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how do i stop having anxiety
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or alcohol
practice screaming
what are some things i can do at home right now? its urgent kind of
Forget you have consequences,thats what i do.when you boil it down,nothing really matters because when you die so do your consequences. Cant punish a dead man after.

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did you watch AGDQ
what was your favorite segment
practice makes perfect

also you need to play with better players or harder difficulty, so you are forced to get better

read the manuals, wikis and watch/read tutorials, watch better players
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thanks for the tips, but I was just looking to vent. it can get really frustrating at times

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Hate thread! Haven't seen one of these in awhile.

Post about what you just really hate, let it out, argue, etc.

Get all that hate out anons
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I hate each and every one of you misogynistic mother fuckers.
I hate that this board isn't deleting fembot threads.

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We hate you too normie, the fact that you don't think almost if not all women are fucking despicable is just as hate inducing as it is for you vice versa i assure!

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When was the moment you realised you no longer had any real friends?
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When I was sitting at a friend's house without anything to talk to him about and my other friend says he doesn't hang out with anyone anymore

I still have my Dad, I guess
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Nut belllive
When I got to my friends house and couldnt drink, then realised I hated almost everything that was going on around me and everyone were uneducated obnoxious cunts with nothing to talk about. And he looks at me like he wants to kill me a lot

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Is /r9k/ a Muslim board?

Muslims are
>big American patriots
>more conservative than Republicans and Christians
>would probably lower the age of consent that modern day feminists created
>most red-pilled religion for robots(less hypergamy and promiscuity)
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Can Islam save us from this problem?
>Can Islam save us from this problem?
Yes. Muslim women are virgins

Self analyse: why are you unhappy?
I'll start.
>obsessed with time
>ridicolously egoistic; only feel like talkimg to people when I start a conversation, pretty empathic most of the time
>love learning and personal growth, but only when not forced
>want to experience partner-like relationship, but see second ">"
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I am actually very happy and just come here to banter since all the other designated offtopic boards are garbage dumps

the key is to have unironic autism so you are in your own little world one way or another
>everything disappoints me
>forced to take care of grandmother right after highschool
>everyone is out making a name for themselves and i am stuck at home doing fuck all
>just want out

>actual autism
>severe anxiety

That's the majority of it and it all stems from there as far as i can tell.

>Tfw no one to listen to old country music and drink cheap beer with

I miss having friends
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>listen to old country music and drink cheap beer

dude, are you a divorced 47yo dad?
No i am 19.
I listen to folk music, not so much old country.

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>lie in bed with hot girl with asperger
>make out with her
>can't get hard and under massive stress

Fuck me, lads. There goes the little self-confidence I had. Am I gay or what?
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Virgin? Then it's just nerves. Get some viagra for next time.
Better suck a dick just to be sure.
Happens to almost every virgin, you gotta relax.

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Just when I thought my life was starting to turn around.

I had 100 days booze free. Got in shape, really good shape, learned to cook and started to learn programming. Then my girlfriend turned out to be a heroin addict, hid it from me for months (and did it well) Then overdosed and died. Im no longer sober. I drink all day every day. Im no longer in shape. I barely eat. I want to die. I can't afford next months rent since my roommate died. Im so fucked.

How should I kill myself?
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go kill her dealers they probably sold her fent
Consider this, she hid her heroin addiction from you for 6 or more months, was this person really a quality gf worth fucking killing yourself over? Just go get another gf and get back to the gym.
Ignore that last one go on a revenge filled rampage kill all druggies and drug dealers they deserve to die you'll get shot eventually be a fucking martyr

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Is it true that white girls actually worship BBC?
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Is it true that you were paid to post this or that you're such an insecure loser that you did it for free?
it may just be me, but i do not believe that girl is white
probably part asian mix if i had to guess

im actually ok with her mixing to her hearts content
literally 90% of the incel community is blacks and pajeets

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how do i get an abusive gf
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You're asking /r9k/ how to get a girlfriend?
plenty of people here have had GFs now
probably wants you to fuel their addiction
druggies or booze fiends noone wants around because theyre literal cancer

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Pepe (0028).jpg
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>tfw you want cuddling more than sex
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Just make sex then cuddle afterwards.

>mfw kissless virgin yet I want kiss & cuddling & hugging & walking hand in hand way more than sex

unironically, sex is actually overrated
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Cuddling is so much better than sex. It's so gentle and calming.

>she's fine with me calling her my mommy gf
>masturbate together
I wonder how this will end. I hope the bad ending comes already
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This isn't your blog rem
it is now cuck
>he thinks that's a big thing
Women love pleasing men, you ain't impressing anyone anon.

I come here because I like to not feel so alone

I know there are people like me here who pretty much just live alone in their room and it makes me feel a little better to be here with you guys
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>tfw being ignored even on r9k
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Everyone here hates you anon
That's why I watch Eggman's livestreams.
They are comfy. Its like an r9k simulator I can have in the background. Idk. You should check his livestreams out

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ask a dominant woman anything.
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stop larping you stupid nigger
Are you a married dominant woman?
oh i got a good one, tits or gtfo?

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