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robots, why not just lose weight? There might be a Chad or Stacy under your fat.
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I am and it feels good man
I hope becoming a tool is optional.
That's why I'm trying to do
currently 50kg, still about bmi21 i think

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What's a good movie to watch on Netflix? I've seen a lot of the movies so try to give me something that's good that you think the average person has not seen. It's getting harder and harder to find a movie worth watching on there since I've seen so many. I'm open to foreign titles as well. They are often better too.
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Waking life
just trust me
I'm not a big fan of Linklater...but I'll keep it in mind
13 reasons why

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>mfw I realize I'll never get out of Victoria
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>mfw I'll never get out
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>mfw I'll never get
Who is Victoria and why are you trapped inside?

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So I'm perfectly fine when talking to women but the problem is that there's never anything to talk about. Anyone else dealing with this?
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smalltalk.exe has stopped working?
Just talk to them like you would talk to your normal guy friends
"Ayy nigger wanna play siege"

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Are there any gay guys who browse r9k while snuggling with their bf here ?
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get out originally, faggot normie
If being gay isn't a choice, then why are humans the only species to have any gay people? Why aren't there gay animals?
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tfw dom gay in Russia
i will never find bf

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>Is more anxious texting a girl than talking to one in real life
Who else suffers from this, and how do we overcome from this
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Bruh I don't text girls or talk to them irl.
Yes, just ask her if she can provide the succ. kappa
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I'm going to open with the last girl that matched on tinder with this line brb

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kill urself u fool.jpg
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Do you have a waifu?

How do you nurture your relationship with her?
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Don't have a waifu personally but I could see why people choose this over traditional women. They can be insufferable dealing with them.
>choose this
r-right I totally wouldn't have wanted a real gf at all.
h-ha ha
Never crying myself to sleep. Nope.

I do love my waifu though.
Buy her character goods and cuddle her (my daki). I also like to kiss and hug her plushes.

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Manlet superiority thread

Anyone taller than 5'5" need not apply

>Capable of building muscle faster
>Small size means better stealth
>Smaller target so harder to kill with gun
>Smaller Target so harder to stab
>Small frame means even dicklet manlets look like they're hung.
>Less Body Mass=Less drugs to get high/drunk effectively saving money
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>manlets superior
Holy shit to k to the e to the k.
5'10 (and 3/4) here
i sleep comfy knowing you guys exist, that despite my flaws the one thing ill never be is a manlet.
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*is tall, looks back at you while walking away*
Lmao, keep crying shorty ;)

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What would you do if you'd have the chance to fuck a Stacy as many times as you want?
Have gf now and need some inspiration guys...
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Kill yourself normie

That's the best advice
If I could lost my virginity with Stacy I would do it like Louis the XVth. He banged Marie Lezynska seven times in a single night.
Suck on her tits as hard as I can. I'd suck for hours before I'd cum without touching my dick at all. After I cum, I'd suck her tits until I fall asleep. I'd literally suck her tits until they start producing milk

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How does it feel to know that you'll never know pure teenage love with a childhood friend?
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Awesome. All my girlfriends were ugly
you tell me op

it's a swarm of involuntary emotions like stimulus

life is fucking brutal and some people just fall through cracks, a decade down the road the normies and non normies are like separate species on a personality level alone

it feels like the devil created a prism and locked me in it and is torturing me in subtle ways to drive me to suicide
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>tfw gonna be staying near my childhood crush for two weeks and she's gonna want to hang with me since i'll be the only person near the same age as her

ISTPs are the coolest.
Prove me wrong.
Oh wait you cant.
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INTP here

pretty sure I could prove you wrong but that seems like a lot of work and I'm smart but lazy : )
You know
the whole "prove me wrong oh wait you can't" schtick does sound like something a filthy ISTP would say IRL
now it makes sense
I still have no idea what any of those titles actually mean

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Any one know any good games where you can kill/hit women (misognyst games) another anon made a thread on it on /v/ but it got deleted.

My nomination is The Darkness 2 and Alpha Protocol
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What's wrong with you OP?

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I know you can download mods to where you can rape and murder girls on Skyrim
Thank you alot anon.
Really nice pic

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Anyone else have that gnawing feeling deep in your soul that you should be doing "something" but you have no idea what? I should be happy, I have a comfortable neet life with no pressures or worries. But I'm constantly restless and unhappy. Why?
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because youve been told all your life you should be doing something, a job or school or whatever. youve probably been asking ''what do you wanna be when you grow up'' alot as a kid. that shit fucks you up if you end up a neet.

no worries, its just the aftereffects of normie brainwashing. you dont need to do fucking anything.

i just woke up
I like what you're saying but how does one get rid of such "aftereffects"? This feeling that I must be doing "something" itches most terribly..:/

Not OP, but in a similar spot..

Fapfictions featuring Rhonda from Hey Arnold

Check them out please:

>Rhonda needs money and has to work as a street walker to help her family (Leave a review if you want to see a chapter 3 follow up)


>Rhonda and her boytoy force Phoebe into a threesome


You can post anonymous reviews without an account needed so please do so. I'd appreciate it:


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also Outland: Online Co-op Game Free For 48 Hours


Get it while you can
bumpa scrumpa wuuumpa stump

dumpa wompa buuuump
Please stop shilling your goddamn stories on this site.

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How do you steal the battery out of one of these little shits?
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I like how nobody questions your motives, and just tells you anyways, not giving any fucks.
How about you just smash that shit with a hammer

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