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Who /poser/ here

>go on r9k
>shitpost on /fit/
>can only bench 2 plates
>go on /o/
>no licence
>shitpost on /ck/
>can't cook
>shitpost on /v/
>don't play video games
>shitpost on /sp/
>don't watch sports
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>only bench 2pl8
That's good though or do you not know what 2pl8 is?
I do, I'm just insecure about it given my other stats
A good bunch of /fit/ can't do 2pl8 bench and if that's your weakest maybe you truly do belong on /fit/ and you're not as big of a poser as you think.

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How in the fuck is liking this gay?
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>no semen demon bf

Has anyone sent a dick pic to a girl and have it worked? I got this girls number off tinder and I'm trying to escalate and sent this. Doing it out the blue would be weird right?
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>shaved armpits
wow you're a fucking faggot
sending dick is the last thing you want to do you mongoloid
soo o o fucking gay

That's right! She's about to get not ONE but TWO Masters, a MINOR, and a Phd while you losers are jacking off to chinese cartoons. You mad?
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What a waste of perfectly usable womb.
Why is she wearing a hijab

>You mad?

Not at all. I did five degrees, three in STEM.

>still unemployed.

I had a dream last night that I could suck my own dick. I tried it this morning and all that happened was I pulled a muscle.
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Also, enjoy the wojak I made
its good i saved it
gOOd wojack

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>tfw you have resisted the succubus for your entire life
Not much longer until wizardhood guys. How are my fellow wizard apprentices doing?
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I'm not sure how good this life was supposed to be
If they last time I had sex was 3 years ago, does it mean if I wait 27 more years I'll be a wizard?
No it means you are a 30-year old virgin. Having sex disqualifies you from wizardship, newfag.

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Every robot should watch this. Most of you can probably relate

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bump please watch
This is so true...but also hard at the same time
If I wanted advice, I'd go to /adv/.
I hope you become majorly disfigured in a terrible accident.

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>"Anon you bastard, look what you did to me! I can't believe I let a loser white boy like you knock me up...you're gonna make it up to me! You can start by rubbing my feet!"
What do you do?
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That's a disgusting belly button.
>tfw no pregnant shadow gf
>tfw no pregnant cocoa gf

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>my PC makes weird noises that sound like a barber's razor
teach me your ways please i need your help
>less loud than before

How the fuck do people this stupid manage to breathe?

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huge mistake.gif
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Hangover Edition, I drank from dawn until midnight yesterday and now all I want is the sweet release of death.
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are you also /skinnyfat? that would make things worse... skinnyfat lifestyle and alcoholism usually coexist
Yeah. I was bordering on actually chubby at one point when I was binge drinking daily, but I slowed down and the weight left almost immediately. Amazing how much weight/alcohol correlate.
What do you call it when you have no problem not drinking, but once you have one drink you can't stop until you pass out. That's not alcoholism right? Just a lack of self-control

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why do they have seizures when they get tokens??
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It's an involuntary response to getting money from betas, kind of like how your dog wags his tail when you give him attention.
It's the new way to scream "oooo fuhck yuh, oooooooOoooo fuck yuh oo daddy my pussy feels SoOoo FUcking good"
ive seen guys say that you shouldnt watch cams if you cant tip

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>first day of normie jobhood ended
>all I can think about is how much I don't want to go back to work
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Give it some time once you see your paycheck you stop caring how shit the actual work is.
>People say this every time
>My paychecks are always absolute garbage
yay 150 dollars for 2 weeks of work im so thrilled
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Same, but I've been in mine for two months and I'll have to go back next time day after tomorrow.
I'd be happy toiling away if I didn't have to deal with my coworkers and how they immediately go talking shit behind your back when you make a single stumble in social interaction or stay quiet and concentrated to working a bit too long for them.

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What is the most subhuman race and why is it the Koreans?
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Whatever you claim to be.
Tiny little penises.
are you the jap from /bant/?

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I just drank two litres of Coke syrup in ten minutes

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What does diabetic shock feel like??
Pretty bad desu
I've kept my chin on the toilet seat for about five minutes now
Why only the syrup

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>person adds me on steam
>say they were "following" me for a while
>they say "I'm sorry I can't do this"
What did they mean by this?
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forgot to add that they removed me after saying "I'm sorry I can't do this"
Have another doggo.
Erotic role-playing over instant messenger.

They were going to pretend to be a girl and scam you into buying them games, but then changed their mind.

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