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was bill hicks a robot

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You cease to be a robot when you achieve any kind of success.
his edgy teenage phase lasted way too long
alex jones is pretty alpha to me

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>She will never take you down to Kokomo
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where do I find the rest of these photos? buddy
I can't believe people online actually lust after this far below average bitch.
Can we get her EGGED or HYDED?

I don't know. Reverse image search it, I don't know how

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fuck you and your forced meme op
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Ginseng fuck off

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Anyone still do long distance relationships?

I feel like it be the only thing I'd be comfortable with anymore and its technically better than being "alone". Might be a good robot last resort sort of thing who knows.

I remember it being pretty popular back in the early 2000s.
Had some great relationships that never became "real" but at least it felt pretty real.

>share your experience, whine, hookup, idk
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Cheated on every single fucking time.
I got a long story but, I doubt anyone wants to hear it.

I'll bite; Tell me your story, Anon.
I want to read about how you walked the dinosaur

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Why do you faggots like this dead little bitch?
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This shit is tough

RIP Elliot you will always be missed here
Toasty roastie detected, get outta here

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What are some good subjects to talk about on my podcast?
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10 ten ways to get comfy
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The fact that most people who protested at G20 were from Bern.
Politics and religion. The more extreme the better.

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Of course, /r9k/ likes to talk in depth about beta cucks. But how would define an alpha cuck? What are some examples of alpha cucks that you have seen?
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Alpha that gets cucked by a higher tier alpha
Most niggers are alpha cucks, actually.
The not-screaming guy in the Old Spice commercials

dump your shitty OC's

heres mine
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Maybe you should work on your English instead of OC.
I made a couple of these for some thread. Don't know why though. I'll dump 'em I guess.
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Do you think hes actually gay?
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It depends. If he's sucked or been fucked by a feminine penis, the normies will consider him gay, but, we know that traps are not gay.

Therefore, the questions become:
1. Has he interacted with a penis besides his own?
2. If so, was it a feminine or masculine penis?
It literally couldn't be any more clear. He could have a 30 minute interview on national television about his gayness and people would still go "There goes Tyler! Pretending to be gay again!". He's been dropping hints forever, and has a very straightforward song about it on his new album. he's fucking gay, which is funny because he always seemed pretty homophobic
people who constantly make "jokes" about gay stuff are usually at least bi

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*sees you approaching, intending to apply*
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After I get my masters in cyber security
"H-hello sir this is my fourth time applying to Panera Bread"
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"Remember: Just like I told you, son."

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Tring to exercise and get back in shape but its 90 plus fucking degrees outside, so I just go back to sitting on my ass playing vidya and internet or just lie in my bed with a wet towel

I cant afford a gym membership and the gym is full of people I dont care to be around.
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just drink lots of water faget
90 degrees is great! sweat it out tubby
I don't work out when it's over 90 degrees, either. It makes me feel sick and dizzy the rest of the day. I just make it up on the days when it's cooler.

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What makes whites so prone to becoming school shooters?
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They have no family values.
what makes blacks so prone to becoming every other kind of shooters?
They go to school

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>be me
>get drunk with friend
>he passes out
>like I slap the shit out of him, open eyes, etc.
>nothing happens
>obsessed with dick size
>unbutton pants
>he half wakes up and asks if I unbuttoned his pants
>I say fuck no
>he passes out again

What do? I'm fucking autistic I know I wasn't going to do anything just want to see. Scared if he remembers tomorrow I'm fucked friendship is fucked
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Help please I'm fucking retarded
>inb4 normie
I have no friends Montana sucks
/r9k/ helppppp :(
I know I'm retarded and I should die but fuck what do you all think

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>tfw your roommates call you weird and creepy


i didn't think to start recording until a while after she was screaming at me. i spend most of my time in my room and we all used to be friends, but apparently spending time in my room most of the time is "weird and creepy"
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Is she hot? If no then who gives a shit?
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she's not wrong, but is displaying her point of view in a very childish way, which is typical of a woman.

she thinks your strange due to the fact that she is basically living with a stranger. while she blogs to her other friends and they do so vice versa, you spend all day in your room
she has potential, but her personality turns me the fuck off. i hate living in a place where i'm hated.

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fucking 6'4, have muscle, decent face

why do women message me first then ignore me after my first response?
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Are you really stupid or boring? What kind of responses do you give them?
they will ask for my number

ill give it to them. the never respond

scenario 2:

random chick: Hey!!
me: Oh hey! hows it going?

no response.
they know you're a wierdo from r9k

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