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It's another "public masturbation" dream
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yes i have these from time to time. it usually is me in some public place, often times being back in high school/college, and im jacking off and am pretty sure no one's noticing, but then at a certain point i realize everyone was noticing all along. then i wake up.
>it is another school dream about your old friends
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>dream that I'm in a group of new people
>I start talking to them and actually feel comfortable doing it
>we get along
>feels like I've finally made some friends
>talk, socialize, hang out
>we're driving around in a car before I go home and I realize I never asked any of them for a phone number or any way to contact them
>"sorry anon, we're not going to hang out again after this."
>"after what?"
>wake up
I have literally never felt as bad as I did after waking up from that dream.

Strawpoll, are you a virgin?

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>people actually voting no

Just fuck off and fuck some girls.
here's a bump
gfgbfkjgvn kfdn vkfdjnv jkfdnv kj
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>5 voted no

I only mastrubate with a condom on
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That's a serious waste of tendie money.
w-would you cum in it then send me the condom p-please

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I legitimately think I could achieve world domination if I tried. I'm considering it just so I could find out. Please tell me I'm not insane.
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Quick rundown of plan please
Post your full name and do it so anons know who you are xd
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You'll an army.

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Anyone doing online dating?

How many messages do you have to send to get a reply?

Thinking about subjecting myself to some more abuse.
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I don't really send messages to be honest. I just have a few pics of myself at the beach and a couple in the gym and girls message me. Then again I only use Tinder and not the other online things.
You'll only get replies from ugly girls who have nothing to lose. Even those girls ignore most senders.

You literally have to be Chad Thundercock to get a reply from the majority of girls.

I don't do online dating. Most of the girls are on the sight because they have huge IRL issue, completely their fault, that keep them from getting guys.
I spend a bunch of time on Tinder and OK Cupid, only got one date out of the whole thing and she was a nutter. Total waste of time when you figure the effort vs the results. I'd put it in the same category as gambling- it might payoff, but for 90% of us it's just wasting resources.

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>tfw mom is making you act in her autobiographical play about raising her autistic son
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Honestly that could be part of a screenplay anon
Maybe you'll end in history !
You should play the part of the autistic son

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>transgender mtfs take estrogen and testosterone blockers
>the testosterone blockers are the same drugs they give rapists to chemically castrate them and remove sex drive
>most common side effect of mtfs across the board is severely reduced sex drive
>take female hormones and testosterone blockers
>severely increased sex drive

was I fucking rused
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No, you're an outlier. And a slut, probably.
I'm not a slut, I'm a virgin

But it is frustrating because now I need to masturbate more even though it's harder to get and maintain an erection and I feel like I've been tricked
>take female hormones and testosterone blockers
>severely increased sex drive

What happens if you just take the testosterone blockers, without the estrogen?

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I have two, one is a High fantasy that I started coming up with as a child, the other is a low fantasy one that I came up with in HS.
>tfw too autistic to be able to write them down in a coherent story to be an Author
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Look up Maladaptive Daydreaming

Watch out with it, it can evolve into psychosis (talking from experience)
Stop daydreaming. You'll just live in a world of shit.
>look up maladaptive daydreaming
>read up on it
i like this idea
will do

File: Sonic Totem.png (428KB, 375x499px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sonic Totem.png
428KB, 375x499px

you're going to get this right?
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i would, but i cant afford it. im genuinely interested
in Chris-chans life.
>Made WAY back in the mid-1990s in Middle School, by the artist who took the world by electric storm with Sonichu and Rosechu, here is Miss Christine Weston Chandler's (formerly known as Christian) paper mache Totem of Sonic the Hedgehog. It will be shipped very well in a big box with packing materials via UPS to the buyer. And the Bonuses, as shown with it in the first photo, are included up to April 30, 2017, so Buy This Artwork Collectible NOW!!!

no way fag
I'm going to make a pilgrimage to Ruckersville someday. Sad that the best attraction that place has is the world's biggest autist.

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>tfw reading the old chat log between me and my ex
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>night, I love you
>love you too
gonna kms now
>Goodnight, sweet dreams anon <3


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They said size doesnt matter
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such a cute little slut, would love to fuck her
For a website for older virgins sure are a lot of teenagers on here.

>i leave comments on porn videos

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>memes you started or helped gain friction

I start the braaaap meme and was there to help "Reeeee" get started.
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Stop showing off, REEEEEEEEEEEE
in 10 year i have not create one meme even
maybe it is a fact that the worst 4chan of all is me
the braaaaaaaaaaaap meme started slow at first. A lot of anons calling it forced (and the daily braap threads on /r9k/ getting deleted by janitors), but then somehow it leaked to other boards; with anons doing braap posts every time a nice ass is posted.

it's a nice shitpost to scare normies, specially the ones that get legitimately mad by fart fetishists.

10/10 meme

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>tfw you had a dream last night about shitposting on 4chan and getting lots of (You)s
How do I get off this ride
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I dreamed about a shitty meme some weeks ago. We are both in a world of shit.
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Well maybe you shouldn't be sleeping in the middle of the fucking day.
I work night shift though
Real autism hours

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do not want.jpg
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>watching a porno
>the girl brings her mom to watch
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nice thread anon.
I saw this once..It was one of those blowjob vids with the distracting lighting..Mia...something or another....I wasn't as in to it as I thought I'd be
>>the girl brings her mom to watch

That makes it really hot

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day

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I'm replying with
I'm going to sage your thread.
It's /b/ tier!
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I'm replying with waylon

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