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Woke up to tits being dropped on my balls. They're full of milk so their firm and solid. They up sized 3 cups through this whole thing so now they're DDs

Also got some slaps and punches to the balls.

Hard as a titanium rod from it.

So hiw is your morning so far
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I don bilivit
In sorry. I guess I have nothing to offer you as proof Don Bolivia. It's an honor to meet you btw
>They're full of milk
why are you sleeping with pregnant chicks, anon?

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>tfw was pretty religious (Sunni) Muslim
>discover atheism on the internet
>start reading books about atheism and religion
>start thinking critically
>start researching deep my religion
>finally take the fedora pill after months of research
>became depressed
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Just distract yourself don't dwell on it but most of all, now that you know this go and live your life the best you can.
And remember if everything is meaningless so is failure.
Should've converted to Christianity instead
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Don't worry, keep reading and eventually you'll take the last redpill and become Catholic.

It's all over now. They'll never recover
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Wait that counts as little cock? My cock is 6.5 inches long and looks just like that, I though small cock meant micropenises and stuff
I don't like these threads
It's sad u have to post photoshops

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Party rockers in the house tonight everybody's gon have gud time. Whats the rest?
Watch me crank that Soulja Boy
Then Superman that hoe
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>no desire for sex
>don't have to worry about roasties and twinks
>free time for comfy solitary pursuits
>get laugh at normies get frustrated over sex
>girls try to be the one to change you

Asexuality must be the best orientation there is.
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you think that asexuals dont desire companoinship even though they don't want to have sex?
there is no freedom
You can't have an orgasm. How is that superior?
This. And they can't be in a normal relationship with a normal sexual being, because they can't provide a healthy level of sexual gratification.

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Does anyone else ever have this problem?

>at gym
>at water fountain
>make eye contact with roast beef as she finishes filling up her bottle
>she smiles
>smile back
>spend rest of the day wondering if she was attracted to me, or if she felt awkward because she made eye contact with a robot or if she was trying not to laugh at me
>this will follow me to the grave

Why do roasties have to inflict this on me? Why can't there be one signal for I'm attracted to you and another, distinct, signal for get away from me you freak?
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>Does anyone else ever have this problem?
>at gym

It's not dependent on being at the gym, that's just where it happened to me
I didn't read the context when I posted.

When girls smile back at me I just presume it's etiquette

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This is the average dick for a white man
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lmao no

that guy is probably hispanic

white """"""""males""""""""" have the smallest dicks and ingrained genetically to enjoy being cucked. 99% of cuck porn is consumed by white men. they can't help it. nothing gives them more pleasure than seeing other women with dark men.
Nice try baby dick black boi
t. sat by helplessly as the white man fucked 20% of his genes into your women
stay cucked slave

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Ask a 70 year old robot with alzheimer's anything.
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What age is your earliest memory from?
How in the hell did you even discover this place??
Read the sticky grandad
Altho i doubt that's really you how I also doubt your 70 years old

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I am getting rejected everytime from everywhere.

What do I do robots?
Where I failed?
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Why do you even try with women?

I shit you not, I just got wrecked by the coldest bitch in the world.
I gave up on women long time ago. I am not looking for relationship.

Just every community kicks me out for having different opinion than majority.
Well that's fair, because if you have a different opinion than them, you most likely wouldn't get along with them. So why do you want to be in their community?

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I want to suck them.
But I don't feel attracted to the male sex. What is this called?
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Could have just asked me. I just baked some today.
i like small cocks too
i don't know if there is a term for that specifically
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chad, stop posting pics of your turbocock

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Constantly post cherry-picked photos of black men? Why do they want to build them up so bad? Why can't us whites catch a break?
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>cherrypicked photos
nigger u just did the same shit ive seen that pic like 20 times
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I have this strong feeling that it is White trolls making these Alpha=Black, Beta=White threads.

I believe this cause I am not White but very racist against non-Whites in /pol.
It's probably the same people posting trap threads

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Any one here use/attempt dating websites/tinder?
Stories, pet peeves, etc.

>Girl with "average" body type selected
>Photos say otherwise
>Girls with head cropped photos not showing body
>Spend half an hour trying to determine if shes fat or not
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No one else original stories?
>Spend half an hour trying to determine if shes fat or not
If there's any indecisiveness in your mind about her attractiveness, don't bother meeting. Nobody ever looks as good as their pictures
I've met probably like 20 girls from tinder
Some hookups here and there, plus 1 gf(which didn't last that long)

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Sup /r9k/
so how do you know when people are bullying you and when it is banter?
Like sometimes at work or a party, someone will say some "joke" about you, that makes you feel slightly embarassed but you go along with it because everyone is laughing.
How do you know when you should just let it slip as banter and when it's actually an "attack" on you.
Because there is a difficult balance:
>either react offended and appear like an asshole
>either laugh with it but then you are encouraging other people to see you as a doormat

basically how to react in this situation?
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I've struggled with this too before.
I used to think that "there's some truth even in jokes" and get upset or offended.
Ideally you should get them back with some good insults of your own, and if they laugh it off it was banter.

> Either or

Ideally you are supposed to zing them back, and make the crowd laugh twice as hard.
Why are social brainlets so incredibly stupid? Fuck me, I'm not exactly a normie either, but at least I understand the rules of basic social interaction. You shouldn't complain if you're THIS stupid. It's your fault you don't fare well socially if you really don't know how to distinguish between a joke and an insult. There is a reason people can't stand being around social retards, and this is exactly it. You are brainlets who can't just go along with what ever is going on in the group and as a result act like spergs.

It's time for black and brown bros to unite, we can be divided no longer
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>be blackbot
>see this thread
>know for certain it will be brigaded by buttmad white people not used to being excluded or not being viewed as the default
We United in Texas and North California decades ago, we're just waiting on the rest of the country.
Its hilarious that its gone full circle and you're segregating yourselves now.

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Anyone here a literal cuck?
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no but my diaper fetish is at least as embarrassing
go porn free and your degenerate desires will go away
that's fucking disgusting man
>go porn free and your degenerate desires will go away
My girl fucks other people and I'm ok(not ok)with it.

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