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>tfw can't grow any hair nor beard
>tfw I have big thighs and get hit on by fags/bisexuals regularly

What should I do ? Embrace it ? I'm not gay but it's almost like I was wasting something
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Big thighs aren't genetic. Work on your upper body, idiot.
Big thighs are sexy as fuck. Any pics big guy?
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I got this one, I already posted it on fit. And yeah I'm working on my upperbody but how do I get more hair ? And is there a way to grow a beard ?

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>female randomly broughts up that shes pregnent and i need to congratulate her
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Will women never stop with this shit?

We get, the universe revolves around your fucking vagina. Now plz stfu
>ugh Anon, Tyrone made a mess out of my pussy. I'm going to need to take time off from work if you don't come clean it up
>i need to congratulate her
No, you don't. Do you also think you have to comfort women who complain about looking fat?

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I have 5 Percocet tablets, 36 Dramamine tablets, and some alcohol.

Will this be enough to kill me relatively painlessly?
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Wouldn't know desu.
Overdose seems a risky way to go, what with the variation of lethak dosage depending on your weight and other things.

I'd recommend taking blood thinners, drinking alcohol and slitting your wrists in a peaceful place.
Painkillers too if you're squicky about the cuts, but if you use a good blade you hardly feel more than a light sting anyway.

Source : tried to kill myself like that and it was comfy as hell, but some fucking jogger showed up and "just had to help" and now I'm constantly being watched by people who never gave a shit before I tried to off myself, and now only care because they like feeling like they're doing good.
Hate them all.
Make sure you go somewhere secluded so no one can "help" you.
Well this depends on the dosages, your size and tolerance.

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is there a correlation between rio de janeiro and the word degenerate?
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Can we adopt shariah law so women stop showing their disgusting flesh everywhere? Like this is an option right,?
>>38473065>I'm ass mad I don't get any
no OP there is not one

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big sister blocked me
i dont know what to do
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what'd you do to make her want to block you?
If i had social media.
i'd block my lil brother.

He's prison gay.
She said i was being too affectionate
and i got into an argument with her
she blocked me after she said she's going to sleep

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Robot Daily reminder
You will never get a girl like that to be your gf.
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holy fuck who is that girl? she's overwhelmingly pretty
this tramp is not that good looking.
Stop being an orbiter bitch
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Don't be mean, anon. We all have a chance for happiness, with the privilege of being ashamed of said comfort

>watches a nude porn live stream late at night on
>girl gets down to business and performs
>then put of nowhere I hear a knocking in the video and the girl freaks out
>man who appears to be her father bursts into her room, catching her on the act
>happened so fast and out of no where
>nearly shit my self
>apparently I was jerking it to a 15 year old
>I'm 24
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>apparently I was jerking it to a 15 year old
If she's sexually mature I don't see what's so wrong about that
It's not your fault little girls are whoring themselves out on the internet. Feminists told them to be proud of their bodies and sexuality. It's empowering
>apparently I was jerking it to a 15 year old
Why would you go on record and state that

Now the NSA has your confession

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wich girl is the cutest and why is it the bitch face first one
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How did that fat beta fuck end up with her?
Hahahaha the two midget fags in the middle. But yeah I want to fuck that qt. I'd nut so deep in her
spazzy keith
dark lancelot
ron ricketts
the absolute cunt
gypo mick

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Hey, you. Yes, you. Stop being delusional. Embrace nihilism.
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Why would I listen to a dumb Romanian who looks like David Lynch.
>the semi-solipsist

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Too busy living philosophy of own that cherishes whatever I'm fond of.

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Can somebody explain this weird trend for me?
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Trans people are mentally ill.
What? Too busy masturbating to the title alone. What is that? Porntube?
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The invisible hand of the market at work, distributing capital to the best and brightest innovators.

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>anon what are you looking at? put it in already!
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>i-it's inside you fucking whore
Why are YOU looking in Two different directions?
Haha good one little dick

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You know these teenagers, right?
They have no future.
Even in their 50s they'll be kids.

That's right kids.
Don't do anything real.
Don't really live.
Submit to the government and your dreams will be fulfilled.

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In the 21st century people will think roller coasters are boring so they'll strap virtual reality headsets to themselves as they rude the roller coaster because it's "new" and exciting...

Imagine how dissasociated from reality you have to be for this to seem like a good idea
One day even books will be downloaded to the internet. Is nothing sacred?
What the fuck was the point of this thread. Literally every generation thought the next would ruin everything.

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These FEELINGS are so advanced that a simpleton like you is too primitive to ever process such superior depths of emotions. Your brain is too dumb to feel, you're an autistic robot.
Music and its instruments can wake up our brain to wake up the chemicals in our brains and make us feel like we've never felt before. But some people(depressed autists like you) don't have the required chemicals to get the most out of their social interaction and feelings.

How does it feel to be a homo erectus who can't process the sixth sense and all of his feelings? Stop thinking with your erection.
This is why you can't have friends, a best friend forever, a girlfriend and can't be happy. You're not even homo sapiens, you're a mongoloid.

I'll be seeing you from above when us homo hapiens have ascended to psionic levels of biology. Controlled organic matter will triumph over nanomachines, Mr Armstrong.
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Can't handle me.
>tfw young demiurge
>will experience feels a quantum simulated consciousness, what most posters here are, will never feel

White dicks in black pussies matter.
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this thread is racist, can you please delete it? mods or op or whatever just remove it
How is it racist? Oti
How is a black woman sucking white dick racist?

Why the hate for fidget spinners? I carry one everywhere I go and very rarely do people ask me to stop spinning it
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stop spinning that faggot spinner
Anyone got the pic of the Chinese kid looking down on you
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I'm not sure but I always figured it had something to do with making a white supremacy hand gesture while doing it.

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