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What is /r9k/'s opinion of long distance relationships?
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They suck and are a waste of time unless you live relatively close to each other
Girl always fucks around. Girls have a constant supply of sex.
ruined my life
would not recommend

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What is it about girl butts that is so intoxicating?
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IDK. I just want to fuck them terribly.
I don't know, but I feel the same way. Girl butts can do no wrong.
It's a region rich in fertility indicators.

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>tfw you have work in one hour and the only words you hear from your coworkers are bye and hello
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What blows my mind is how little burger flipping pays when it's actually one if the most demanding and exhausting jobs in this garbage society
The thing is that it requires no education.
I'm not saying it's right but people obviously feel cheated if people make more money than them when they don't have a degree.
It just kind of pisses me off. People on minimum wage bust their asses constantly. Meanwhile you see so many people who are paid to browse reddit all day and make 10x as much as we do.
After a year working there I've learnt to just refuse to make burgers, I just put the meat down and refill shit

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>"Ok, Anon I'm sorry people have left you in the past but I'm not them. You have to stop letting your past dictate how you live, because if you keep this up you're going to be a very lonely person for a very long time. The only reason I haven't given up on you like everyone else has is because I love you. Can you believe that? Can you believe that I love you? Do you even know what it means for someone to love you? Because I really don't think you do."

[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMPpMfjnn-I ]
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You know how many girls have said this to me? Fucking tons of them and guess what. Im still single. The moment somebody says that shit thats it, they aint gonna last. its a huge lie.
Fuck off I'd rather be alone than given your token pity. Bitch.
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>"Anon, I can't believe this is our first night in this apartment. Do you think we'll like like it here? I think once we get all our stuff unpacked and put away it'll feel more homely. I'll go shopping tomorrow and see what I can pick up to make the place as cosy as I can. But hey, as long as we're together what's the worse that can happen? I feel like I can take on the world with you by my side. I love you Anon, I really really do."

[ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VTSa44ZhsG0 ]

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Do you have a Iittle brother?
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yes he's awful
no, I'm the little brother.
Yes. We share a room and he's very horny all the time.

Are gays and traps good for /r9k/?
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Get these fags off /r9k/. They've long over stayed their welcome.
THIS and get females out along with them.
THIS and get /pol/fags out too

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As we all know /r9k/ has always been a lgbtqp+ friendly board, and most of us robots are gay or at least bi, with a healthy community of trans/traps residing here since time immemorial.

Lately however I've started to notice homophobic threads, messages and even ISIS brutality spamming on most gay-centered threads, or against innocent lgbt posters.

No doubt it's a tiny minority of heterocucks raiding from /pol/.

We need to do something about it fellow robots.
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We need to make a petition to the mods to keep /pol/ in /pol/ and observe the rules about no racism, sexism, and homophobia on other boards except /b/.

Then we can express true love and have quality content again.
Homosexuals are very scary. I am afraid of them. We have been here longer than the homos have. This is why homophobia has always been around so long.
Education. Education. Education.

We need to educate the homophobes on this board about the LGBTQIA community and life choices.

We need to fight their bigotry with love. Perhaps more gay threads will do it.

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What's the most pathetic thing you've ever done?
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Told a female i loved her even though i know she will never EVER love me back. All she said was ok and now i wan to fucking die.
Dress up in moms clothes + makeup then fap while moaning like a girl
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moaning like a girl is the only way to moan. it's real and free.

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post charts for free attention due to your shit tastes niggers
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Me by the way. i love big anime titties
You have the most generic Reddit tier taste I've ever seen.
In all categories? I don't really watch movies or cartoons i just put the ones i've seen. But yeah i don't really have any special tastes.

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Do girls (female) actually browse this board?

I've talked to 2 supposed girls on here and both ended up being trannies with weird foot fetishes. I'm begging to see a pattern here.
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I've talked to a couple girls so far and only one of them is a tranny, and they said so day one. But no, r9k isn't a place you should look for female attention on.
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Then what's with all these threads blatantly directed towards females, e.g. that makeup thread?
r9k isn't a place you should look for female attention on.

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Who /programming here/?

You guys sit on your ass on the computer all day so you may as well be getting better at something. Even if it's only for 15 minutes a day.
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me me me me me
what kind of an answer do you expect
I pop in and out of MSDN and SO throughout the day.
I once wrote hello world in python
And then in java
Then I wrote a numbers guessing game in python
Then tried to pick up and learn java
Have been on a kind of break for about a month now

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Hug a family member and say "I love you," post results. Adopted and step-family is still family, so show them some love too.
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Remember to vote http://www.strawpoll.me/13502359
i hugged my dad and he just backed away saying "go back to your room" my family is healthy
Did you go back to your room? Did you remember to say "I love you?" Do you have anyone else to hug?

Do you think the dating game has changed significally in the past 10 years?

>inb4 reddit
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My ugly female friends have fucked boy and me no.
Holy shit this is really fucked i'm going to kill myself very soon.
>Do you think the dating game

I think people have stop dating. This board and /adv/ are example of that. So many people want a gf, but not enought to go on a date
>So many people want a gf, but not enought to go on a date

because you have very little chance of going on one

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>going to the waterpark with my sister and my niece
>get to see both of them in swimsuits
God has blessed me today, friends.
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I'm jelly OP, my sister is a hambeast.
Tell us about your sister and niece and why you're so excited to see them in skimpy clothing.
Well my sister is just sexy as fuck. She's petite, thin and has a great body, her tits are amazing and her butt is pretty good too. I'm going to take this opportunity to sneak as many pictures as humanly possible.

My niece is 9 and I'm a sick pervert pedo and I just want to see her in a bathing suit. She has a pretty great figure for her age, her butt is fucking incredible. This is like my dream come true, I'm going to be full on checking both of them out all day.

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What went wrong?
What needs to be done?
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This board has been fucked ever since moot meme'd it as the loser board, 90% of people come here just to make baits threads and shit post to make fun of the 10% that are losers.

You must be the 10% and new if you don't know this.
90% of the people here have been making the same few bait posts for around 6 years over and over and you don't consider them losers?
Also there are hundreds of posts still daily that seem pretty damn genuine so your numbers are off even if the general idea is true.

I'm not saying we should ban everyone who ever mentions being a girl or not a virgin, I'm just saying that the constant racebait threads, trapshit, dick pic spam, etc isn't ideal.
This board is ment to be a meme factory that's OC no rules beyond that, if you don't like it, get the fuck out.

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