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Are cold showers a meme?
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It feel good. Don't expect it to magically remove depression tho.
I'd say it gets you more in the present which allows you to do more things that you actually feel like. If you have a cold shower and mindless go back to bed and browse /r9k/ there's not much point.
>are cold showers a meme?

>met this Asian girl, she's a friend of my sisters
>get on well, similar interests.
>become good friends
>forced myself to not have any further interests in her besides friend right now, but still have feelings that I just suppress
>wary that if I say I like her, she will just ditch me.
>scared that if she accepts, she will eventually lose interest in me and go for another guy.
>scared that she does like me, I'm just too blind too see, and she will lose interest in me.
>scared that she thinks I'm only befriending her for sex. I'm not.

Fuucking ahhghggh I am in such a strange place right now. I just wanna know if telling her that i like her will fuck me over more than not doing anything. I'm terrified of this all going sideways and me falling into another depression pit.

Pic related looks like her
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Honestly, the only way to stay safe is to just not do anything. Keep the status quo. Don't get drunk around her. Honestly the pain isn't worth it.
Ironically first time we met I was drunk. Thanks for the external advice. Kind of getting wrapped up in my own thoughts latley. Shes really cool. We have gone to movies together, to an orchestra, i cooked her dinner once when my parents went out forthe week. Im still tossing up weather those things we did as friends, would be better as a couple. Anyway, thanks for the advice anon. How has your life been of late?
Bumping for some more opinions

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What the fuck do I do if my parents are poor as fuck and don't care about ANYTHING?!?

I mean like I can't get my lawn mower to start because I'm a piece of shit so the grass is just like a foot tall now.

We have no food I mean literally NONE. I don't even have a slice of bread or milk in the house I had to eat peanut butter in a bowl mixed with chocolate chips and now I have to throw up.

The entire house is fucked filled with leaks and mold and lead and a bunch of other shit.

I can barely even get them to care about my medical emergencies but even then they yell at me for that
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You can afford an internet connection though huh?
*shakes head in disapproval*
Have you considered getting a job?
I can't I'm too fuckin disabled

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>go to /soc/
>it's l i t e r a l l y facebook tier

What in the world are those normans doing on 4chan???
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/soc/ here
Whats a norman?? And why is your profile pic a toad with a gun?
/soc/ has existed way before you found this site, kiddo.
They invaded England in 1066.

I just went on /soc/ to see, and there is more dick than on /b/, probably more than on /fag/

What is the best prescription drug for Motivation, Energy, all round feeling good and happy and focus?
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You mean weed

It'll stop working after a while though.
No degenerate... Like prescription meds that work.

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I wanna rape this slut and cum on her filthy face for disrespecting the american flag
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You have to convert to islam before you're allowed to do that anon.
You got problems OP
What problems? Just doing the world a favor. Rape and kill mudslimes

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>Be 25
>Rarely get laid but it happens, never use protection, no accidental pregnancies so far
>Think it's extremely unfair that women can abort the kid even if I want to keep it, but can not only choose to keep it but also force me to pay even if I don't want it
>Call clinic that does vasectomies
>We never do it for people your age
>Think about your future wife, what if she wants children?
>You shouldn't do it just because you don't want to accidentally get someone pregnant (why else!?)
>Oh, you've only wanted this for a year. You will change your mind, wait a year and call back
>You should talk to a therapist about this

So much for "My body, my decisions".
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Go ahead, please sterilize yourself.
I would like to, but I'm not allowed to. Someone has to be responsible for supporting the single mom hordes.
Fuck women who can't have kids

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Fembots, what are your thoughts on being sexually bullied and dominated by girls superior to you both in intellect and appearence?
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lt sounds terrifying.
Not a fembot, but that sounds amazing.

I imagine some undergrad girl who goes to Harvard, is socially outgoing, has a promising career ahead of her, and has even done some modeling on the side finding some fat gas station clerk-tier fembot to become her financial asset by taking advantage of the fembots submissive sexuality and lust for feet. The fembot works 80-hour work weeks so the beauty can siphon the majority of it and have a base of finances so she doesn't have to work and can focus on more important things that will get her ahead and ensure she is successful at school. Once she has graduated and is headed to some high-power law firm she leaves the fembot completely to die in her financial ruin.
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Good in 2D but

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>sanitation worker
>they can call any time, any day
>pays well, most calls are just trashed up apartements
>one sunday morning I get a call very early
>have a hungover but it's close so I decide to go for it
>it's one of those sick fucks who have kept animals locked in untill he got kicked out
>animal shit coveres every inch of the floor and even parts of the walls
>open windows, spray air freshener but it's still bad
>I'm looking at 12 hours of work atleast
>hungover kicks in as soon as I shovel up the first pound of shit mixed with broken paper, towels and have to puke
>puke all over the floor
>run to toilet
>it's covered in layer upon layer of shit
>for the next hours I work my ass off, feeling worse than you can imagine
>finally my boss call me up and tell me he have sent after another crew to take over
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Cool story bruh but what is that shit on op pic?
Looks like a cyst in the meat.

Oh lol that's cum

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>neighbors mowing lawns at 830 am
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>live next to main road
>7am traffic starts
>school road too
>9am loads of kids screaming
>12pm school lunch time more kids screaming
>neighbors work on cars all day right outside your window.
>live next to drunken nigger crackheads that party all night every weekend and park the car in our driveway
>it's ok because we are drunken methheads that party all night every weekend.
Only becomes a problem when they get the cops over there because someone is up to some niggery shit.

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I miss her. Anyone else going through some pain they'd like to talk about?
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I have never had a "her" to miss. i envy you
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she's been gone for three years this month and I STILL think about her

she's completely forgotten about me
we suffer now brother. let the tears flow.

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very sad pic.jpg
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>want to get into running
>don't want to look like a retard in public
what the fuck is a man to do
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You only look like a retard if the buns don't come with the burgers, faggot.
looking like a retard is part of life. look on the bright side, no matter what you do you won't look like as massive a retard as I did this morning running on a highschool football field because I was too stupid to find the track
If you can find a lengthy and open enough space with rarely anyone dropping by, just run in place there.

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Porn check.png
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Are britfags completely fucked? They estimate that by April 2018 citizens of the UK won't be able to watch porn without proving they're over 18 with their credit card details, even if the porn is free. Do you think a US-based VPN be able to get around this issue or are britfags BTFO? Seems unlikely that chan and leddit will have this problem, just Pornhub and similar normie porn sites.
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Only porn sites based in the UK. It's like Brits totally want to destroy their country, first Brexit, now this. Porn sites from UK will just move elsewhere to Europe.
i'd like to see them try to force foreign based sites to comply
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>put tax up on food and alchohol so only the upper class can affored it, pop and chocolate and whisky will soon be a luxuary only the elites have
>reduce portion sizes so you can't enjoy something nice with a spouse or family
>ban movies books
>put laws on free speach so if you end up critizing policys you are in trouble
>get told you are basically cattle and thats why your
replacements are coming in droves

this island is a shit hole and I have to pay 500 a month to rent and 120 for the council to live on what turned out to be a fucking council estate

this isnt living, I want to get a camper van and save money to leave

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I am a robot . Fuck captcha . =))
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challenge : post something unoriginal and get away with it .
File: Water lilies.jpg (82KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Water lilies.jpg
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samefagging is masturbation.

this action is making god kill a kitten.

think of the kittens.

i am.
MFW a fat old man grabs my ass just before we go on stage.

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Would you, given the chance, kiss this girl? (the 'no' answer means that you're not a robot)
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Punk birds are proper dirty birds like. So no. I wouldn't kiss her.
I'd fuck her though, she'd probably show me some tricks I never knew existed.
what the fuck is happening in this pic
Degenerate bird is licking a toilet brush (probably clean, but maybe not) because she's a degenerate punk bitch.

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