200lbs(pretty slim guy)
>I can see his distrust of the Jews at work
>red pilled on the Nazis, but does not support them
>shows signs of nationalism
>listens to hip hop like The Roots, Shabazz Palaces, Public Enemy, Vince Staples, and Common
>also listens to jazz, "synth pop", and rock
>does not mind gays to a certain degree as long as they're not the flamboyant type
>does not agree with the gay propaganda as it may effect children
>hates fat acceptance
>doesn't consume alcohol or drugs because it "dulls the mind"
>believes in the second amendment strongly
>legally owns several fire arms including a few assault rifles
>says the second amendment is meant to protect us from those who would harm us, which includes our government
>doesn't care about Africa, because he "his ancestors were betrayed and sold into slavery" by them
>thinks slavery anywhere is terrible, but he doesn't dwell on slavery or segregation since he didn't live through it
>well versed in history and politics from around the world
>absolutely hates reality TV
>lived part of his life in the projects around Boston before moving to the suburbs of Florida as a child
>Never heard him curse or even use "nigga" or "nigger"
>also speaks Creole, French, and Spanish fluently
>working on learning German
>has resting bitch face
>quite amiable when you actually talk to him

Have you ever known a based black person before? Has a black person ever changed your perception on the race for the better?

I feel like he's in the 2-5% of non-niggerish blacks.
Can't say I've met such a person. Most act like monkeys. But then again, meeting a person like you described but white is quite rare as well.

originally ffs

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annoying orange.jpg
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Which is worse:

>Being bald
>Being a dicklet
>Being a manlet
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Being short, you never see a tall dude without a good looking wife
i think manlet
no one will ever want to see your dick, if they aren't attracted to you
Some women like baldies.
Can't see a dicklett unless you show them your dick.
Manlets have the hardest time.
Good bait overall.

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>go to normiebook
>wimpy faggy kid I bullied from high school just got married
>his wife is a perfect blond 9/10
>mfw I'm lonely with no friends

What the fuck? Natural selection dictates that I should be marrying her. Social engineering liberals have made life for manly men like me unlivable.

Act a certain the elites don't want you to act, say a few red pill truths and everyone will avoid you.

This is the world we live in now
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So go out and get your own bitch if you're such a manly man.

Sounds like you taught the kid how to man up while you sit around and cry. Who's the beta now fag?
Fucking karma, that's what you fucking get for being a dickhead, I'm really happy watching all my high school bullied fucking crumble, it feels amazing and I can guarantee he's laughing his ass off at you right now, and you fucking deserve it you piece of shit
>hurrr I'm too masculine for this world
I bet you're an unbearably awkward person

Chestlets, how do you feel when you see a genetically superior female with huge perfect tits?
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good bait.
That woman doesn't have genetic superiority if she has has breast augmentation surgery
>Posts someone make equal parts botox and plastic
apoplectic chestlets detected

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Hey /r9k/, I've just set up a comfy minecraft 1.12 server in hopes that a few robots can be comfy and build comfy stuff, please check it out anon!

Plugins: GriefPrevention, LockettePro, OnePlayerSleep, SetHome
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Come on anon, please join this comfy adventure!
File: 1493657502938.jpg (183KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Please anon, I promise it'll be worth it!
File: 1493952785436.jpg (41KB, 341x307px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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We're three players already, you don't want to miss this!

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Would you date a trap?

Would you tell anyone if you did?

How much of their respect do you think you would lose if you did?
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I would, and I'd tell anyone about it because I'd love and respect her, but you gotta ask if you can tell people first.
I agree with this anon fully. Why do the opinions of other people matter?

The only issue that I've experienced with most traps is that they're very mentally unstable, so I try to steer clear of them.
Only if he was everything else I would want.

Probably wouldn't tell anyone.

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Not another one. Greentext your shit.
I just don't know if i can it is that bad
are you that guy that diddled his kid cousin?

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Whats her/his name anon? Tell me about them.
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Your mom. Shes kind of a slut, but she can suck the silver from my tray tables
Amanda. Really shy and cute girl, shut in and depressed, we share a ton of interests but she's in a relationship right now.
Haha Jokes on you I have two dads

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Hey /r9k/, What are you guys zoning on today?

I just finished the last of ..pic related..

>Also, drugs stories in general
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Smoked two hours ago. High has worn off and now I just have a fuzzy headache. Fuck this.
I have a complicated relationship with weed. An ex was addicted and made me feel like shit because of it, made me feel as though I wasn't enough unless he was high. "Everything is better when I'm high, though!"

So now I get massively anxious when my current BF smokes. He suggested we don't smoke together if it makes me anxious, so we didn't, and then last night we were at a friend's house and they offered us some and I just went deer in the headlights and panicked. They knew something was wrong but not what, and I ended up crying.

Why am I like this?

I know this thread isn't for feels but it just all came out.
Fuck off.
But as a human being, you aren't to blame. I felt the same with a girl I had a fling with. She kept smoking a lot of weed and I didn't like it.

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Also robots:

Why? I get that sometimes you just want to rant but don't you ever want to try fixing your problems?

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. And don't get me wrong, you'll probably miss 99% of the shots you do take, but it's the only way to solve your problems and finally get out of here.
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Femmbots threads arent made so some guy online can meet up and fuck them though
"fembot" threads consists of traps, none of them are female.
fucking dumb newfag kill yourself

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I just rammed a cucumber up my ass! Does this make me gay?
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Do you and the cucumber have the same gender?
Did the cucumber consent?
Is the cucumber a trap?

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>29 living with mum and dad
>no job, studying full time
>i pick up girls on tinder and get them all excited to fuck and then blow them off because im not having them come to my mum and dads house

its an unusual and probably quite uncommon feel
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Suppose you could go to her place ?

Have nice day and welcome
Fuckin kek
I can somewhat relate, I used to spend time picking up girls on omegle. After a long flirty chat, I'd finally add them on kik, and then never message them again.
They're all retarded wannabe stacey's so there's no chance they're getting me.
ive done this a few times but i only hit them once and then bail cause i cant bare the shame of explaining i live with my parents

they think im like some badass guy cause i look the part, its just that im studying and focused on that rather than working

every girl i get i get from being dominant and telling them im going to spank them and fuck them hard and cum inside them etc. im like a fictional character to them.

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>Friend works as a line-cook at trendy restaurant downtown
>He suggests that I work there as a dishwasher
>Get the job
>Everyone is super friendly there, even trying to give me free beer and shit
>They only have one dishwasher per shift, for a restaurant that serves 100 people
>That means that you are ALWAYS washing without any breaks, because if you slow down it piles up
>Am working night shifts 7pm-closing, standing for all of it
>First shift get off at 4am
>Body is fucked, can barely stand
>Second shift (My first one closing without any help at all)
>Come in half an hour early
>Keep checking the clock during shift, what seems like 20min is actually 4
>Finally get done cleaning the dishes, the floor, the walls, putting everything away, etc.
>10 hour shift, no sitting down, no breaks
>Get home, almost cant move
>Send manager a message on facebook telling her I'm quitting

Share your job stories

how the fuck do wageslaves do it?
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>keep checking the clock
There's your problem
>No breaks with long hours
Pretty sure that's illegal
It is illegal, yeah.
>There's your problem
There is a little digital clock right on the washing machine, it was almost impossible not to look

>Pretty sure that's illegal
They never said "You cannot take breaks", but I am the only one working the dish pit, and if i so much as go to the bathroom shit has already started to pile up. If I ever took a break I wouldnt be going home until 5am+

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