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is it bad to directly ask a crush's friend if said crush has a boyfriend?

cause i just did that today and i was told she was seeing someone.

she was surprisingly compliant with me. and i was in awe afterwards feeling like chad.
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>I didn't directly ask the girl I liked if she was single
>instead I went and asked one of her gatekeepers
>the gatekeeper found me unfit and said my crush was seeing someone, something that may or may not be a lie because again I didn't just ask her directly
>I got shot down and it wasn't even by the girl herself, it was by one of her fucking friends
>I feel like such a chad right now
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suicide is funny.jpg
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y-yeah i'm such an idiot, heh...
You've already fucked over this time, but next time you fancy a girl actually go to her, get to know her and talk to her, don't fuck around going to her friends first.

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>just received a call from an attorney about a car debt that I never paid

What do /r9k/?

I dont want to go to jail
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You can't go to jail for debt, no such thing as debters jail (in US at least). Just ruins your credit, if it's the IRS they can take your shit though, garnish wages etc. It's gone to collections though meaning the damage is already done, and they're just trying to scare out if you whatever money they can, so ignore them. Damage is already done to your credit, can't do anything now then pay future bills and debts on time.
Quick clarification on my part, you should still pay your debt, but do it when you can.
sure it was an attorney and not some tough talking monotone debt collector agent?

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>10 months ago a cute girl starts to work at my workplace
>too afraid to talk with her about non work stuff, but we help each other a lot we have a great work relationship
>1 month ago I decided that i will man the fuck up and ask her out
>every single day at work I want to tell it to her my hearts starts to beat like a madman, I start to sweat and I can't even say a word
>today I decided to do it, I entered her office (I was so nervous that I forgot to knock)
>she is looking at me with a wtf face
>"what do you want anon?"
>heart starts to beat again, I start sweating for some reason I say this bullshit
>"well.......i thought I forgot my glasses here (I didn't even visit her office today before this) but they are not here bye"
>I closed the door and I ran away

Why the fuck am I like this jesus, she is probably thinking I am a fucking idiot it is killing me.
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it's not as easy as you imagine ever
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How the fuck are the normies doing it?
it's easier when you're teenager with friends

the girls are thirstier for boys

then you become degenerate and meet degenerate girls as adult

idk how people hook up at work, I keep hearing stories of people fucking on the job through flirtation

cocky guys just get it.

some people have the mojo

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>tfw fakku dating shut down before i could get a lewd hentai gf
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im gonna be nice and save your thread from deletion.

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im going to also stay here but eventually il post gore :)
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tomoko expect.jpg
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Would you like a lewd hentai bf?

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>start to jerk off to a porn video
>the girl has a tattoo
why do they get these? theyre disgusting
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your intuition knows it's a sign of corruption
Why do you fap it's disgusting. As an agnostic Christian I've stopped fapping and now god smiles at me.
doesn't really bother me but yea, most tattoos look like shit.

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What do you do if your car needs work and you have no friends or family to drive you home from the repair shop and to work the next day?
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Set up an uber account or call a taxi (assuming you have the fare money).
ride the bus
>no friends
I have a second car just because of this and because I hate riding public transport with all the normies

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>tfw a raccoon ripped open my garbage bag and spread my cum tissues all over the sidewalk on garbage day
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>have obese father
>he goes on diet
>one day comes home from supermarket with tons of ice cream
>while he's sleeping take ice cream to yard, dig hole and bury it
>24 hours later there's like a dozen raccoons in yard and they dug all the ice cream up and are running away with the cartons in their paws
>dad realizes I buried ice cream

Fucking raccoons I hate them so goddamn much

Rancoobs truly are niggers of the animal kingdom.
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why aren't you putting your trash bags in a trash bin?

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>growing up
>taught that conservatives are the ones who are offended at everything and liberals are the ones who value free speech and fight against censorship
>turns out it's the other way around

why is this?
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todays so called "liberals" and "leftist" (or atleast the usual antifa/feminist crowd) are so easily offended and triggered by everything. The roles have swapped
also >>>/pol/
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I'd say its because leftist or liberals always need to hold up this idea that they mean change and progress. So they do everything in their power to "create" change and progress by whichever means possible, at whatever the cost doesn't matter how insane it is. If they succeed they "changed" something, anything. They translate it into them being the rebellious, progressive, intelligent part of society. Since they obviously went through it even though shunned upon by most upstanding people. Which they just see as "ignorant, intolerant and plain stupid" bigots living in caves.

Now if they don't succeed, oh boy! Then they scream and struggle like a 2 year old child that just got denied its favorite barney toy. They can't accept defeat, not even small ones and they have no problem to go violent at this point, doesn't matter what their ideology says. Because they are the "superior, smarter people" and all of us have to listen to them and thank them for making our place greater. No matter what it is they wanted to do. But if they can't get it through then obviously its time for revolution and anarchy!

"But oh wait, starbucks invented the new Frapabullshittinno and I gotta try that out before texting Jason about how cool his new scarf look like. Oh wait what were we talking about? Oh yeah! WE DA PEOPLE DOWN WITH THA SYSTEM."
Don't be fooled, conservatives are offended just as easily, its just the balance of power has shifted to favoring liberals. A conservative is just as likely to do shit like attack you for saying something that hurts the precious feelings as a liberal.

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Damn, Mexican niggas got that cake.

Why hasn't /r9k/ taken the beanpill yet?
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hHhahahahah what the fuck is this shit
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his prev picture was better

t. Pedro


How does it feel that you will never have a GF, regardless of who's in power?
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>kidnap and enslave your gf
I am in power now
What if your boss fires you if you don't "share" her with him?
I'm aromantic asexual so joke's on (You).

NP will win ti7
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In the months leading up to TI a lot of weaker teams "show up" because decent teams are saving starts because their invites are secured. Secret, Liquid, NP all suddenly start doing better at events but when TI comes around, the big dogs will give it their all. Remember, this happened last year with everyone hyped for Secret, no diggity, and shit'vi but none of them won a game on the main stage.
Ti6 was nearly won by an underdog "weaker team" though?

And OG is looking very week without their notail illusion heroes so the only real tier one teams posing any threat are eg and vp
There's a difference between an underdog who goes thru qualis without too much previous strong LAN showings and an underdog who won or almost won a few things wight before TI and will be studied.

See: Chaos, TNC pro vs Secret, shit'vi

I don't count wings because everyone knew they would win if they didnt throw

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I hate and love my ex-girlfriend. I still think about her all the fucking time and I fear it's not going to get any better ever again.

Do you still think about her? What happened?

>tfw I still want to pump her full of my cum
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My girlfriend of over a year dumped me over text, the night of my highschool graduation, a week before my birthday because she wants to go on a camping trip with multiple guy friends that I said I didn't want her to go on.
Good for you for sticking up for yourself. Proud of you, son.
Thanks bud, I appreciate it, feeling so fucking alone rn.

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In 2 months I will officially be a wizard. Should I just pay some whore off craigslist? I've come really close to doing it several times but chickened out. Will I really get magical powers?
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You are so close, why bother? If after that you still don't like it, then do it. Otherwise I would say: BECOME A WIZARD
get your magical powers, you've waited 30 years for this
No way, wait the 2 months out. Then do it on your birthday :)
I feel bad though because you probably still think sex is some wonderful magical thing to obsess over or some huge loss if you've never had any when really It's not all it's cracked out to be. But you don't really know that until you try it.

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A new family moved in across the street a year ago. The parents work all day, meaning their little shitstain excuses of children go unsupervised They're maybe 14 or 15. These cunts will literally drag a skating ramp in the middle of the road and clog up all oncoming cars. They've broken our mailbox with their basketball. They throw their trash in our yard. They shoot fireworks off until midnight. I got pissed last night and called them "fucking faggots" as I was pulling in the drive way. Now their dead beat dad is butthurt. I'm on the verge of flat out assaulting the fuckers. It's so aggravating.
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Why don't you play with them instead of being on the pc 24/7? Maybe you wouldn't be so butthurt.
Because I'm a 22 year old man with a job and college.

>on here

Who gives a shit? Maybe you could enjoy some nice time with them.

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for the second day of loving fuji, i will recite a poem that i originally wrote
roses are red
violets are blue
fuji is the best person in the entire universe and i'm so glad i have him as a friend and i hope he has a good life and future
thank you.
fuji can crush me in high heels!!!!!! i want fuji to MURDER ME!!!!!
thank u. again.
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Why would you want him to murder you?
i have a fetish for fuji killing me
>roses are red
>violets are blue
How old must be OP ?

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